Download Glaxo confidential settlement agreement

Given the fact that Glaxo is currently on trial in Philadelphia (and will be in the High Court in London next year), I thought this repost might of interest to you.

Drug companies usually favour the out of court settlement – they don’t like the public scrutiny that court cases bring – not to mention the previously secret information that all too often comes to light.

But along with the settlement comes the confidentiality ‘agreement’. The message the drug companies send out is “we pay up – you shut up” – while all the while never admitting any blame (for anything).

Anyway, here’s the repost:

I’m not sure – are Glaxo admitting they’re settling Paxil (Seroxat) cases in the USA?

Well they are – this download – Glaxo settlement agreement – tells its own story, I guess. Pay particular attention to section 3 – Confidentiality of Settlement…

What I find ironic is that Glaxo, being an English company, is prepared to open its cheque book in America, but not in the UK.

So then Glaxo:

Why won’t you settle?

Why won’t you help the thousands of people in the UK who have suffered because of Seroxat?

Haven’t you made enough money from the drug?

Why are we having to slug it out with you in the High Court?

Links to the Philadelphia trial details are here, here and here.


Farewell Prozac

Here’s a new blog which I hope you may find interesting – it’s an ongoing account of a writer (Anton Vowl) who’s recently taken his last hit of Prozac and walked away from medicating depression after six years of Lexapro, Celexa, Cymbalta and Prozac (thanks to Phil Dawdy for alerting me).

Farewell Prozac is very well written and I look forward to following Anton’s journey and wish him all the very best

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