Court transcripts hosted here – Glaxo guilty of not warning of the dangers of Seroxat to pregnant women

After analyzing a 2001 e-mail from a Paxil user who aborted her fetus because it had a heart defect, Glaxo officials noted in company files they were “almost certain” the drug was related to the problem, Jane Nieman, a former Glaxo drug-safety executive, told a Pennsylvania jury.

Now that Glaxo has been found guilty and Kilker case has ended, pending an appeal of course,  what of the remaining court documents that have yet to surface?



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  1. truthman30 Says:

    This is absolutely outrageous, but I am not surprised that the (predominantly pharma-funded) psychiatric community in Ireland is baying for Michael Corry’s blood..

    He has been a strong critic of both the influence of the industry and the misdeeds of his own profession for quite some time now…

    It is always the brave ones who go up against the “status quo” whom are first to be attacked..

    On the subject of which senior psychiatrist complained about Michael Corry… ?

    Read the following article …

    Professor of Psychiatry charges Dr Michael Corry at Medical Council

    A senior psychiatrist, Professor Timothy Dinan of University College, Cork, has laid a complaint against Dr Michael Corry at the Medical Council. The complaint concerns Michael Corry’s statements about the role of SSRI antidepressants in the murder/suicide of Sebastian Creane and Shane Clancy.

    Dinan, who is an enthusiastic advocate of SSRIs and SNRIs and has declared his close relations with several drug companies, accuses Dr Corry of “”statements regarding the pharmacology of antidepressants” and of making “statements regarding a diagnosis without ever seeing the patient”.

    Dinan has joined in a previous attempt to chill discussion of the effects of antidepressants. Signing himself as Timothy Dinan, MD, PhD, FRCPsych, FRCPI, Professor of Psychiatry, University College Cork, the academic was one of six professors of psychiatry who penned a letter published in the Irish Times on 16 November 2006 demanding the resignation of the then Minister for Mental Health, Tim O’Malley, for two reasons.

    One, O’Malley had dared to suggest that many everyday difficulties of life were being mis-labeled as ‘clinical depression’. Secondly, he had dared to suggest, with good reason, that the alleged benefits of medications used to treat mental illness cannot be proven scientifically in the way that other medications can. Both suggestions are cardinal sins for those who rule the world of psychiatry, and whose word is law among the students they teach.


    To defend Dr Michael Corry we need other health professionals to stand by him.

    We appeal to doctors and nurses, especially psychiatric nurses, together with psychotherapists and counsellors, who are concerned at this attack on the right of medical professionals to oppose the monopoly of bio-psychiatry and are willing to stand up and be counted.

    Please contact Dr Corry’s defence team: email wellbeing[at]

    (use the @ symbol instead of [at] )

    The most chilling part of Professor Timothy Dinan’s complaint is that Corry made “statements regarding the pharmacology of antidepressants”.

    If such a complaint is upheld as valid, neither Dr Corry nor any other doctor registered with the Medical Council will ever again be able to ‘make a statement’ on the action of a drug such as Seroxat or Lexapro — or, by extension, of any drug.

    Are you willing to allow this to happen?

    Send objections to Professor Timothy Dinan’s complaint to:

    Mr John Sidebotham

    Professional Standards Department Medical Council

    Lynn House

    Portobello Court

    Lower Rathmines Road Dublin 6

    Fax: 01 4983103


    Visit the Wellbeing Foundation website

    Timothy Dinan is well known for his pharma-connections in Ireland…. . Need we say more? …

    Timothy Dinan puts his name to pro=SSRI literature and advertising , ones such as this “leaflet” for Lundbeck pharmaceuticals (biggest distributers of SSRI meds in Ireland)

    FORWARD Mind Yourself – The Lundbeck Mental Health Barometer is fascinating as itprovides us with an insight into Irish perceptions towards certain areas ofmental health. The World Health Organisation has estimated that depressiveillness will be ranked as the second most disabling medical disorder by 2010. Depression is a condition that is characterised by feeling unhappy most of the time, a lossof interest in life, feeling anxious, agitated or irritable, feeling guilty, feeling tired a lot ofthe time, low energy levels and many more. Similar to any other medical condition, if leftuntreated, the symptoms of depression will persist or worsen which is why treatmentis essential.A person who believes they are experiencing depression should talk to their GP to seekadvice. If diagnosed with depression, this can in most cases be effectively treatedwith medicines and cognitive behavioural therapy.

    Professor Timothy Dinan,Consultant Psychiatrist,Cork University Hospita

    The Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) is funded principally by the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) but is also in receipt of funds from Glaxosmithkline (GSK). Professor Dinan is additionally funded by the Wellcome Trust. We would also like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Dr Sandra Barry in the preparation of the manuscript.

  2. Teresa baggott Says:

    Am on serokot the last few years yes have gained weight am hoping to come off them was on ciprogen b4 that was hell coming off them head shock s moods headachs tanx for ur honesty great help xxx

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