Dr Michael Corry needs your support

This story is beyond belief…here it is in brief:

Shane Clancy is a young guy who stabbed 2 people and murdered another, then stabbed himself to death in a frenzied attack recently in Ireland, his parents blame the SSRI he was taking at the time for his behavior and there has been huge media interest in the story in Ireland. Dr Michael Corry said live on TV that it was likely the SSRI that made Shane Clancy go on the violent rampage. Now it seems that an unnamed ‘senior psychiatrist’ has made a ridiculous complaint against Dr Corry:

THE Medical Council in Ireland is investigating a complaint regarding psychiatrist Dr Michael Corry’s “competence to practice” following comments he made to the Sunday Tribune about the role of anti-depressants in a murder-suicide in Bray eight weeks ago.

A senior psychiatrist wrote to the Medical Council accusing Dr Corry of “publicity seeking of an appalling kind”, and the council will now consider the complaint at a scheduled meeting on 15 October.

In the wake of the murder-suicide carried out by Shane Clancy, who was misusing antidepressants, Dr Corry said: “If he was not on medication, he would not have done what he did. I would stake my career on that. His behaviour was out of character. He went from homicidal to suicidal.”

The psychiatrist who complained to the Medical Council said Dr Corry had made comments about a tragedy “without regard for the distress” caused to the families; had “made allegations regarding the competence” of a fellow colleague [by suggesting a colleague treated a patient that rendered him homicidal and suicidal]; “made statements regarding a diagnosis without ever seeing the patient”; made “statements regarding the pharmacology of antidepressants”.

I have a few observations – firstly we need to know who the ‘unnamed psychiatrist’ is, so we can be sure of his motives and uncover any conflicts of interest there may be behind this complaint.

Secondly I have to ask if the ‘unnamed psychiatrist’ has ever taken an SSRI like Seroxat… the idea that an SSRI can make a person extremely violent is not news to the many of us who have had the misfortune to suffer adverse reactions to SSRIs.

Thirdly I wonder if the ‘unnamed psychiatrist’ is aware of the paper published on September 12, 2006, by David Healy, Andrew Herxheimer and David B. Menkes which dealt with SSRIs and Violence?

And lastly what about ALL THESE STORIES...

See Shane Clancy’s mother on television in Ireland here – just click the ‘More’ button and choose ‘The Clancy’s’ video segment.

When, oh when, will the medical establishment admit that SSRIs like Seroxat/Paxil can be very dangerous drugs indeed and cause extreme, violent behaviour in some people?

And why must the few Doctors who speak out like Dr Corry and Prof. Healy have to suffer attacks from the same medical establishment?


18 Responses to “Dr Michael Corry needs your support”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    This is absolutely outrageous, but I am not surprised that the (predominantly pharma-funded) psychiatric community in Ireland is baying for Michael Corry’s blood..

    He has been a strong critic of both the influence of the industry and the misdeeds of his own profession for quite some time now…

    It is always the brave ones who go up against the “status quo” whom are first to be attacked..

    On the subject of which senior psychiatrist complained about Michael Corry… ?

    Read the following article …


    Professor of Psychiatry charges Dr Michael Corry at Medical Council

    A senior psychiatrist, Professor Timothy Dinan of University College, Cork, has laid a complaint against Dr Michael Corry at the Medical Council. The complaint concerns Michael Corry’s statements about the role of SSRI antidepressants in the murder/suicide of Sebastian Creane and Shane Clancy.

    Dinan, who is an enthusiastic advocate of SSRIs and SNRIs and has declared his close relations with several drug companies, accuses Dr Corry of “”statements regarding the pharmacology of antidepressants” and of making “statements regarding a diagnosis without ever seeing the patient”.

    Dinan has joined in a previous attempt to chill discussion of the effects of antidepressants. Signing himself as Timothy Dinan, MD, PhD, FRCPsych, FRCPI, Professor of Psychiatry, University College Cork, the academic was one of six professors of psychiatry who penned a letter published in the Irish Times on 16 November 2006 demanding the resignation of the then Minister for Mental Health, Tim O’Malley, for two reasons.

    One, O’Malley had dared to suggest that many everyday difficulties of life were being mis-labeled as ‘clinical depression’. Secondly, he had dared to suggest, with good reason, that the alleged benefits of medications used to treat mental illness cannot be proven scientifically in the way that other medications can. Both suggestions are cardinal sins for those who rule the world of psychiatry, and whose word is law among the students they teach.


    To defend Dr Michael Corry we need other health professionals to stand by him.

    We appeal to doctors and nurses, especially psychiatric nurses, together with psychotherapists and counsellors, who are concerned at this attack on the right of medical professionals to oppose the monopoly of bio-psychiatry and are willing to stand up and be counted.

    Please contact Dr Corry’s defence team: email wellbeing[at]wellbeingfoundation.com

    (use the @ symbol instead of [at] )

    The most chilling part of Professor Timothy Dinan’s complaint is that Corry made “statements regarding the pharmacology of antidepressants”.

    If such a complaint is upheld as valid, neither Dr Corry nor any other doctor registered with the Medical Council will ever again be able to ‘make a statement’ on the action of a drug such as Seroxat or Lexapro — or, by extension, of any drug.

    Are you willing to allow this to happen?

    Send objections to Professor Timothy Dinan’s complaint to:

    Mr John Sidebotham

    Professional Standards Department Medical Council

    Lynn House

    Portobello Court

    Lower Rathmines Road Dublin 6

    Fax: 01 4983103

    Email: complaints@mcirl.ie

    Visit the Wellbeing Foundation website

    Timothy Dinan is well known for his pharma-connections in Ireland…. . Need we say more? …

    Timothy Dinan puts his name to pro=SSRI literature and advertising , ones such as this “leaflet” for Lundbeck pharmaceuticals (biggest distributers of SSRI meds in Ireland)


    FORWARD Mind Yourself – The Lundbeck Mental Health Barometer is fascinating as itprovides us with an insight into Irish perceptions towards certain areas ofmental health. The World Health Organisation has estimated that depressiveillness will be ranked as the second most disabling medical disorder by 2010. Depression is a condition that is characterised by feeling unhappy most of the time, a lossof interest in life, feeling anxious, agitated or irritable, feeling guilty, feeling tired a lot ofthe time, low energy levels and many more. Similar to any other medical condition, if leftuntreated, the symptoms of depression will persist or worsen which is why treatmentis essential.A person who believes they are experiencing depression should talk to their GP to seekadvice. If diagnosed with depression, this can in most cases be effectively treatedwith medicines and cognitive behavioural therapy.

    Professor Timothy Dinan,Consultant Psychiatrist,Cork University Hospita


    The Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) is funded principally by the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) but is also in receipt of funds from Glaxosmithkline (GSK). Professor Dinan is additionally funded by the Wellcome Trust. We would also like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Dr Sandra Barry in the preparation of the manuscript

  2. anonymous Says:

    Shane was taking it for about a week when he took the remaining three weeks’ supply in one day, possibly an attempt at suicide. He told his mother what had happened. Two days later, she took her son to another GP. It was explained to the second doctor that Shane had taken a high dosage of Citrol two days previously. The GP prescribed Cipramil, another brand of citalopram.

    As this GP was aware Shane had misused antidepressants two days previously, it was instructed on the three-week prescription that the chemist should only supply Shane with one week of the drug at a time, according to his father. But when Shane went to fill the second prescription, the chemist asked him if he wanted to get the three-week prescription filled at once, and Shane said yes. It was Friday 14 August. His family believe Shane took another high dosage of antidepressants the next day. In the early hours of 16 August, Shane Clancy carried out his attack.

    “Shane was the type of person who was always careful about taking pills. If he had a Lemsip, he’d phone me to ask if he could take paracetamol as well a few hours later. I don’t know if he was attempting suicide when he took three weeks’ worth of antidepressants in one day. I might never know,” says his father.

    “I don’t want to be seen as pointing the finger at the doctors or the chemist but surely if it said to only give him one week’s supply at a time, the chemist should have followed that instruction.”


  3. rockireindeer Says:

    If doctors cannot comment on the “pharmacological action” of drugs, that goes both for their unwanted actions and wanted actions, on this basis, they cannot attribute a positive outcome to the drug either. These idiot doctors are basically saying they don’t know what the drug does (b/c you can’t say that it causes homicidal or suicidal ideation (which are actually in the PI of many of the drugs)) so they can attribute no behaviors to it, desired or not. I took Lexapro for 9 months and was involved in FIVE alcohol-related arrests while ON THE DRUG, never before and never after (1 year since I’ve stopped taking and no more incidents and I’m 40 years old!) These drugs cause MANY unwanted behaviors and should NEVER be given to people for long periods of time.

  4. leonie fennell Says:

    Im just sorry i did,nt know Dr.corry when my son (shane)
    first got depressed!
    Thank you Dr. corry for standing up for what you believe in..
    leonie fennell

    • admin Says:

      Dear Leonie

      I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

      All I can say is that it wasn’t Shane that did those things – he was medicated and because of an adverse reaction his entire being had changed – it goes so much deeper than just a personality change… if that makes any sense at all?

      The very core of who you are fades away to be replaced by a stranger’s thoughts and deeds.

      I don’t have the words to explain, but when I read statements by people like Tim Dinan it makes my blood boil.

      Dr Corry is right – Dinan is wrong. I know, I’ve been there.

  5. truthman30 Says:

    I think you have been very brave Leonie
    My heart goes out to all the people who are now part of this terrible terrible tragedy.

    These SSRI drugs are extremely dangerous. I was put on an SSRI drug (Seroxat) for depression when I was 21, and like Shane, I too had a complete personality change. The drug made me extremely aggressive and I had violent thoughts towards myself and others. . Keep informing yourself about the dangers of these drugs. Dr Michael Corry is one of the few ethical psychiatrists in Ireland. He is to be praised not vilified. I find it very telling that those psychiatrists whom criticize Michael Corry always seem to be the ones on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t take a genius to to work out what the game is here…

  6. leonie fennell Says:

    Thank you …
    Being brave does,nt come into this.. i dont want to be in this situation! I want my lovely son back! why did this happen to him? Shane was just the loveliest, kind, warm hearted guy that you are ever likely to meet.
    Im so sorry for everyone involved and im sorry that Shane will be remembered for this! But i dont need a medical expert to tell me that ssri,s can do this!Shane is proof enough!
    It also does,nt take a genius to work out that you should,nt
    give a 22 year old who says he is having suicidal thoughts a months supply of any drug!!Dr Corry is the only one who has had the guts to stand up and speak out against anti-depressants.
    I thought we had freedom of speech in this country..maybe not!
    I know we are going to have a fight on our hands and if it has to be us.. then so be it! we will never give up!
    My son (and all others concerned) did,nt deserve this!

  7. Basil Miller Says:

    We have a great deal of material and continuing updates on this affair at http://wellbeingfoundation.com. I am very grateful to Leonie Fennell, Shane’s mother, for her comments above and her support of Dr Corry. If people like him, Nuria O’Mahony, Porf David Healy and Dr Peter Breggin — to mention a few — were listened to, along with all the victims whose stories are ignored, tragedies such as that suffered by the Clancy and Creane familes would not be happening with such frightening regularity. It’s time to call a halt.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Ive been to 3 psychiatrists & 7 GPs only 1 knos a little about the exefor withdrawal.i thank u from all patients Dr Corry u r the ‘real’ Dr & not a liar/clueless gp on a legal killing spree
    I had no help 10yrs & stil alone 7mths reducing 150mg-75

  9. E Says:

    Dr Corry is a true visionary and has a depth of understanding that is incomparable to all others. He should not lose heart (and I know he won’t) as all great iconoclasts and visionaries faced criticism and uprising before the world accepted their discoveries and views.

  10. truthman30 Says:

    Indeed dr corry is a true visionary, i have met him and seen him speak many times. It is ironic that the psychiatric ‘ community’ in ireland are trying to crush his reputation in such an arrogant and audacious manner, he is after all.. Their only saving grace..

  11. Derry Says:

    Dr Corry has helped me so much in my life and i continue to grow and mature and understand the humanity more and more each day. I would not have learnt hope from the pharmaceutical industry and the manner in which they dispense their medicines

  12. Niamh Says:

    Dr Corry is like John Lennon. He repersents truth, love and the power of spirit. We need more people like him, not just in Ireland but in the world.

  13. steve Says:

    Very sad to hear the news that Dr Corry Died yesterday, a truly caring doctor who truly looked out for the best interests of his patients.

  14. Sarah Says:

    My condolences to his family, he was indeed true to his profession which is a rarity in medicine, il still support his name in honour x x

  15. leonie fennell Says:

    Rest in peace Dr. corry,
    you were a true gent and i guess you must have fulfilled your contract.You will be sorely
    missed! Thank you for everything,
    leonie and tony x

  16. truthman30 Says:

    Dr Corry will be sadly missed by many, but his legacy will live on..

    Rest in Peace Dr.Corry. You’re a true hero.

  17. Taken from seroxat secrets. « Leoniefennell's Blog Says:

    […] the ‘great and the good’ [my irony] of Irish psychiatry wade in to the Shane Clancy case (detail here) to sort out a few misunderstandings for us mere mortals (and Dr Michael Corry) who they think know […]

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