Charles ‘Chuck’ Nemeroff lands on his feet

Chuck Nemeroff, the controversial former Emory University psychiatry department chair, has been named chair of the psychiatry department at the University of Miami School of Medicine – has the man got no shame?

It was only October last year that Chuck was forced to resign from Brown University. Phil Dawdy at Furious Seasons summed it up like this:

A few of you have probably already caught the news elsewhere: yesterday, Charles Nemeroff resigned as chair of the psychiatry department at Emory University. The move came on the heels of revelations that he’d taken in $2.8 million in pharma consulting monies since 2000, but had only reported less than half of that–all while taking NIH research grants on the other hand and assuring his university that he was taking in less than $10,000 a year in pharma dough.

For those of you who don’t know, Nemeroff is one of the biggest depression researchers in the world and his work is hugely influential in the field. But as CL Psych has repeatedly detailed, Nemeroff’s work is often scientifically compromised.

I’ll hand over to Phil again for his take on the latest news:

News is just out that, as expected, the controversial former Emory University psychiatry department chair Charles Nemeroff has been named chair of the psychiatry department at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Nemeroff is infamous for epic conflict of interest issues and dubious research findings. I’d say Miami U. and Nemeroff are made for each other as the university has the dirtiest, most thuggerific football team in NCAA football.

The Miami Herald reports:

“On Thursday, Pascal Goldschmidt, dean of UM medical school, called Nemeroff ‘an extraordinary psychiatrist and scientist. . . . He got into serious trouble on disclosure on conflict of interest.’ “Goldschmidt said he had read investigative reports from Emory about Nemeroff’s activities and found nothing to indicate that payments the psychiatrist received had in any way influenced his research results.

“In a telephone interview at mid-day Thursday, Nemeroff, 60, told The Miami Herald he was excited to be coming to Miami. ‘I think it’s going to be a top-10 school.'”

Extraordinary psychiatrist and scientist? Last month, Bernard Carroll, a California psychiatrist and co-author of Health Care Renewal, delivered an epic smackdown of Nemeroff over his involvement in pimping Seroquel for major depression:

“As for Dr. Nemeroff, he is yesterday’s news. The adverse findings by ACCME about his program serve as a reminder to corporate sponsors and CME companies that Dr. Nemeroff is so compromised by now that he has lost effectiveness as a front man for Pharma. Indeed, he is so toxic that he now glows in the dark.”

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    […] Probably not Chuck  because his memory is so bad – maybe that’s why he forgot to disclose all that cash he got from drug companies (wasn’t it about $1.5 million?). […]

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