Seroxat Withdrawal…The Evidence, However, Is Abundantly Clear!

There’s a new post from Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers about Seroxat withdrawal and the lies Glaxo continue to peddle about it.

GlaxoSmithKline constantly deny there is a withdrawal problem regarding Seroxat…

In Bob’s post, he quotes Alastair Breckenridge, The MHRA Chairman, who said in 2005:

“If you go back – and I read this out to the Health Select Committee – to the data sheet on Seroxat when it was licensed in 1991, we spelt out word for word the problems of withdrawal from Seroxat, in words that we could not improve now. This idea that the regulators have been hiding the data is just not true. The so-called scandal of Seroxat is something I want to nail every time I speak in front of compatriots because it is absolute rubbish”.

I have to take issue with this statement and Breckenridge’s assertion that the MHRA has nothing to hide. You see, to most patients the data sheet means nothing, because we never see it!

In the UK what the patient gets to see is the Patient Information Leaflet– the PIL –which comes in the box with the drugs. In the PIL of 1990 and 1991 I can tell you there was NO MENTION at all of  “…the problems of withdrawal from Seroxat…”

See for yourself, here is the historic document, a PDF of 1990’s Seroxat PIL – Original Seroxat PIL 1990 – download it have a good read.

Why didn’t the MHRA see fit to include wording in the PIL that would warn patients of “…the problems of withdrawal from Seroxat…”?

Read more here.


5 Responses to “Seroxat Withdrawal…The Evidence, However, Is Abundantly Clear!”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    19 Years of absolute Bullshit from GSK and the MHRA…

    This leaflet says :

    “A Few” people might experience “unwanted effects” , that’s one of the most sinister and surreal understatements I have ever heard in my life…

    If I recall correctly , up to one third or more people who take Seroxat will suffer a whole range of horrible side effects… the list is so long now that they need an 4 page disclaimer before people swallow the poisonous crap! …

    Basically GSK don’t give a crap that anyone who took Seroxat was a human guinea pig! .. In fact the MHRA don’t care either!!!

    What an absolute disgrace the people who were involved in this are! …

  2. zak benatar Says:

    every time i came off an sssri my alcohol consumption increased temporarily. but when I came off seroxat I ended up an alcoholic for 3 years! THIS DRUG IS PURE POISON !!

  3. chris Says:

    I have just found this website. I have come off slowly i thought. 3/4….3/4 ets for two to three weeks then half then less than a quarter all in all 7 weeks, I feel terrible. shaky inside. dreadful insomnia . weird noises in head and ears. nausea. food desires changing. loss of weight. BUT I CANNOT RETURN TOTAKING SUCH A DANGEROUS DRUG. STICK WITH IT. I HAVE A FAITH AND I KNOW HE WILL HELP ME OUT OF THIS.

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