Seroxat/Paxil addiction

I hope the title of this post has caught your attention.

While the drug companies, the World Health Authority, the FDA and the MHRA all sit around and agree what ‘addiction’ means to them, in the real world we know the truth.

For hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Seroxat addiction is all too real.

You want to stop taking Seroxat, but when you try to stop, you find you can’t – the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms can include akathesia, agitation, mania, psychosis, self harm, suicidal thoughts and actions, violence, fear of loud noises, electric zaps of the head and body, thoughts of homicide, profuse sweating, disturbing nightmares, lack of empathy toward other people, anger, severe memory loss, nausea.

Not everyone who takes Seroxat will be affected – maybe 35%, maybe 40%, maybe 50%… the fact is that no one knows because Glaxo has never bothered to do any research into the level of Seroxat withdrawal problems nor any research into why some people suffer so badly.

The bottom line is Glaxo actually doesn’t care – it takes the line that there is no problem – Seroxat is safe and it’s easy to stop taking it.

However, having experienced Seroxat addiction myself, I can confirm how real the addiction is. As can the hundreds of people who have contacted me with their own horror stories.

Glaxo dismiss us – there is no place for ‘anecdotal’ evidence in their world – you see the experiences of real patients in the real world are based on personal accounts rather than facts or research. The thing is, that no matter if you’re from the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia or the Far East, the withdrawal stories are all the same. But Glaxo ignores the fact there is a problem and has NEVER bothered to undertake any research in Seroxat withdrawal symptoms.

Furthermore, Glaxo has never bothered to undertake any research into the best way to taper off Seroxat.

Of course you have to suspend disbelief in order to to take Glaxo’s ‘research’ seriously. Glaxo has a long history of rigging drug trials and hiding negative data when they apply for drug licences. Take the infamous Study 329.

In October 1998, an internal, confidential SmithKline Beecham document about studies 329 and 377 was issued. Studies 329 and 377 tried to prove Seroxat/Paxil worked in children. In summary it said “… the data do not support a label claim for the treatment of Adolescent Depression… efficacy had not been demonstrated.” Specifically about Study 329 “…the study failed to demonstrate a statistically significant difference from placebo on the primary efficacy measures.”

In other words – Seroxat didn’t work.

About Study 377 we read “… failed demonstrate [sic] any separation of Seroxat/Paxil from placebo.”

In other words – Seroxat didn’t work.

In March 1999, a fuller manuscript of Study 329 being prepared for publication. This was written by Sally K Laden but was attributed to Marty Keller, Neil Ryan and colleagues. The conclusion reads “Paroxetine is a safe and effective treatment of major depressive disorder in the adolescent patient.”

By March 2001, internally at least, SmithKline Beecham seem to have understood what the data from Study 329 really said. In an email to PR company Cohn and Wolfe, SKB said: “Originally we planned to do extensive media relations surrounding this study [329] until we viewed the results. essentially the study did not really show Paxil was effective in treating adolescent depression, which is not something we want to publicize.”

However, by August 2001 SmithKline Beecham Paxil Product Management was writing to all sales representatives selling paxil and telling them about Marty Keller’s “cutting edge, landmark study [329] which was the first to compare efficacy of an SSRI and a TCA with placebo in the treatment of major depression in adolescents. Paxil demonstrates REMARKABLE Efficacy and Safety in the treatment of adolescent depression.”

And Glaxo won’t listen to me and others but thinks I should take its ‘research’ seriously?

Over the years previously secrets documents have slowly come into the public domain which prove how shameful Glaxo has been in it’s lies about the efficacy and safety of Seroxat. Everytime there is a court case we find out a little more.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the High Court case in London and seeing all the previously secret documents that will no doubt become public over the course of the trial.

If you want to learn more, just type ‘Study 329’ into the search box on the left…

8 Responses to “Seroxat/Paxil addiction”

  1. Allen Says:

    I have been on seroxat for about a month now, and was just wondering what will a withdrawl like, easy or ?? Actually I suffer from anxiety/ panic attacks and then depression and put on seroxat. I hope that withdrawl doesn’t becomes a pain. A reputed company like Smithkline is expected to be respected name and should publish honest reports about their products. Hiding or not doing enough research on the negative aspects of a product is equally an irresponsible act on the company’s part.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    Allen, take it from someone who’s been there, seroxat(paxil) is not a good drug for depression or anxiety. In fact it is an extremely dangerous drug, often leading to addiction, dependence, behavioural changes, severe withdrawal, long term damage, and much worse. Just check out the links on this site and all over the internet. This drug, seroxat, has been dogged by controversy since the late 1990’s.. Now, you would have to ask, if this drug is a safe option for depression and anxiety then why all the controversy? Why all the law suits? Why all the blogs? Why all the documentaries, websites, petitions, groups, news articles, claims, video’s, negative reports, criminal investigations, outrage, scandals etc etc etc.. There is no smoke without fire.. And the story of seroxat is a veritable inferno .. It always has been and it always will be. Because… it should never have been licenced in the first place. It’s that simple. There are far better options for depression, exercise, diet, herbs, holistic massage, councelling, positive thinking, making life changes, psychotherapy etc etc. All these, or a combination will help you manage your anxiety and depression. Your anxiety and depression can be defeated and managed without the use of dubious and dangerous chemicals. There is no quick fix for anxiety and depression, it can be managed but it is much more empowering if you make your own choices in how you want to get better. A drug like seroxat will disempower you. Sincerely all the best with your future, and remember.. There are many who have walked your path and have succeeded in managing their life and their emotions, and there are many currently on your path and also there are many who will follow. You are not alone. Good luck 🙂

  3. Spencer Says:

    Dear all

    I was prescribed SSRI’s for a different reason to anyone I have found on the internet or ever hear about. I have a sympathetic nervous system problem caused by (Neurologist says) drug use. Specifically Ecstacy or Amphetamines. I have taken these in the past but not to significant levels, in fact it turns out some of these chemicals can be found in “other things”. My initial symptoms were when i drank alcohol or caffien I became bewildered, dissorientated. My doctor at first thought It was epilepsy. If I went as far as actually getting drunk, 24 hours later I would be in the depths of hell unable to stand, speak, read anything. Turns out the receptors in the brain (which are the same for caffiene and the drugs mentioned) were damaged in some way or out of balance. Neurologist started me on very strong Sertraline. As a person NOT DEPRESSED or having any hint of anxiety taking an anti depressant was strange and nobody that knew me could understand it. I did a three month stint, it worked. I was warned to come off slowly. I hated the “leveling out” that the drug did to me, no happy no sad etc so just stopped. No physical side effects but at one point I was crying for no real reason. Unpleasant but soon passed. 2 years later after a party it came back. On the Sertraline again. This time after 5 months no better. Alcohol and caffiene still made me very very ill. Neurologist then switched me to Seroxat. I didnt read about it, i was happy to take something else and hoped for a resolution. Coming onto it seemed more pleasant, a little gurning that was about it. Usual symptoms while on it, Zero sex drive, lack of interest in things I would otherwise be interested in, etc. Like I said i was not depressed so to me I would always comment “If i were depressed, unless I was actually suicidal, these are the last things on earth I would take. They are actually making me depressed”. 1 week ago i cam off them after the three months had enough. First few days not so bad. Then Electric head and spine. Very short temper. Every now and again a quick glimps of going back to reality, something I have not seen in months, it felt like I was looking forward to feeling normal again. Yesterday it got unbearable. Constant electric shocks, confusion, insatiable hunger but yet feel a little sick. It is PARTICULARLY unleasant. I imagine if I were depressed I could NOT deal with coming off these. The only way I can cope is because when i was ill originally it was even more horrific so this feels, like something I can deal with and will be over soon (I dont know how long it takes, I have been on 50mg and done cold turkey)

    So, as a non depressed person taking these frighteningly strange pills, I would say unless you are literally suicidal – dont do it. I can see how they stop you caring enough to take your own life, but I would also like to care and look forward to caring again. Whats more these physical withdrawels are frightening, I can imagine for some people unbearably so

  4. Spencer Says:

    In additon to let you know about side effects. I think it is important people know what effects these drugs have on people without the conditions they are prescribed for. Example. I developed a big problem with loud noises. I imagine those suffering anxiety might already have that. Seroxat gave me it. While on it any sudden noise would make me jump and it did not have to be loud. I would have gained weight as I was most of the time insanely hungry its only through simply suffering the hunger that I didnt, in fact I lost weight because the feeling of hunger finally stopped effecting me I just became weak. My sex drive was zero, since sex is good for you and your relationship being healthy is good for you I would certainly also consider this, I imagine a relationship could actually break down over it. I also developed a strange need to always be doing something (which did not happen on Sertraline) if I ever found myself not doing anything I would have to, for example, play my piano, look on the internet to buy things, come up with hair brained ideas of things I wanted to do, then lose interest and come up with another. I built a tree house, a gokart, planned solar panels for my whole house and so on. I would be engrossed in whatever it was I was thinking about at the time ignoring EVERYTHING else in my lif and often staying up all night to “complete” it. Then feel no satisfaction whatever when it was done and find something else. It got to such a stage that my bedroom ended up a complete mess and I refused to clean or tidy it because I felt I had more important things to do which required “real concentration” like designing something on my computer. I guess my brain needed to be busy or I felt bad. I only had nightmares when going onto them and now coming off them. Certainly the most vivid and horrific I have ever experienced, not in their content particularly but because I was aware they were dreams and it seemed I actually WANTED bad things to happen. Once I woke up with tears in my eyes because I myself had wanted something terrible to happen and was trying to imagine it so, in this dream and I felt like a bad person. Inever craved alcohol while on them (but to be fair I had the experience of it maing me very ill likely to stop that) but coming off them I have been craving alcohol. I have also smoked a LOT more and constantly have felt like I need one to the point I can start to feel sick from smoking one after another. I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel, even just today things seem a little improved since this morning and I can almost feel some “Euphoria” hiding away waiting to come out behind whatever this essentially hellish feeling is. I am quite simply exhausted. If I were to guess, the doctor and the drug company if they believe you should be on this stuff, is for your own “protection” and as such have no plans that you ever come off it. Because thats where the true problem really seems to be….

  5. Spencer Says:

    I would add finally however, BOTH of these SSRI’s (Sertraline the first time and now Seroxat) HAVE / did fix the problem with these inbalanced receptors in my brain and I can drink alcohol and caffiene again. So they must do something to your brain which in some circumstances is worth it. Although it has been a living hell I can only admit it was worth it for my own condition, as far as I am aware from my Neurologist, no other drug could have helped me in this case and of the 5 other cases he had ever seen, none fixed themselves with “time”.

  6. Spencer Says:

    Many people probably only get to see a Doctor or a Psychologist. For my condition I was lucky enough (I did it privately because on NHS waiting list was too long) to see a Neurologist. Who i assume knows MUCH more about the effects of these drugs and how the brain is reacting. I can only impart what he told me. He warned me NOT to come off them suddenly (Advice I ignored, and wish I had not) and that I should when coming off take one every other day. This advice seems to be good, avoids cutting pills up etc. And since the onset of the really nasty “comedown” takes several days I can see how that is a perfectly viable method. The day(s) that you miss one but dont leave it so long you reach the extreme nasty stuff, you will become short tempered and frustrated easily, slight lack of concentration. But if that is as bad as it gets winding down that way I think that would be tolerable.

    • admin Says:

      Spencer – if your Doc said take one every other day and he was talking about Seroxat, then trust me, he knows FUCK ALL about trying to stop taking Seroxat.

      Use the liquid.

      Take it slow – 10% drops then stabilise.

  7. gavel wine Says:

    @112, Anurag what a rude remark to someone who is actually walking the walk as you suggested. I guess since this person called you out then you had to get your petty revenge by telling him to go to a site you obviously consider intellectually inferior. Tacky behavior from someone like you is not expected but now you are showing your true colors.

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