Ricky Hatton in rehab to fight his depression

The boxer, Ricky Hatton, is in rehab – but I bet none of his doctors will think about stopping his medication – I’d bet my house on the fact that Ricky will have been prescribed an SSRI or an SNRI.

It’s a classic story – his errant behaviour will have been caused to a great degree by the very drugs that doctors thought might help him

“His father has already been talking to the specialists over the last few weeks,” Max Clifford said. “He and others have been increasingly concerned about his depression and his drinking.

“He met with the specialist today and he was told that his depression is severe depression and that he has a drink problem. The drugs are quite recent.”

“The problem is depression and the drink has been a problem for some time,” Mr Clifford said. “From everything they’ve said, the drugs are a far more recent thing and very much superficial alongside the drink and depression.

“They are very confident if he does what they tell him with the treatment, therapy and advice, he can sort himself out. And he will do what they tell him.”

If only Ricky or Max Clifford could read this blog, they might begin to understand.

I’m sure Ricky has very real problems, but it seems to me like his medication will only be harming him and not helping him get better.


One Response to “Ricky Hatton in rehab to fight his depression”

  1. morgan Says:

    The sad thing is even when the paxil is stopped the drinking will probably still continue and if thats not enough there is a good chance of craving other drugs I know this because thi s is where I am now. Paxil is an awful drug that opens other doors for bad things to happen My life is ruined because of it.

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