1 Boring Old Man… & Chuck Nemeroff

A retired Doctor (the 1 Boring old Man) writes about Nemeroff and Ghostwriting:

Like Dr. Healy, I have some personal reasons for being upset about all of this. In 1974, I changed careers from Internal Medicine to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis because of an interest in the mind, and I never looked back. I was in academic medicine at Emory University after retraining. In the early 1980’s, a new Chairman arrived, and it was clear that my interests were not compatible with the wave of Biological Psychiatry that was sweeping the specialty, and I left for private practice, continuing to teach in the Psychoanalytic Institute, but no longer involved with the Psychiatry Department. At that time, I wasn’t bitter and enjoyed my private practice. A few years later, Dr. Nemeroff became Chairman. I had little to no contact with him, but heard plenty. During the decade that followed, Psychiatry changed so much I hardly recognized it. The journals were filled with drug research and meetings became monotonous and boring.

I learned about the new drugs, and found that the SSRI’s were effective in controlling depressive and obsessive compulsive symptoms in certain cases, and so I prescribed them, but my main work was as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. I personally thought that the “Biological Wave” was something of a fad that would pass in time – finding its appropriate place. But then I began to realize, along with lots of other colleagues, that the “Biological Wave” was more than a fad, it had a motor – the Pharmaceutical Industry looking for profit. I resented the intrusion of Drug Companies into the practice of Psychiatry and into academic medicine – the place where practitioners looked for guidance. As time went on, I further learned that the intrusion had reached criminal proportions with university physicians in on the the game. That is absolutely infuriating! And a lot of it was centered at my University [Emory], in my town [Atlanta, Georgia], where I practiced – so I’m hardly unbiased in this matter. That is my own conflict of interest statement in toto.

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