Stan Kutcher, Stan Kutcher, Stan Kutcher… postscript

Sad to say poor Stan didn’t get elected in the recent poll in Halifax, Canada. He failed by an impressively large margin.

Still, I’m sure he’ll be back at some point and perhaps by then we will have seen Study 329 retracted… it is still on the books, still saying, “Paroxetine is generally well tolerated and effective for major depression in adolescents.

It’s a testimonial to the worst of times, and it needs to be retracted for the same reason that the statues and monuments of despots are destroyed when their regimes finally fall”.

So says a retired physchiatrist, 1 Boring Old Man, in this article.

I have to agree that it’s high time  Study 329 was retracted – and Marty Keller and Stan and the rest of the doctors that put their names to it were put under the spotlight and called to account for their actions.

I know it’ll never happen, but I can’t shake the feeling that Keller and Kutcher played their parts (together with GlaxoSmithkline) in what amounted to a physical assault on me. The study said Seroxat didn’t work, but rather than admit the fact, all parties lied and cheated in order to shore up the profile of what I can only describe as a harmful chemical that should never have been allowed to be prescribed so widely.

The bottom line for Keller, Kutcher et al was the money Glaxo paid them to lie about the efficacy and safety of Paxil/Seroxat.

The bottom line for Glaxo was (and still is) the billions in profit it makes each year.

Who picks up the pieces? – I do, every day – and so do all the other patients that were harmed by what Keller, Kutcher and Glaxo all knew to be a dangerous drug that didn’t actually work.

Read more in Alison’s Bass’ book Side Effects – the complete story of Study 329


One Response to “Stan Kutcher, Stan Kutcher, Stan Kutcher… postscript”

  1. anniebevan Says:

    A retired psychiatrist picks up all the pieces from Seroxat as do so many of us after appalling Seroxat withdrawal.

    I read this blog frequently and follow many others in the hope that one day the Seroxat scandal will be shown up for what it is.

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