If you don’t want to believe me…

I think we all know the internet is overflowing with all kinds of dubious sources of ‘information’ sources.

I’m a patient who suffered greatly at the hands of GlaxoSmithkline and decided to tell my story by creating this blog. As such I freely admit that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, unbiased.

I see what I do as trying to counter (in some small way) the spin and lies that Glaxo routinely produces every week of the year.

I also hope I may be able to help some people understand what’s happening to them if they are suffering from Seroxat addiction and are trying to withdraw from the drug.

But if you don’t want to believe me, then can I suggest you look at the new blog written by Dr David Healy – Dr Healy being the internationally respected psychiatrist, pyschopharmacologist, scientist and author. I can’t recommend this blog enough. Go there now!

And for the record:

I believe Seroxat is defective and dangerous.

I believe that Glaxo has hidden clinical trial data that shows exactly how dangerous a drug it is.

I believe that something must be done to help people who suffer terrible problems with withdrawal, as they desperately try to stop taking Seroxat.

I believe that Seroxat is addictive.

I believe that Seroxat can cause anger, aggression and violence.

I believe that doctors have taken large sums of money from Glaxo to lie about the efficacy and safety of Seroxat.

I believe that GlaxoSmithKline puts profits before patients – their wealth before our health.

I took Seroxat for 9 years and it took me 22 months to withdraw from the drug little by little.

Maybe you should believe me – I do know what I’m talking about.


9 Responses to “If you don’t want to believe me…”

  1. leonie fennell (For Shane) Says:

    I believe you. I also believe that all SSRI’s can be extremely harmful and can cause a person to commit suicide. Your blog is great and I found it brilliant when I was researching these drugs. I hope other people will read this and not wait for a family member to die, like my lovely son, before they believe what you are saying.
    Thanks for the Info,

  2. Sheila Herd Says:

    I believe you as well although my SSRI of choice (or doctors choice) was Lustral/sertraline and I’m blogging my experience. A few years ago I WOULDN’Thave believed you, as a result of my experiences and subsequent determination to get myself off Lustral and my resulting research and the other people/activists I’ve met along the way I’ve had my eyes well and truly opened. It’s hard to get other people to believe it though isn’t it?

  3. annie Says:

    Well, Seroxat is a killer that’s for sure. I not only believe you, I am right behind you and admire you for your blog.

    As Prof Healy says, you have to know where to look and how to interpret ‘bent’ data from the manufacturers of these drugs, and gps and psychiatrists who are playing with fire.

    Our regulator does not know how to regulate and this whole odious and sickening fiasco just spins round and round.

    As I see it, my own redress is well and truly in the hands of the Professor.

    Hip hip for Healy, and to you for continuing to enlighten your readers.

  4. solo49 Says:

    Yes Seroxat can kill or zombify. Pharma, GP’s and Psychiatrists are playing with fire that burns /destroy ‘patient’s but from which they themselves are well protected.

  5. Mark Smith Says:

    Hi I went threw a long and painful both mentally and physically with draw all and also tried to commit suicide in 2000 separated from my partner and child. Rather then helping me they completely changed me into some kind of time bomb. But whenever I tried to come off seroxat I can only describe the withdrawal as that of a junkie coming off a high class A drug. I used to have a good network of friends & family until I took seroxat know in 2012 I’m alone. Seroxat shouldbe illegal in my opinion.

  6. truthman30 Says:

    Seroxat should have been banned a long time ago, but Glaxo are still making a tidy profit on all the remaining addicts or the new addicts whom are not aware of it’s dangers…


  7. annie Says:

    It is unbelievable that this drug is still allowed to be prescribed and we have to get it banned before any more damage is done.
    How we can do that, I have no idea.
    This drug has had so much negative publicity that it is beyond me how they continue to market it with such candour.
    For goodness sake, all the lawsuits in the US, won, and us in the UK do not seem to have a voice at all.
    If we all told our story, all the hundreds of us in the uk alone, you would think someone would listen wouldn’t you. But no, the term ‘anti-depressant’ is an embarassment because it plays tricks with the mind. Wizardry, of the worst kind, it has put it’s spell on us and everyone else, it seems.

  8. David Hinks Says:

    looking from the outside at my wife who is on paroxetine, i believe you. in the space of 8 months i have lost my loving caring wife and inherited a complete stranger.

  9. Lynn Says:

    I have had withdrawal trouble twice, once with antidepressants and once with Xanax. It takes several years, but I think your mind heals some, gets to be less upset, so to speak.
    I am so sorry about your wife being given paroxetine. If she ever decides to go off it, you can get her a book by Joseph Glenmullen which validates people’s symptoms and hepls guide and sustain them as they withdraw from the drug.
    Schema therapy might help with emotionally supportive coping tactics.
    Good luck.

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