Black Dog Tribe – new website

Someone I know has been helping in the development of a new website – Black Dog Tribe

The famous face behind the site is UK comedian Ruby Wax, who suffers from depression herself. I’ll let her explain the thinking behind the website:

Four years and six months ago, I had the tsunami of all depressions where I had to be institutionalized and couldn’t leave a chair for five months. Depression doesn’t care if you’re well known or live in a mud hut or what colour you are, it just loves everyone.

When I recovered, my friend Judith Owen and I decided to write a show called, “Live from the Priory” which we performed at the actual Priory. We then toured NHS institutions for the following two years, which we loved and if you can make a catatonic laugh you’re half way to Broadway.

I only came out about having depression because they took a photo of me for Comic Relief. I thought it was going to be a small picture but no, I saw my enlarged photo, captioned that I had depression in every tube station I went in. I hurled myself in front of one and then saw another and hurled and then another going down the escalator. I just had to give up there were so many, so I came out of the closet and became the poster girl for mental illness.



8 Responses to “Black Dog Tribe – new website”

  1. Ann Says:

    Ruby Wax is brilliant, love the bit about the tube. She could make anyone laugh. A good dose of Micheal Mcintyre can also lift the blues. I always go to him on line when Im feeling down. Who needs drugs when you have these crazys to cheer you up.

  2. pietje bel Says:

    on the black dog site diazepam is non addictive ,already seen enough.

    • admin Says:

      If that’s what it says, then I agree that’s just plain wrong and I have to question where they got their medical information from.

  3. pietje bel Says:

    (another example from this website, ) Haloperidol is not addictive. However, if you are considering any change in the way you take haloperidol should discuss this fully with your doctor.

    Information provided by SANE

  4. annie Says:

    It is a nice idea of Ruby to produce this website, but I am only interested in reading about ssri withdrawal. It does me no good at all to read about depression, because it makes me depressed just reading about depression.
    I was on an ssri for anxiety, not depression, and I was not prepared for the most terrifying journey of intolerable withdrawal which transpired.
    So, I can see the value for depressed people and the light at the end of the tunnel, but for ssri withdrawal there is very little light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thanks for posting, though, admin, a nice thought and I value your ssri input very much.

  5. solo49 Says:

    There’s already too many comedians in Pharma and the mental health business and too many celebrities seem to be playinging down down the adverse effects of psych drugs whilst smoothing the way for the wider introduction of ‘Transcranial Magmetic Stimulation’ (TMS) which will be used to ‘treat’ cases of ‘depression’ and other DSM decreed ‘mental ilness’ and alleged brain/ ‘behavioural disorders’. TMS machines have been used to deliver gently ‘tapping’ electromagnetic pulses to selected parts of the scalp and claims have been made that these shocks can be felt as ‘invigorating’ for depression sufferers..

    However, TMS for use with and/or without drugs can also be used to alter and/or eliminate brain motor functions and repress live mental processes. A laughing matter? I very much doubt it!

  6. solo49 Says:

    Useful information on the effects of drugs including psychiatric drugs can be found at the Electronic Medicines Compendium website. See below:

  7. Lynn Says:

    Thank you for that link, solo49.

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