14 documents from Glaxosmithkline’s $3 billion drug marketing scandal that will disgust you

Here’s a piece from Business Insider’s Jim Edwards.

The link contains copies of documents filed in Court by the Dept of Justice.

Go and have a look at Jim’s article and you’ll get a glimpse into the world of drug ‘marketing’ and what Glaxo thinks is an acceptable way of doing business.

Andrew Witty claims that none of this goes on any more – I don’t believe him for one second as I think that the illegal activities are simply too ingrained in the way Glaxo does business. What Witty said was “I want to express our regret and reiterate that we have learned from the mistakes we made.”

What have you learned then, Andrew?

How not to get caught?

Here’s that link again.


One Response to “14 documents from Glaxosmithkline’s $3 billion drug marketing scandal that will disgust you”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    I find it laughable how Andrew Witty refers to these heinous corporate crimes by GSK as from ‘another era’. We are talking about less than ten years ago. That’s hardly another ‘era’. And anyhow, many other bad stories about corruption and unethical behavior from GSK have been in the news between then and now. So the corporate culture at GSK has hardly changed in those recent years. The only thing that has changed is GSK is trying to repair its image and reputation. It takes decades for a corporate culture to change. With GSK, I doubt very much if this new era of Morality and Ethics has begun. If it has, then surely Mr Witty would make a comment on the Seroxat Situation in the UK. He hasn’t yet…

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