Tony Scott and depression

From a quick look around the internet this morning, it appears that Tony Scott, who took his own life, may have been struggling to deal with depression.

It’s “speculative” and “unconfirmed”, but clearly jumping off a bridge is not what someone who is well would do.

When you’re in the throes of depression you don’t think about your family and friends; suicide looks to be a logical step – the only way to find peace – a way out.

But I think questions need to be asked – if, in fact, he was being treated for depression then I think we have to know if antidepressants were being prescribed and exactly what his prescription history was.

The link between antidepressants and suicide is not well understood, but in some cases there is a clear linkage – perhaps a change of medication was involved or even just a change in dosage.

Coroners and medical examiners should routinely be examining medical records and making details public so important information is not missed.

Because of Tony Scott’s fame we have the chance to talk about this now – and we should be doing all we can in order to understand why he took his own life.

My thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.

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