What I believe

I believe Seroxat is defective and dangerous.

I believe that Glaxo has hidden clinical trial data that shows exactly how dangerous a drug it is.

I believe that Seroxat is addictive.

I believe that Seroxat can cause anger, aggression and violence.

I believe that something must be done to help people who suffer terrible problems with withdrawal, as they desperately try to stop taking Seroxat.

I believe that doctors have taken large sums of money from Glaxo to lie about the efficacy and safety of the drug.

I believe that GlaxoSmithKline puts profits before patients – their wealth before our health.

I took Seroxat for 9 years and it took me 22 months to withdraw from the drug little by little.

Believe me – I know what I’m talking about.


9 Responses to “What I believe”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I have been on seroxat for almost 15 years . Was only ever on 20mg . I have been cutting down for last 9 years but struggle as withdrawal is so bad . I am on 2.5ml of the liquid and have been on this dose for around a year . I tried to cut down just a slight amount not even 0.5 ml but felt so ill . Felt like I was on a boat I felt sick tearful bad tempered and just totally of balance . I’m so determined to get of this bloody drug and the little amount im on doesn’t even do anything for me I doubt . Any tips on how I can get I this last bit ? I’ve cut down so gradual over the years but am struggling now

    • admin Says:

      The last bit can be really tough – it was for me.

      I always waited a long time to stabilise between each reduction. Then only ever reduced by 10% of my current dose – so the reductions get smaller and smaller… right at the end I decided I was taking so little Seroxat (maybe 1.5mls?) that I would overlap with St John’s Wort to help me stop the Seroxat altogether.

      However, you must NEVER take St John’s Wort if you’re on a normal dose of Seroxat – check on the internet about how dangerous it can be to combine the two.

      You will get off Seroxat if you really want to – just take it slow now and don’t beat yourself up or put any time limit on it. You’ve done so well to get this far!

      Take it easy and take care.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    Reblogged this on GSK : Licence To (K) ill and commented:
    Seroxat Secrets was one of the first Seroxat blogs covering the Seroxat and GSK issues, great blog, and I think this post deserves a re-post …

  3. I don’t trust GSK and their Ebola vaccine … do you? | GSK : Licence To (K) ill Says:

    […] documentaries online. Moreover, I know from the stories of users experiences. GSK have a history of lying, deceiving and harming consumers of their products. They have a reputation for corruption, fraud, unethical behavior, immorality and criminality. Fast […]

  4. Dawn wilcox Says:

    Been on seroxat for 25 yrs,I don’t know if it helps now,before I was sooo disturbed,I wood of taken anything to get rid of my feelings I don’t know if I av made it worse,,but,I now fight it evry day,

  5. Dawn wilcox Says:

    I wad love to hear from anyone who as taken seroxat for as long as me,

  6. Lynn Says:

    There is a book by a psychiatrist who has studied the misery caused by anti-depressants. It’s called the Anti-Depressant Solution.
    B vitamins helped a friend of my brother suffer less with his condition.
    There is also a book called Reinventing Your Life which has some cognitive exercise type stuff which helped me cope with the negative changes caused by my anti-depressants and Xanax.
    I have never taken seroxat. There may be doctors now who will listen to patients and help them get off meds. Three medical people listened to me and took me seriously about Xanax.
    Good luck.

  7. admin Says:

    Reblogged this on seroxat secrets… and commented:

    I’m reposting this for a couple of reasons – the first is that I haven’t written anything for a while (that’s an understatement!) and secondly, if that’s going to be the case again, I think this is the perfect post to greet anyone who may arrive here for the first time.

    It still amazes me that people are still being prescribed Seroxat in 2015 – and also that so many Doctors still seem to be ignorant about the possible problems that many patients can have when the try and withdraw from this drug. That’s not to mention the problems associated with long-term use of Seroxat.

    Glaxo thinks it’s all gone away…

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