Seroxat Group action – latest news

Great news about the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation in England… we are on our way to trial! AT LAST!!

I’m sure if you read Bob Fiddaman’s blog you know already – see here – but I thought I’d wait until we had passed the time limit for GSK to appeal Mr Justice Foskett’s judgement to proceed with the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation. That time has passed and there was no appeal… we are on our way to trial! AT LAST!!

If you happen to be one of the group claimants and you HAVE NOT received forms from Fortitude Law in the past 2 weeks, then you should contact Fortitude Law via email at or telephone on 0203 667 3775 without delay.

I think I’ll say it again, just because I can … ‘Judgment has been received from the Honourable Mr. Justice Foskett to proceed with the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation’. 

I think there must be quite a few people on the other side who really thought this had gone away, but I can tell them now to look out – it hasn’t gone away and it’s all too real. I’ve said before that, for me, a trial is the only to resolve this issue

The publicity of a High Court hearing will mean the mainstream press  will be free to report on ALL the evidence presented. Now… I’m thinking that this will mean a lot of GSK documents that have until now remained secret will become very public knowledge. You see a case like this, while common in the USA, is unheard of in the UK and the publicity it will generate will be huge. And all those once-secret documents and the information they hold will be available the world over for future claimants to use. I think a whole new raft of claims will be kick-started in the USA alone. I wonder what GSK’s share price will look like after all this? And how institutional investors will view a company that breaks the law and lies & cheats its way to profit?

In the 21st century, ethos & culture – the way a company actually conducts its business – are as important to a PLC as having a blockbuster product to sell. Ethos & culture are intrinsic parts of a modern corporate brand, going way beyond the generic, meaningless mission statement that we see from GSK.

I’d like to finish on a personal note. Perhaps, after all these years, I’m getting nearer to closure. For me, that simply means people will believe what happened to me was real.

More importantly, I hope that Doctors will understand what happened to me was real – and perhaps then we can start to help others who are going through the horrors of withdrawing from Seroxat/Paxil today.




10 Responses to “Seroxat Group action – latest news”

  1. Sally Milsom Says:

    Thanks for this … 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    On 6 March 2016 at 10:17, seroxat secrets… wrote:

    > admin posted: “Great news about the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation in > England… we are on our way to trial! AT LAST!! I’m sure if you read Bob > Fiddaman’s blog you know already – see here – but I thought I’d wait until > we had passed the time limit for GSK to appea” >

  2. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    The truth is our biggest friend… and Glaxo’s biggest enemy.

  3. Kristen Lackajis Says:

    Hello there – How do I go about filing a claim? I was on Seroxat for 18 years and it has literally taken away the last 18 years of my life… I have no idea how to proceed any further.

  4. truthman30 Says:

    I look forward to seeing THE TRUTH ABOUT SEROXAT aired in the HIGH COURT!!!!….

  5. truthman30 Says:

    Reblogged this on GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat) and commented:
    I look forward to seeing the truth about GSK’s notorious SSRI poison (killer) drug Seroxat aired in the High Court in London… What have GSK kept from the public all these years? How many lives could have been spared if people had known how dangerous Seroxat is?….

  6. Catherine Says:

    Hello, what can I do from Belgium? The doctor doe not take my withdrawal symptoms seriously. I only realised until few weeks ago i ve been victim for almost 7 years. Can I join you in the action? I want to contact also national health department in Belgium, in order to stop GSK making more victims further on…
    Thanks for advice!

  7. Joan Treadwell Says:

    I have been on serozat since losing my son in 1984 I cannot get off them .im desperate as now im confused cannot concentrate a nervous wreck . these have destroyed my life im now 74 ,what chance have I got any other readwers please please give some ffedback of how it effects you as a person

    • permanentcross Says:

      Dear Joan,

      My GP put me on citalopram in order to get off seroxat. It apparently has worked for six of her patients with withdrawal symptoms. I am still on it years later but that is for other reasons. Her approach is to give about six months of citalopram. However that may be longer for someone with many years of seroxat usage. It might be something to consider and talk to your GP about anyway. I didn’t want a ‘replacement’ ssri but in the dire situation of withdrawal with black suicidal feelings unrelenting, I was glad to take it. Very best wishes to you, Chris x

  8. Lynn Says:

    What wonderful news! I thought it was all over a few years ago.
    For the people still suffering, there are posts on this blog which talk about tapering off Seroxat.
    Here is a link you can show your doctor.
    Good luck. You can heal and feel better eventually.


    I was prescribed seroxat 20mg in the early 1990s, for two and a half years. It took me a good year to slowly get myself off them. I have been left with hissing, ringing in both ears since then. As I am getting older, now 70, it is getting loader.

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