For fuck’s sake…

Mustering solid evidence, two psychiatrists have denounced their field’s standard guidelines for how best to wean patients from depression medications.

In one 2010 study cited in the new paper, Japanese researchers found that 78 percent of people trying to taper off Paxil suffered severe withdrawal symptoms. The research team had them taper much more slowly, over an average of nine months and for as long as four years. With this regimen, only 6 percent of subjects experienced withdrawal.

In another study, Dutch researchers in 2018 found that 70 percent of people who’d had trouble giving up Paxil or Effexor quit their prescriptions safely by following an extended tapering regimen, reducing their dosage by smaller and smaller increments, down to one-fortieth of the original amount. This is the regimen recommended in the new paper.

Read the full NYT article here

And read another article in The Times (paywall) here

Or here at The Huffington Post

So that’s all good then – more and more medical professionals are finally coming round to believing what we, the injured patients, have been saying for years… 

…absolutely… bloody… fucking… YEARS. 

In my case, since Dec 2006, when I started writing this blog.

Seems like it’s still not enough for Prof David Baldwin and Prof Wendy Burn though – they still sayIn the vast majority of patients, any unpleasant symptoms experienced on discontinuing anti-depressants have resolved within two weeks of stopping treatment…”


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