‘New’ advice… Major milestone…

Major milestone: Royal College releases new guidance on stopping antidepressants

Today we welcome the new patient information leaflet, entitled ‘Stopping Antidepressants’, published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

The leaflet distills many years of work by researchers, campaigners and the prescribed harm community, which has jointly challenged previous understandings of antidepressant withdrawal as being a relatively benign experience for most people. 

So glad – it’s only taken about 15 years for them to catch up with what we knew back then…


2 Responses to “‘New’ advice… Major milestone…”

  1. Joan Treadwell Says:

    I would like to comment on this subject .
    I’ve been on seroxat since losing my son in 1984 .
    I was told it was short term only .
    I’m still on them today 2020 .
    What they have done for me .is most damaging
    I’m no longer the person i once was.
    Every person that are on these prescribed unsafe drugs. should take them to court .but where do you start .no one seems to want to give you any information on how to go about it .
    We should all stand together on this . If anyone feels the same .or have any other information please share it .thank you .joann

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry to read your comments Joan – I’m sure all too may people feel the same as you do… unfortunately as we have found, going to court in the UK is not as straightforward as you might imagine.

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