About Me

First, a little bit about this blog.

I want to say here and now that I have absolutely no connection to ANY pharmaceutical company or to the ‘Church’ of Scientology. I want to make this clear from the very beginning.

No one pays me to do what I do. No one tells me what to think or write.

This blog is here because of what happened to me and I believe I have a duty to educate others who might be suffering the same way I did.

If I can help anyone who finds this blog, well, that’s the point – and if I can be a thorn in Glaxo’s side, then so much the better. And don’t get me started on the MHRA and the FDA…

I started to take Seroxat in the Autumn of 1997. My dose was 30mg daily. In May 2004 my Doctor suggested that I reduce that to 20mg daily – this being the new ‘recommended’ dose. As well as thinking about my doctor’s advice, I had started to sense something might be wrong with me – I’d had a lot of gastric problems and had started to have random, violent episodes and I just wasn’t me anymore. Looking back it’s easy to see just how my personality had changed over the years of taking Seroxat – and not for the better.

So, not a problem I thought – reducing the dose might actually be a good thing for me to do.

My wife had told me about TV programmes she’d seen (Panorama) which said that maybe Seroxat wasn’t that good for you after all. Strangely (?!) I’d not seen these programmes or taken notice of any other stories I’d half heard. I just didn’t want to know – I avoided the issue.

I was scared my depression might return, I’d heard that could happen if you stopped taking SSRIs. I also believed what I’d been told about the way Seroxat worked – it was simple – it corrected the serotonin imbalance that I so obviously had. After all, the Patient Information Leaflet told me how safe Seroxat was. It said there was little chance (1 in 500) that I might suffer from side effects. It said don’t worry, you can’t become addicted to Seroxat.

I now know all this was lies.

Unfortunately I had problems with the reduction to 20mgs and things were so terrible I went back up to 30mgs within a week. I felt better as soon as I did this. This was a real shock to me and I started to do a little research on the internet. This was another shock to me – to find a huge community out there who had similar stories to tell… looks like I’ll have to stop it rather than reduce it I decided.

Once I took that decision – to stop Seroxat altogether – I thought it would be easy for me – after all, I stopped smoking with little or no fuss… and… “you can’t become addicted to Seroxat” as my doctor (and the PIL) told me way back in 1997. I was strong – all the people who have trouble with stopping Seroxat were the weak ones…

How wrong could I have been?

I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

No idea at all.

It took me 22 long months to wean off Seroxat and I suffered many mental and physical terrors and traumas. As I write I’m 10 months off Seroxat and my brain and body are STILL trying to adjust to life without it.

I want to share with you what I’ve found out since May 2004. I’ve discovered how dangerous SSRIs can be and how dangerous the big drug companies are – especially GlaxoSmithKline (who make Seroxat).

I think at this point I must mention the drug regulators here in the UK (The MHRA) and the FDA in America. If you’re new to all this you might think they are the kind of organisations that we can trust to keep us safe from nightmare drugs like Seroxat – not the case, I’m afraid.

The public has been let down by them on all too many occasions. I’ve become very cynical since May 2004 and as I’ve learnt more and more and I have to say it looks from here as if the MHRA and The FDA are more concerned with protecting the Pharmaceutical companies than protecting the public.

There’s a lot of money to be made from selling new drugs to the world – a lot of money indeed. It doesn’t seem to matter if the drugs don’t quite work as well as they should or if people can become addicted to them. In the case of Seroxat, Glaxo has simply hidden trial data that shows how dangerous Seroxat really is.

In this Blog I’ll be naming and shaming the guilty and I’ll be telling the truth about Seroxat.

Other SSRIs and SNRIs have their problems, unfortunately for me, Seroxat just happens to be my specialist subject.


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  1. sisiphus Says:

    I had a similar experience when I tried reducing the dose of seroxat form 30mg to 20mg. I am a psychiatrist and I thought that I knew a fair amount about the drug. This was back in 1998. When I unsuccessfully tried to reduce the dose again, I discussed the strange sensations that I was experiencing with a professor I knew. I was told that there was no evidence that withdrawl from seroxat might cause problems. The strange senasations were, “all in the mind”. Of course they were….but not in the pejorative interpretation of that platitude. I heard from plenty of other people that were experiencing similar symptoms upon their attempts to discontinue the drug, similar symptoms and similar contempt for theiran complaints about such because “SSRI’s are not addictive”. So implied the literature. I read much and tried to find out as much as I could in my lowly position as a (then) junior psychiatrist. My self-esteem fell as I was met with colleagues who were happy to accept the drug companies ‘facts’ about the drug….and their largesse.
    I began to use any other SSRI when prescribing for my patients, fearful that they too might have such unexplainable and unpleasant adverse effects from seroxat, despite the apparent lack of evidence. Vindication would come sweet, I told myself; surely so many people’s experience cannot be ignored.

    I am glad that you, whoever you are, have set up this blog. I found it through my frequent recent trips to a blog that I have a lot of admiration and respect for – the sidebar links in that blog have been very, very interesting. I look forward to more here. I have become increasingly cynical, sceptical and ultimately dismissive of ‘evidence’ offered from researchers. I cannot now even look at a scientific paper without wondering what is missing. I may just about be able to spot some methodological flaws in a paper, but it is incredibly difficult in a busy life to spend hours dissecting every paper that I come across. I am so sad that the profession that I struggled to enter, that I held in naiive and idealistic esteem as an adolescent, that I had such hopes for has let me down so badly over the years.

    This reply is overlong and I apologise. I was just so relieved to find this blog that verbal and emotional incontinence prevailed on my part. Do feel free to delete it. Just know that I will be watching with interest.


    • brenda Says:

      i am so glad that I have found this website about seroxat, after reading other people s experiences I know now that I am not alone. I have been taking seroxat for the last ten years since i had a complete breakdown i attended and was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety I attended outpatients geriatric unit for about a year I was prescribed seroxat 30 mgs per day . and then it was upped to 40Mg’s per day and was told that this drug was non addictive and would be fine I read all the leaflets and they confirmed what the doctors had told me , seroxat was a non addictive drug . After about a week I started to feel better , but as time went on things started to change but i thought this was all part of my illness . I started to get terrible mood swings and started getting brain zaps it feels like electric shocks I thought i was going crazy when i tried to tell anyone about this they would just laugh and look at me so I would keep all my symptoms to myself, one day I would feel great then a couple of days later I would be down so then I would drink white by the bottle to make me feel better then my family would make comments about my drinking and i would totally explode and would say the most outrages things to hurt them because I couldn’t,t explain how confused I and frightened I was feeling as time has gone on my mood swings have got so bad my family are frightened of what i might do next . After reading the website I have made an appointment to see my GP I know that I am not going crazy therefore I can be open and honest and tell people how I really feel will keep you posted on the outcome.

      • admin Says:

        Good luck Brenda – I hope your GP will listen to you. Perhaps you should download some of the info you can find on the Seroxat/Paxil withdrawal help page of this blog (the link is at the very top of the page)… Dr Breggin and Prof. Healy should carry some weight in the GP’s surgery, I would hope.

        Some Docs can be very blinkered and don’t seem to be able to see the nose in front of face sometimes.

      • vwilson506vickiwilson23 Says:

        HI sorry I know I am really late reading this but i was wondering if any one out there can help me. My partner has been on these tablets since 1996 and the docotors said he had OCD its now 2013 and still on them, We have been though a great deal over the last 10years where my partner has really bad mood swings which can happen like flicking on a light switich and takes some things in the wrong context. After all that has happen i got him into the doctors who then refered him to the mental health team where there have now said he as a personality disorder as well due to these out bursts and now have given him a modd stabilizer tablets which still has no effect. I am convinced that these out bursts are down to the seroxat tables. In the last year he was on 20mg and have put him up to 50mg plus these other tablets. PLease can any one recommand what to do I have tied talking to the doctors but they dont seem to listern i feel that they think i am crazy, He was also given a couple of times a non branded tablet of the seroxat and OMG what a night mere that was i found myself on the phone to the doctors crying as some one had to give him the GSK make to stop him being like he was when I try to talk to some one about this I just seem to break down and its such a sore point and feel no one listens to me. Any advise would really be usefull

      • admin Says:

        I’m sorry to hear all this. It’s very difficult to give advice – perhaps you could try and contact Prof David Healy. There is a link to his website in my blogroll and on his site is a contact form you could use.

        I don’t know if he will be able to help, but it’s worth a try.

        If my own experience is anything to go by, 10 years on Seroxat will make you a very different person – maybe it’s the pills and not a personality disorder…

        Good luck.

      • Susan MacDonald Says:

        All these experiences are very interesting and alarming. My GP prescribed Seroxat for me but was adament that it would be a short term carefully managed process. Over three months, I increased the dose (over two weeks), maintained a steady dose and then decreased the dose (over a month). My GP monitored me the whole time and the results were amazing. I thought it a wonder drug and I returned to ‘normal’ very quickly and I have stayed ‘normal’ for the last decade; the depression has never returned. It would seem from these experiences that the drug is not being correctly prescribed. Ironically, my GP was retired because of his age…his care and wisdom clearly demonstrates that drugs are powerful and should be treated with caution and respect; not given out like smarties for long term use. Maybe I was lucky but I also think my GP’s recognition that this is a powerful drug and his careful approach to prescribing it probably saved me from an awful experience. I wish everyone well

      • Michelle Says:

        I had those brain zaps, my description was electric shocks through the body and my dr would look at me if I were stupid, I was on seroxst for about 10 years after having a breakdown , Drs tried 3 attempts to get me off them, 60 mg a day also with diazepam, I felt I was going crazy my mind was foggy , if I missed my daily dose my body would tingle and I would get a buz noise through my brain, the way I came off them was by accident my brother came to visit from Canada after 12 years of not seeing him, I was busy cooking going out etc the excitement after 5 days he got his flight he rang me when be landed: sure enough I got this body buz I told my brother omg I have taken tablets for 5 days, he asked me to not take anymore a d that’s how I came off but 14 years on going through menapauce and chronic stress todsy ive taken my first seroxst again but now regretting it I think hence why I’m on this page so it’s do I continue or quit while I can xx

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Sisiphus.

    We’ve all been taken in by Big Pharma and the way they ‘market’ their product.

    It’s all about profit for them and they make make a lot of it – and so they are able to influence governments and regulators around the world.

    Patients can’t give informed consent because we are never allowed to know the truth about the potential risks involved in our treatment. Drug companies bury the full trial data for years and years and regulators have ignored the reporting of adverse drug reactions.

    The benefit/risk ratio is not good enough with all too many new drugs such as SSRIs, Cox2 Inhibitors, Vioxx and Zyprexa (to name but a few).

    I’m sure you’re aware of the site, but if not have a look at Social Audit (in my Blogroll) – the book “Medicines out of Control” is worth a read.

    All the very best.

    • Mike Dunn Says:

      I have been taking this hideous drug for too many years! My GP’s are clueless when I seek their help! I’m 72yrs old and I want to be Seroxat ‘FREE’ for my remaining days.I’m currently taking Suspension 10ml daily! How do I withdraw completely until I’m free of this ‘poison’!!!! My sincere thanks!…..”Kia-Kaha!
      Michael. (amjdunn@googlemail.com)

  3. RB Says:

    This site is brilliant and beautifully laid out, I quit seroxat a few years ago and now im quite active in bringiing awareness of this terrible scandal. And i regularly post on Paxilprogress.org

    Mores and more negative info on this drug is coming out as the years go by, in my opinion it is the mental health thalidomide, and a chemical holocoust is going on. This drug should be banned. Its toxic , defective and it can kill.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks RB – we’ve all got to do what we can – I hope you’re well.

    Make sure you watch Panorama Monday 29 January 20.30 UK time.

    If you’re not in the UK it’ll be on the internet at:


  5. ian Says:

    hi admin,
    just left a comment and thought i’d say a general hello.
    RB is spot-on, a beautiful, clear site, particularly like the bright themes on such a subject!!

    for myself i have been tackling mental health issues for five+ yrs, thankfully avoided seroxat specifically. It would be interesting to wonder whether all SSRI’s have this tendancy as opposed to the old tricyclics etc…? And of course, why the uk NHS Mental Health won’t fund intelligent therapeutic programmes…

    thanks for the site,
    best of wishes

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks Ian – I’m not much of an expert on other SSRIs. Withdrawal problems really depend on the half life of the drug in your body – Seroxat is very short (but not the shortest!) and Prozac is long. The theory goes you can get a gentler ‘come down’ when you withdraw from Prozac…?

    However, the science behind the whole serotonin/depression/SSRI linkage is simply not proven so I’d tend to steer clear of all of them. As for SSRI vs tricyclic… even placebo is better than Seroxat!

    If you want more info you can do a search (top left, above recent posts) for ‘Serotonin’

  7. simon Says:

    My partner Susan suffered on Seroxat, I am pleased to say she is off the drug and has been for a couple of years now, for the past 15 months, Susan has been on top form and she no longer takes any medications.

    Susan’s story can be read at: http://whosdepressed.org/wordpress/2006/07/27/when-i-was-forced-to-share-my-life-with-seroxat/

  8. Tudor Says:

    I watched the Panorama program last night with only the haziest of notions about the Seroxat story, and a modicum of confidence in the BBC’s investigations. These were found wanting in the dodgy documents affair.

    Over the years, Pararoma has had success at spotlighting scandals in the public interest, but has also been increasingly inclined to a format which makes the best out of a difficult-to-prove case (a recent example was over kickbacks in football transfers).

    This time Panorama convinced me they were on to something. Which was what took me to the internet and your blog, and I remain pretty conveninced there is a case to be answered .

    I suspect that Panorama, and the broad thrust of your campaign will make a difference – to the clinical status of Seroxat, and perhaps with wider implications not just for Glaxo Smith (probably) but within the drug industry and beyond.

    My blog on Leaders we deserve is only indirectly relevant to your highly-focused work, but your efforts are certainly relevant to mine, and to anyone concerned with business, leadership and corporate responsibility.

    Warmest best wishes.

  9. Joseph Says:

    I am in a position that enables me to obtain documents related to the current manufacture, distribution, and marketing of Paroxetine (generic Seroxat/Paxil). I can no longer sit back and allow myself to contribute to the “success” of this and other GlaxoSmithKline drugs. Contact me at the e-mail address I have provided.

    • Terry sheehan Says:

      My baby died eleven years ago while I was in seroxat during the pregnancy. Do you think seroxat was to blame for her water on the lung problem I am still on seroxat I get very tired any suggestions you may have would be welcome. Thankyou T Sheehan

  10. deirdreclemenger Says:

    i would like help with the coming off seroxat my husbanb was on this drug for 6yrs and has desided to come of it he did it over three and a half months but had a very bad day and was just not himself i found that when he is like that he drinks more can you give me some advise

  11. admin Says:

    deirdre – I’m really not qualified to give advice. Three and a half months is very quick to stop taking Seroxat after six years. I think your husband will have bad days, maybe for quite a while.

    I think you should go to http://www.paxilprogress.org – you can share your experience there and maybe get some advice as well.

    There is a link to site on my Blogroll.

    Good luck.

  12. kate Says:

    Hi, please can you help me find sources of information about the effects of seroxat after withdrawal?

    I was able to remove the drug from my system in August 2005, after two years of withdrawal (and six months previously of continued use – it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t right and to present my GP with an array of side effects – yes, not a useful exercise) but I’m still having symptoms that are seriously affecting my life. How, still surprises me…. I’ve realised that our brains and neurology can be so fragile.

    Now, it’s subtle in comparison to the convulsions and intrusive thoughts, amongst other things, but it’s still present. The two main problems are memory loss, pins and needles and just not “feeling quite the same” anymore. I work in marketing and PR and being sure within myself is so important to me earning an income.
    I am still finding that a challenge now.

    If anyone has any advice or can direct me to other sources I would be very grateful. I just want to read about this and learn about what other people have gone through too. I also want to help if I can and am more than happy to talk to other people about my experiences.

    I was prescribed Seroxat for sleeplessness and mild depression, due to life circumstances. What a jump! For each day that I think I’m back on track, something comes back and hits me. I know there aren’t necessarily final answers, but forums like this are so useful when you’re at the right stage.

    Unfortunately, official sources aren’t going to give any of us answers we can really rely on…..


  13. admin Says:

    Welcome to the party, Kate.

    I think – as I tell most people looking for advice – first stop is Paxil Progress – the link’s in my blogroll. There are a lot of helpful, knowledgeable people over there.

    Otherwise start here and explore using the links…

    I’m in a similar situation – I think the bottom line is that we are not the same anymore. I was changed by Seroxat over the years and withdrawal was hard, but Christ knows I’m so much better.

    I think we have enough trouble getting people to understand withdrawal without trying to get them to understand post-withdrawal – or perhaps withdrawal is a continuous process…?

    My memory’s not too bad, but I too have pins & needles and numbness – in my hands – mainly the left and it’s the little finger and the edge of my hand going up to wrist (as I type now actually!)

    Who knows what will happen – I wrote a little about it here:


    Sorry there’s not an easy answer.

  14. Cyril Sader Says:

    (shocked, mouth open) I can’t believe it!
    Why were you given Seroxat for so long?!
    These things make me too angry.

    2 years ago a psychiatrist gave me (for OCD and anxiety) Seroxat for 4 months after having given me Cipram then Prozac (both SSRIs) for several months. Now I take Cipralex (also SSRI, neurologist prescription for anxiety) it’s been a year and a half.

    I’ve recently read about how evil Big Pharma is and I’ve been thinking of stopping the medicine everyday now. Obviously, I have to decrease dosage and then stop.

    … I still can’t believe the damage that is being done!!

    I’m glad I’ve discovererd your site, even thought I still haven’t browsed it. I can only be sorry for all the torture you and others had to go through.

    I applaud and thank you for your efforts to enlighten everyone.


  15. Mary Marban Says:

    I have a reply for you from the United States but I am getting off work now and will have to write it later. What I would like to tell you about is how Paxil saved my life. Are you going to post my story on your blog? If so I’ll write it tomorrow evening.

    Thank you.

    Mary Beth Marban

  16. Benjamin Merhav Says:

    You are invited to visit http://outlawpsychiatry.blogspot.com/ ,republish it and/or comment on it.

    Benjamin Merhav

    • solo49 Says:

      Great site Benjamin. You’re speaking your mind and going the extra mile to tell the truth to your readers about the ways in which psychiatry wastes people. That is a saving action.

  17. Greg Says:

    I reckon i have made around 30 attemps to wean myself off of seroxay and have failed everytime. When i go to the doctor he just says i should stay on the drug, when i really don’t want to. Coming off seroxat is worse than coming off heroin. I don’t know what to do. Seoxat is my master, i am it’s prisoner.

  18. J Young Says:

    Hi Greg you must try to come off the seroxat.I know its easier said than done i have tried several times being on it 6 years.I am now pregnant though an my doctor says i have to wean myself off it but i woke up one day and decided to just stop taking it.I still feel really lousy after a week but im going to stick to staying off it i think it takes alot of willpower and backup from friends and family and you can also go to help clinics.Just try put up with the side effects i dont think the pills work after a while anyway its just your body gets used to em.GOOD LUCK

  19. claire s Says:

    A word of warning… I was advised during my forst pregnancy to stop seroxat, a did so. I was ok for 2 weeks, i just put it all down to morning sickness and generally feeling rubbish. That is until i was hit by the most awful period of self loathing, anxiety unwanted thoughts and general hell that lead me to spending 2 weeks is a mental health hospital, while pregnant and surrounded by not nice nurses and quite agressive patients. Funnily enough as soon as i saw a consultant he asked about medication, i told him i had stopped for pregnancy, within minutes i was taking the drug again. I had a huge fight to get any say on the health of my unborn child, and it took all the strength and support from my Mum i could muster to get someone to think aboutthe ante natal side of things. I had to sacrifice breast ffeeding, and have my babies monitered for withdrawel… but at least i was alive and nearly sane!

  20. truthman30 Says:

    Hey Claire .. Its sounds like quitting Seroxat suddenly threw you into a severe withdrawal… They should be warning more people about its dangers to the foetus.. you are lukcy your child was not damaged.. Some mothers have not been so lucky and paxil has caused harm to their baby…

    Check out this blog


  21. emily Says:

    Howdy people, i think you’re all incredibly brave and i think the way that these drugs are continually peddled onto people is absolutely disgusting. I am currently conducting some research on behalf of salford university and Channel M and this research may be used in a tv show called manchester exchange, can anyone tell me about or send me some contacts or links about SNRIs, Zyban in particular. Hopefully in doing a report about zyban we will be able to encorporate some stuff about the wider antidepressant debate and i figured publicity about these issues is always a good thing so if you guys could get back to me that would be amazing, regards emilyxX

  22. moony Says:

    hi.. im sorry ppl i knw this is not the right place for me to be, but i was just searchin about seroxat and saw this web.. im 17 years old i really dont know what to say but im a suicidal and depressed i went to a shrink few weeks ago and she gave me “seroxat. paroxetivel, hydrochloride 25mg” and “xanax 0.25mg” im on it now for few weeks and im diabatic i use isulin shots plz i need to knw what should i do? do u think i need to stop it? i cant sleep well since i start to use it and i dont feel hungry as u used to i have a stomach pain when ever i take it but i think its bcz i cant take any pills after having a gastric lavage five months ago bcz of an over dose of asbrin can any one advice me? or know some one who cans? plz

    • Don MacFarlane Says:

      Without getting into the specifics of paroxetine and its unsuitability for any patient – let alone a 17 year old for whom the drug is banned as it increases suicidality- NICE Guidelines state that a 12 week period of psychotherapy should be offered first before medication is considered.

      Some other medication, not paroxetine, may then be offered but with the information that at least 3 weeks will elapse before any benefit is likely to be noticed. Otherwise, the patient is likely to encounter a conter-placebo effect that ‘this is just not working’.

      The fact that this girl is isolated and has no one to whom to turn should have been addressed and a parent-surrogate identified. Also a clinical service such as CRC (Clinical Response Team) should plug the gap until a therapist is identified and allocated.

      Xanax is a peculiar choice of ‘escape medication’ and suggests this girl is American as Xanax is a major drug of addiction in the States as it is more potent than ‘Roche Blues’ ie diazepam.

  23. admin Says:

    Moony – talk to someone – your parents, your friends, your Doctor. Please just talk – tell someone how you’re feeling.

    If you want to talk online then Paxil Progress is the place to go – there are people there who will understand you and support you – you’re not alone.


  24. Lynn Says:

    Please tell someone and remember, no bad how bad you feel, never stop taking Seroxat suddenly, unless you’re in a hospital, and the staff knows how dangerous sudden ssri withdrawal can be.
    Please ask your doctor if she can find you a counselor. It really can help relieve horrible feelings when someone just listens and sympathises. It may not work while you’re on Seroxat, but it may be worth a try. You definitely need someone who seems to be on your side to be around. Please hang on. Don’t let all the causes of this destroy you. It may not seem like it, but there is another, decent, life for you to live. Please tell yourself to keep fighting.

  25. Joanna Says:

    Hello there.

    I’m pleased to find a site out there that the reality of this drug and the effects it has can openly be discussed.

    In 1999 I contracted Meningitis, and spent a long time in Hospital. Thankfully, due to fantastic doctors, I servived, adn came through the horrendous illness that almost took noy life on two occasions.

    Post meningitis, I found I had no energy, I was irritable, letharigic and depressed all of the time. After a very long year of suffering I was diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At last someone had given the way I was feeling a name, and offered me hope through a prescription ( 30mg daily) of Seroxat. I, at the time was 18, and very very low. I needed to find a crtuch to support me, and seroxat was the crutch.

    I stayed on Seroxat for two years until 2002, and spent the worst two years of my life on it. At this time, I was attempting to attend college and was living away from home. I constantly had panicked fears of death, both mine and my parents. I had very aggressive outbursts towards family and friends, and felt completely out of control.

    The effects of this drug ruined my life for two years, but the effect of having to rebuild has been harder. It is onyl now, 6 years on, that I now feel in control and healed.

  26. truthman30 Says:

    Hey Joanna
    Your story echos many many others..
    It can take years to recover from Seroxat damage..
    Something GSK continues to deny it..
    (Even under the looming cloud of indisputable evidence)
    Good luck with your seroxat recovery..


  27. bobbie-anne Says:

    I also took seroxat after being diagnosed with post natal depression. Too cut a long story short I took an overdose of pain killers. Luckily my partner was in the house and I told him what I had done and he got me medical help. I am convinced it was seroxat that caused this. My younger brother was also taking seroxat for depression and he also attempted suicide.

  28. truthman30 Says:

    Hey Bobbie Anne..

    At one time when i was prescribed this poison pill, two of my cousins were on it as was a work colleague .. Just goes to show how widely prescribed this crap was..
    My cousin began cutting herself on it, I became angry, suicidal and lost the plot and the work colleague started having full blown panic attacks..
    I have met many people over the years who were prescribed it..
    And they all say the same thing..
    Nasty Nasty Drug…
    It should have been banned by now, but GSK are still making a small fortune on it so i guess the fact that its Nasty doesn’t matter a damn to them…

  29. shalikh Says:

    hi. i have been taking paroxetine hcl [20 mg daily ]for some six month now. i haven’t have any bad experiences…i started net surfing out of curiosity and now i’m a bit scared. the trade name of my pill is ‘oxat’. is it the same thing as ‘seroxat’? should i be cautious? plz enlighten.

  30. truthman30 Says:

    Oh and yes..
    you should be cautious about taking paroxetine..
    It can be very addictive and have severe side effects..
    Talk to your doctor and educate yourself from sited like this one and from the web …
    Dont come off it cold turkey, do it under medical supervision and you may have to taper (take less doses of the drug over time) , best to talk to a medical professional who is aware of withdrawal and the drug..

  31. truthman30 Says:

    oxat is a generic (copy) of paroxetine, but it is basically the same drug , and would have the same side effects..

  32. Shelly Hart Says:

    I would just like to say that Dr. Hart and I have been banned from PP for expressing our feelings of “bullying” new members by one certain person. through several e-mails with the administrator, I was told to lay low and ignore it. Now the family has been banned for bringing this forward and all our posts have been cleared out. What is the real story behind Paxil Progress. I have written many letters with no response. Even my children were banned. Dr. Hart and I are working hard to educate the Health Care industry about the dangers of these drugs. Did Laurie not have a gag order after all……why did the site shut down and get cleaned out when this was asked?
    I simply do not understand. Moderators should be aware that many new people come onto the site feeling very insecure, unsure, and vulnerable. I posted a plea for forgiveness from the Hart family on our blog….once again, no response….strange, don’t you think?

  33. sandra Says:

    Its all coming togetter for me now.
    Ive had these withdrawl effects first when i was 18 and stopped after taking seroxat from age 14.
    I was becoming mentally instable from withdrawl and all the weird shit happening with my psyche.
    This led to me going back into therapy haha and this led to them (the doctors) prescribing seroxat again!From the yrs I had been taking seroxat before and did things that were bad for me whithout me feeling this.
    I had so much damage done that, once I stopped using seroxat and emotions became FREE again…not suppressed anymore..
    I wasnt able to deal with all of the things that had happened.
    Eventually when i was 20 they put me again on seroxat ..this time almost immediately when i started taking it I derailed.I went suicidal, did maniac things.Never was able to sleep and my mind was going on like a train.
    This lasted almost a yr..untill i managed to say NO (because docors wanted to keep me on this shit)
    I managed to STOP and was left broken ..physically and mentally..

    I hope psychiatrist and pharmacompanies will be showed no mercy..I hope they will nail these guys ……and they will go into historybooks as criminals…the kinds they are..Big bigcriminals…How can they do this…using children, making people ill, so that they can make money of them…Dont matter how young you are…Theyll prescribe you poison make you a junkie…..all for pieces of paper (money)….doesnt it make you sad….so sad.

  34. truthman30 Says:

    Welcome Sandra

    Your story is a harrowing one amongst many tens of thousands of others whose lives have been destroyed by Seroxat. I hope life has been and continues to be kinder to you after Seroxat – Hell. Because there if ever hell existed on Earth, it is Seroxat. Well done for getting through it.

    All the best..


  35. Audra Says:

    was on seroxat and after 3 days it was almost like I had no fear.I had started a new job and everyone found it stressful,whilst I just breezed through it.Everything in my personallity was exagerated,and I had no inhibitions,especially when I drank.I even started to take drugs like cannibis and ecstasy.Before I went on seroxat I did loose my inhibitions slightly but not to this extent and had tried cannibis once years ago,so I did not see myself as a drug addict until I went on the seroxat.It has made me completely paranoid because of my behaviour.I was eventually taken to a psychiatrist who said I was manic depressive and she did not believe it was the seroxat.I’m now on a lot of medication,including mood stabillisers,anti-psychotics and other anti-depressants.The drugs also have side effects.

  36. Dawn Says:

    I have been off seroxat for a week now and was on three tablets a day(60mg) for four years, i was prescribed it for post truamtic stress syndrom and i am feeling lousy. Had i known i was going to feel like this and be on such a high dose i really dont think i would of gone on it in the first place. iv got four children to look after and im a single parent its pure hell feeling like this and my partner thinks i should “pull myself together” if i only could. Thank god we don’t live together e sees only a little bit of how i feel. I will if anyone asks me advise people against this drug

  37. garyf715 Says:

    Has anyone read the book Side Effects about the Paxil debacle? It was written by a Boston Globe investigative journalist.


  38. Phenom Says:

    I started taking Seroxat 20 mg on june 2007, in the beginning it does benefit me and makes my life goes toward happieness. i felt good and in a high mood. after 9 months i decieded to come off the medicin my self so i reduced the dose gradually. after one month of coming off seroxat i had been through a hell that i had never been on before in my whole life. i was going to sucide and kill my self. also many shit thoughts were hitting my mind which leads me to hate all people and think that all people are bad and they want to hurt me and i hate my self because i was thinking in this shitty way. after that my doctor told me to go back on seroxat again and take risperdal 1 mg with it as a supporter for the bad thoughts. now thank god im getting better.
    my advise for all people is do not ever ever ever !!!! think of taking anti deppression tablet in your life even if you wanna kill your self. because once you stopp them you gna kill your self ammidiatelly

  39. anonymous Says:

    Well done for coming off the seroxat , it is well known that it can induce such side effects that you mentioned such as aggression, suicide , weird thoughts about harming other people etc. I don’t know much about risperdal apart from this it is an antipsychotic and antipsychotics can be dangerous too. A friend of mine was prescribed risperdal and he felt very strange on it, so all i will say is be careful on any psychiatric drug, they all have dangers ..I do think Seroxat is the worst one though..

  40. gliderman Says:

    I have only just chanced upon this site whilst trawling the net.Well done admin,for helping to bring the truth to light
    ,and showing sufferers that they are not alone.
    I managed to successfully w/d from seroxat in2005 after a nightmare ride on this wonder drug,but it took me 13 months of very difficult weaning,and now I take a tricyclic to mitigate the after effects until the seroxat eventually loses it’s grip(which it gradually is).
    There is another great site to visit called Seroxatmad,based in Britain,where sufferers can receive a wealth of help and useful information from people in the same situation. Once again,well done!

  41. Jag Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for advice as a partner of someone who is coming off Seroxat. Having done some research online, and read a number of blog sites, I now understand how scary this can be, and how it can impact on her mood/personality. She was worried about telling me (we’ve only been seening each other for a few months), but I’m glad she has. What advice can you give me so I can help her come off this terrible drug.


  42. truthman30 Says:


    You need to tell her to check out :


    It’s an online forum for people who are addicted/dependent on Paxil , good people there with sound advice about how to get off Paxil safely and effectively..

  43. julie Says:

    Hi my ex was on this drug and slowly weaned himself off about 10 months ago with no serious symptons. However we have since split , we still speak and I find it very odd that he often accuses me of “trying to rewire his mind” or “putting thoughts into his brain” he says he feels fragile and he could easily slip into depression,

    Could this be normal? he seemed to be fine for months.

  44. Finn Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am 37, a user of Seroxat and have been now for over 11 years. I want to thank this website and also the Seroxat users group for letting me know that I am not alone. The frightening thing is that having travelled all over the world and been prescribed the drug in places as far afield as Honduras I thought that the problems I have had with the drug were unique to me and now I discover there are millions of us. How could this have been allowed to happen and why is there not a class action lawsuit to protect us all and hurt GSK in the only place it can..i.e the pocket!!!
    I at this point am afraid I could be on the drug for the rest of my life as I simply don’t have the support network to go through the withdrawal process, having tried it a few times I know that I will not function as a human being for a very long time and working as I do would be impossible.
    I want to do something!! I’ve written to my MP, sent in a yellow card to the MHRA, but there must be something more that can be done!!!!
    I would like to say to anyone who reads this that if you have never taken the drug DON’T!!! If you have issues with life as we all do then don’t let a GP push a drug on you that will only create other problems for you to deal with for which there can be no solution. Find another way however hard it may be to find.

    I wish you all the best


  45. Abdul Razzak Fallaha Says:

    Hello I saw your website and it is good.
    I was wondering if you could help me with my meditation
    I have been taking Seroxat (Paroxetine) 20 mg a day, since almost 3 years
    and when i stop using it for 2 days or more i just feel dizzy and
    uncomfortable with my head (brain). when i move my eyes around
    i feel very dizzy and i feel like to much impulses coming to my head.
    3 days ago my doctor said that its time to change your medicine, so
    he gave me Mirtapin (Mirtazapine) so i left seroxat suddenly as he ordered
    me and started taking Mirtapin.
    I took the first pill of Mirtapin (30 mg) at Thursday night and i slept right after that, when i woke up at Friday
    I felt so so dizzy and very sleepy and couldn’t stand up so i remained asleep for
    more than 13 hours until i felt good.
    the second pill i took was at Friday night, after i took it in 45 hours i felt dizzy so i
    went to sleep. when i woke up i felt sleepy and a little bit dizzy i continued my day
    but after noon i felt so dizzy and that eye thing came back (when moving my eye … feeling dizzy and …)
    so i called my doctor and he said i should take from now on half the dose (15 mg). but
    after that in few hours i felt more dizzy and i started feeling that my right eye is working very well
    i am seeing slight blur in the middle of that eye, and i don’t know if that is connected to the medicine or not

    please help me what should i do. Is my doctor’s orders are right or wrong.
    I need your help.

    and thank you very much for helping

    my Email is : arfallaha@gmail.com
    my phone number is : 00963 966819423.

    Best Regards, Abdul Razzak Fallaha.

  46. Jason Says:

    I’m very glad I found this site, as it does answer many questions that I have been wanting to ask for many years.
    I was prescribed Seroxat back in 1998, 30mgs a day. In a very short space of time, I found that I was shaking, crying and worried about simple things. My dose was reduced to 20mgs and that’s when things really turned nasty for me. I was only on them for 3 months, and ended up in hospital. The doctors thought I had taken an overdose, however, this was ruled out when my blood tests came back. I was in Uni at the time, however, I had to drop out as I was so ill and missed so much of my studies. I couldn’t face going back. It’s been 10 years now, and I’m still feeling the psychological effects of this horrible drug, and what it did to my life.

  47. truthman30 Says:

    Hey Jason, your story echos that of many hundreds of thousands of others who have had severe adverse reactions to the demon drug Seroxat. I myself was on it for four years, it absolutely ruined those four years and some years after. I am not at all surprised at the devastation Seroxat caused you, it is quite simply just poisonous in every respect.

    All the best


  48. merv Says:

    i have been on seroxat for 14 years im being taken off them but find it very hard any info would be a big help as the doc are telling me its me not the seroxat that is the problem

  49. Reham Says:

    dear admin, Actually I discovered this site by mere accident this is the first time for me to web search about the seroxat side effects, because I tried to cut off the dose once and I suffered from almost the same effects that everybody says that they have, I am taken Seroxat 20 mg for about 3 months now, I had from a nervous breakdown which affected my studies so badly , Seroxat helped me a lot but I did not like his side effects when I tried to stop taking it because I was not able to concentrate in my studies so my doctor suggested that I stop taking it and she gave me about a weak period and by the end of this horrible week I just wanted to kill all my family and kill myself, I just turned to someone that I did not know, so after that horrible symptoms my doctor suggested that I take seroxat back but take one half a pill instead of the whole pill, I did not stop taking seroxat especially when my exams were a few weeks away, the problem is that I want to quit but I do not know how, or what ‘s the safest way to do so?
    You know Admin, I really do not know you, but from the way you response to others you seem to be such a nice cooperative person, I really need your advice .
    I want to feel normal again, will you help me in that ???

  50. admin Says:

    Dear Reham – I’m sorry but there is no quick fix. You need to work with your Doctor and show them this site if needs be.

    The safest way to stop Seroxat is SLOWLY. Wait until you feel the time is right and then reduce in 10% steps – you will need liquid Seroxat for this.

    Have a look at Paxil Progress or Seroxat Mad – they are both good forums where you can join and get support and advice.

    Good luck and take it SLOW. You manage it. I did.

  51. Conor Says:

    hi. my name is conor and i have a brother who has been on seroxat for a number of years. he recently tried to commit sucide because of the side effects of seroxat. the sad and upsetting thing is that myself and my brothers family & friends did not understand the withdrawals and so believed the doctors when they said “its not the seroxat-he needs to be positive”. i now know that this is bullshit. he has the same effects described above-and I swear on my life I will make the Glaxo pay for this in some way whether it be big or small. good luck to everyone on this drug.

  52. Lilly Says:

    Admin, you are my current hero.

  53. Spacey Says:

    Reham – I’ve been prescribed Seroaxt twice in my life. The first time in 2001 after a year and a half my doctor just ceased the prescription. To say I went through hell is an understatement. The second time time in 2004, my doctor only kept me on it for six months and then weaned me off very, very slowly and even though I felt a bit shit it was bearable.

    I always thought it was me that had a bad reaction to the drug. This is the first time I’ve read into this and I’m astonished to read so many similar stories to mine.

    Please make your doctor come off it slowly.


    • Robert Says:

      I have just been perscibed Seroxat, I have not taken it yet and after reading yours and other comments, I am not happy to start. I would welcome any views on this.

      • truthman30 Says:

        My advice..

        Avoid Seroxat like you would a ton of bricks falling towards your head from a 60 story building …
        It has caused carnage to many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people..

        Good luck 🙂

  54. sara Says:

    I’m so glad I found this page.
    I have been taking 60mg seroxat for about 2 years now.
    I’m also seeng a pychiatrist and psycotherapist for depression socai anxiety and other things.

    I honestly don’t think the med has helped my moods at at all. My anxiety has improved but I think that’s down to the therapy.

    It’s causing huge problems in my relationships, my boyfriend thinks I’ve changed and I have no interest in him or anything anymore. I feel like a robot, my sex drive is really low it used to be very high, i feel like i’m on a different planet most of the time. I also have other health problems like constipation, fatigue, headaches, eye problems, night sweats.

    I really don’t feel like me anymore I can’t beleive I didn’t realise it was seroxat causing so many problems. I’m really angry I was given this drug.

    I want to come of it I think I am becoming addicted to them.

    I’m on 60mg now, which way should i reduce them?

  55. Denise Says:

    I have been taking seroxat for nearly 12 years, i suffer from panic atacks and slight depression.
    I was told that you cannot get addicted to seroxat! THAT IS SUCH A LIE.
    I have tryed many times to stop taking it, when i do i feel dizzy,sick, nervous, shaky, i hate myself, etc, and my panic attacks return.
    I feel his drug has ruined my life, I never go out on my own, always have to have someone with me, i feel it has affected my relaionship with my husband and children as i never want to anything. I would love to take them swimming or go clothes shopping but this just fIlls me with fear.
    I do go to work, i love my job, its my security blanket.
    I have noticed over the years how my moods have changed, i use to be easy going, strong, and happy i feel this drug has taken it all away from me.
    I wish i had never started taking this drug, i want my old life back!
    No one seems to understand that i cannot just stop taking it
    But i am now trying to came off it again.
    I hope i can be strong enough, but it is really hard.
    If anyone out there is prescribed seroxat, please never take it.

    • Nicola Says:

      hi Denise- how are you trying to come off Seroxat? I am trying to reduce my dosage at the moment by adding water to the Seroxat (liquid not tablet) each time i take my daily dose- i personally feel this has reduced the dosage too quickly and I have been suffereing shocks in my head and eyes and today I can’t stop crying. What dose are you currently on? Hope people like us can help each other reduce our dosage to become ourselves again. I think it’s going to be a slow process but hopefully with a positive end. Have you heard of any stories from people who have successfully come off Seroxat?

  56. MARIO Says:

    helllo there i have beeen taking seroxat for about 10 month it is good for me this drug but my doctor told me that this drug i cant be adicted to it so nothing wrong with me now but from 6 month ago i tried to stop it but i felt dizzy lost and feels like im not in a real world it feels like im dreeaming somthing like that im affraid to stoping it …. good work guys

  57. Nicola Says:

    I’ve been on seroxat for nearly 10 years, I really want to come off it as it seems to have addressed what it needed to years ago but for some reason i’m still on this medication. I have tried coming off it loads of times in the last few years but each time I try and reduce my dosage I get twitches in my head & get really tearful. have tried reducing from 20mg by adding water to my seroxat liquid after each time I take my dose- I feel it’s hapepned too quickly and going to docs this afternoon to increase my dose again as I don’t feel like I can live my normal life like this. would love to hear of any success stories of people coming off this drug successfully. I don’t want to be on this anymore.

  58. trikkel Says:

    In the Netherlands there is now a murdercase in court where seroxat is said to have caused this woman to kill her husband and daughter. http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/4257215/___Antidepressivum_oorzaak_bijlmoord___.html

  59. Mufins Says:

    Was on prozac & lithium for more than 10 years but still
    suffer relapse every year for abt 2 mths. Have switch to seroxat fr 2 mths but seems more irrititable, grouchy n impatient snapping at my wife. Severe headaches n tooth ache since i took it. Attempt to wean off prozac fails n now weaning off seroxat seems more difficult n daunting with the fear of those withdrawal symptoms! Anyone able to give advice how to wean off seroxat?

  60. Tracy Says:

    I am disgusted at this website. Im sure when u were starting iff taking Seroxat u hoped it would work and Im sure the last thing u would have wanted to hear was the side effects u went thru. Ive been on seroxat for 4 years now and that is after I had stopped them for 2 years. There were no problems coming off them. It has to be done right, which people obviously dont do, like u. Seroxat are the only meds that gav eme any relief and Ive tried more or less all of them and have had alot worse withdrawls and side effects. U need to cop on and get rid of this useless website that does nothing but put people off getting help or worse making them think they should stop their meds altogether like u idiots. If your not getting better that’s your own fault and problem, pills are not a cure they are only there to relieve some symptoms so u can concentrate on getting yourself back to normal. Even the fact that your still bitching about it 10 months later shows that u are obviously a very bitter and angry man and that u are still waiting for a magic pill! GET A LIFE MAN AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. meds work for some, not for all. just because they didn’t agree wit u, u still go out of your way to turn others against it, your a selfish ignorant man and this site will be deleted if I can help it

    • Stephen Says:

      Well said Tracy. I agree with what you say, although you made your point a bit too aggressively.

      This website is focused on making people hate seroxat with a passion rather than trying to help them come off of it. I’ve came off it twice (30mg pills) and yes there is dizziness, tearfulness and a strange ‘starburst’ sensation inside my head (no pain, just a sensation), but this only happens a few times a day for 2/3 months after stopping. It only took me 6 months (1st time) and 4 months (2nd time) to come off of Seroxat. I go back on it when I start to feel down again and it puts me back on a level playing field. For people who have struggled far worse, you have my massive sympathies, but scaremongering other users is not informative.

      People may wonder why I go back on it. I believe that true depression is like diabetes in that our brains are never going to produce the ‘happy chemicals’ by themselves and will always need to be topped up, in the same way a diabetic will need to take insulin shots for the rest of their lives. Until the medical world learns how to ‘reboot’ people like us that’s just the way it is.

      Websites like this ARE needed for people who need advise and help with their problems/side effects with Seroxat. And it is much better to discuss this with other sufferers and users of the same illness and treatment. But the creator has to stop allowing people to post in a way that has obvoiusly been dramatised for maximum effect and power. All these posts are doing is terrorizing people who are already at a low point in their life. Scaring them will make matters worse.

      Suffering from depression, I have the maximum sympathy with everyone here but to allow people to threaten Glaxo (“and I swear on my life I will make the Glaxo pay for this in some way whether it be big or small” – from Conor – March 2009) and a poster who used the term ‘chemical holocaust’ It makes me want to leave the website, not read more posts.

      Please, please, please people, come on here and tell your story without the ‘YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!’ enhancements. They will not help. We already know about our disease so give the facts of your story without turning it into a Hollywood blockbuster and let each individual take what they can and/or need from your experience and then they can move forward with their next ‘informed’ move.

      You all have to be strong and understand that the effects you are going through are a result of the chemical imbalance your brain is going to experience when you remove Seroxat from your system. Remember to tell yourself that, every time you have a side effect, e.g. dizziness.

      P.S. I removed myself from Seroxat by the following method:
      I was on one 30mg pill a day.
      I spent a month taking one pill every 36 hours.
      The next month I took one pill every 48 hours
      The next month I took one pill every 60 hours
      The next month I took one pill every 72 hours and after 6 months stopped completely.

      The second time round I did this every 3 weeks and stopped after 4 months. I felt confident in this as I knew what to expect the second time around. The side effects were no different than the first time.

      Be safe, stop the hatred and good health to everyone.

  61. truthman30 Says:

    If your not getting better that’s your own fault and problem, pills are not a cure they are only there to relieve some symptoms so u can concentrate on getting yourself back to normal. Even the fact that your still bitching about it 10 months later shows that u are obviously a very bitter and angry man and that u are still waiting for a magic pill! GET A LIFE MAN AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. meds work for some, not for all. just because they didn’t agree wit u, u still go out of your way to turn others against it, your a selfish ignorant man and this site will be deleted if I can help it

    Oh my god Tracy

    you are so bloody ignorant…

    Have you read the information that the admin has provided here?

    Or are you too bloody stupid to understand it?

    come back in a few years when Seroxat has taken it’s grip on your mind, body and soul , then let you speak of its amazing benefits…

    until then, keep your ignorant mouth shut…

    It’s people like you that are perfect fodder for pharmaceutical deception ….

    good luck with your Seroxat adventure…

    It looks like you’re gonna need it…

    • Faizan Says:

      hi all,im 18 yrs male,i wanted to ask you all ,i have started seroxat since 3 months sujjested by my phsiction,but when i read all your comments im quite afraid,i take 20mg daily it helped me as i had a problem of fear of everything,plese do help me id be thankful to yoou id prefere if somebody replies me on my id faizankarim@hotmail.com

      • Saleeha Sethi Says:

        Did go through the entire conversation. I’ve been facing the same symptoms of fear and depression. Could you give me more information regarding this medicine. It would be great if i can get an actual feedback.

      • Faizan Says:

        Dear Saleeha! i posted this comment around a year back i.e 2.8.09 and u texted a few days back anyways ,Almighty has blessed me!i have solved my issue im perfectly normall.. and i would love to help others on this issue too!! i wuould surley help u out you can contact me on my email Faizankarim@Hotmail.com

    • Stephen Says:


      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Tracy’s comments were too aggressive. So are yours. If you have truly suffered at the hands of Seroxat side effects then you should not be wishing that same problem on others:-
      “come back in a few years when Seroxat has taken it’s grip on your mind, body and soul , then let you speak of its amazing benefits…”

      Also, please don’t go around telling people to:-
      “keep your ignorant mouth shut…”. They are entitled to give their experience of Seroxat. And just because, like me, it is a healthy and positive experience, you shouldn’t attack it. The majority of Seroxat users are very happy with it.

  62. Tammy Says:

    -Im sure when u were starting iff taking Seroxat u hoped it would work and Im sure the last thing u would have wanted to hear was the side effects u went thru.-

    Dear Tracy. I wish I’d heard the side effects someone went through long before I experienced them, That would have given me enough warning and enough information to carefully taper off and avoid long term damage, before it happened.

    -Ive been on seroxat for 4 years now and that is after I had stopped them for 2 years. There were no problems coming off them. It has to be done right, which people obviously dont do, like u.-

    If it were not for people protesting then you would still not have any warnings that you need to come off them ‘right’, as doctors would still be taking people off without tapering and with no choice but to come off them cold turkey, therefore those who loudly protested in the past are THE reason why you know how to come off them ‘right’ .

    Likewise, those who loudly protest past and present about the side effects of seroxat and other equally troublesome drugs are THE reason you will know when side effects hit you that its down to the drugs and not down to your mental health as you would otherwise be led to believe by your doctors who have been led to believe it by the drug companies.

    This means that people who “bitch” about withdrawal or about side effects are the very ones who help you to survive when your doctor will likely be happy to assure you that what you are going through with side effects is not the drugs that are harming you but ‘your own problem’ – a new mental health problem with effects of the kind you will never have experienced before.

  63. fiona Says:

    Hi, I was prescribed Seroxat 11 years ago for severe depression. It helped me greatly and when I felt strong enough, mentally to come off it I was able to without any trouble.

    I was recently diagnosed as having borderling BP type and was in a very low mood. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, was constantly anxious, had insomnia, was unable to carry out even basic tasks and felt very sad. I ASKED my psychiatrist SPECIFICALLY for Seroxat as I have been prescribed many SSRI’s in the past and none have agreed with me physically (nausea, headaches etc.) After 3 weeks I started to feel much better and now I am fully functional again. I’ve not felt so focused, energetic and productive for years.

    I’m not disputing that many people clearly have problems with this drug but I’m sure there must also be a greater number of people who, like me, have found this drug to be a lifesaver.

    I just thought it may be useful to hear a positive viewpoint on Seroxat as well. Best wishes anyway

  64. Ally Says:

    What’s compelling is the consistent repetition of expressed side effects of withdrawal across a wide range or sites & forums. Recent info sought, bought to my attention by my fiance has forced me to finally look at what I’ve tried hard to ignore. It’s not that I’ve not known the multitude of implications – on the contrary. Problem is getting the clinical support via a capable knowledgeable GP. I, like so many others have battled with Seroxat dependancy for many years – the answer being to re-introduce Seroxat because of a so called relapse! After all – how can a GP be seen to be documenting “Post Seroxat Complications” for psychiatric problems previously not experienced. For a start, evidence on this by the very transient variable nature of mental health is very difficult to be defined to an exact science. Also, the implications are beyond my ability to calculate. There’s much at stake which overall has me feeling that sites like these are invaluable for support, ideas, info & a light at the end of a tunnel.

  65. Jonny Says:

    I am mainly posting because I have a new email and it is the only way to keep track of new postings – by posting using my new email.

    But I do want to say that it has been so good to see such activity recently on here. It helps me to know that there are people out there going through similar things to me.

    Also I want to say that since I first posted a few months ago, things really have got better for me. I still haven’t gone back onto the demon drug and am just trying to do good, wholesome things for myself. If I feel down, I try to do some exercise instead of stuffing my face with food. If I feel lonely, I try to make contact with friends instead of wallowing at home on my own.

    It is hard at times, but I’m determined (ok, never say never) to try and do this without the drugs.

    I feel a lot more alive and I think the physical symptoms have stopped. I’m trying to talk about how I’m feeling a lot more and that seems to help. I also have been going to Obsessive Compulsives Anonymous (I was first given seroxat for OCD and depression) and that seems to have helped enormously.

    Keep going everyone! You can beat it!


  66. unknown000 Says:

    ive been taking seroxat for 2 years now but actually the first 6 months full dose and the rest just stopping it im scared to stop it as the dr adviced because i think its not easy to stop it and have these side effects again so im chipping it every 2 months now im taking less than a half on and off but i still dont know whether to stop it for good or keep on doing this until the pill disappears by chipping it every 2 month .. actually i feel safe this way and im not suffering from any side effect and thank god im much better than 2 years ago

    • Stephen Says:

      This website is focused on making people hate seroxat with a passion rather than trying to help them come off of it. I’ve came off it twice (30mg pills) and yes there is dizziness, tearfulness and a strange ‘starburst’ sensation inside my head (no pain, just a sensation), but this only happens a few times a day for 2/3 months after stopping. It only took me 6 months (1st time) and 4 months (2nd time) to come off of Seroxat. I go back on it when I start to feel down again and it puts me back on a level playing field. For people who have struggled far worse, you have my massive sympathies, but scaremongering other users is not informative.


      I removed myself from Seroxat by the following method:
      I was on one 30mg pill a day.
      I spent a month taking one pill every 36 hours.
      The next month I took one pill every 48 hours
      The next month I took one pill every 60 hours
      The next month I took one pill every 72 hours and after 6 months stopped completely.

      The second time round I did this every 3 weeks and stopped after 4 months. I felt confident in this as I knew what to expect the second time around. The side effects were no different than the first time.

      • admin Says:

        A month taking a pill every 36 hours…?! that can’t have been easy!

        Your experience is not my experience.

        Ask your doctor what a normal brain serotonin level is – then ask him to measure what yours is.

        That’s what you believe isn’t it?

        I look forward to hearing your results.

        Stay safe.

  67. tiger22007 Says:

    I was prescribed seroxat about 5yrs ago as I was going through a bad divorce,I had been on prozac a few years before and came of them pretty easily so thought seroxat would be the same how wrong I was.When I stopped did not realise all these symptoms I was getting was withdrawal symptoms,until I started taking them again.
    What I have noticed is that this drug has changed my feelings and emotions I have none just blank,no crying no laughing I feel as though I am just on auto pilot and life is just passing by..

  68. Carl Says:

    I was initially prescribed Citalopram for severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks and delusions. I did not react well to it and my head started shaking. My doctor immediately took me off it and put me on Paroxetine 20mg.

    What a difference it made to my life. I started to be able to get out of bed and just do things. I was aware I wasn’t my old self, but I was functioning and I did gain a bit more of a zest for life – I could see a future again.

    However, my friends were concerned. If I had a drink, I would go completely OTT. I would black out and not remember what I had done, even on the smallest amount of alcohol. I also wasn’t in touch with those around me anymore. I would sleep and sleep and sleep. I just felt completely indifferent about friendships. I’d start to like things I didn’t before, and I’d tolerate people I’d hated. I suppose that’s the point of them, to numb, to forget, to allow healing, but I didnt’ like it.

    If I forgot one tablet, I would get brain zaps when moving my head. These were not pleasant at all! Really quite scary. I’d not be able to relax. My arms would flail out, almost in spasm. I couldn’t move my eyes, I’d have to move my head, otherwise I’d feel really dizzy, like somebody was shaking my head.

    After seven months, I felt trapped. I tried to come off them, time and time again, but it was so difficult. I can completely understand how some people never come off it. I tried to taper my dose, but it didn’t work. Even the smallest deviation, the zaps would return – and it wasn’t just the zaps. I almost convinced myself I wasn’t Carl unless I had the paroxetine.

    I went on a holiday to Egypt in the December, nine months after starting, and I took the wrong box of paroxetine with me, with only 2 tablets in. I took one when travelling out there, and once I had landed I realised my mistake. I was freaking out, terrified something awful would happen out there for 12 days without my pills and no way of getting more.

    Then, something miraculous happened, and if I knew what exactly I would share it with everyone in the situation. I’m not sure if it was the sun, the surroundings, the fact I was away from the routine, from the cold, I don’t know, but I didn’t have any more brain zaps. I just couldn’t believe I was feeling fine – and I read books, swam, just completely let go and relished every moment I had there.

    I’ve been off paroxetine since, over a year on, and yes I still feel anxious, get upset quite easily over little things, but I came off the paroxetine and the doctor had a go at me, but was also happy I did it. I was probably lucky I wasn’t on it for an extended period of time before I came off. For now, things are better.

    The funny thing is, I don’t blame the drug. I think it did help me. Without it, who knows where I would be. But I urge all of you to keep trying – it seems hard, but you have to fight it, and if AT ALL possible, when trying to quit, do so in a relaxing environment away from the routine. It made all the difference for me.

    Good luck, I hope you are all okay.

    • reham Says:

      dear carl,
      what you wrote was very touchy, you know what they say “what truly comes from the heart, reaches other hearts” I think that you are very brave even though you still feel anxious, but I think somehow now your are able to fight it as well as you can.
      carl you are such a brave person and I really respect you and thanks a lot for sharing your story with us


      • Carl Says:

        Thank you Reham. I’m glad I could help if at all. As an update, a year and a half later, I am still completely free of Paroxetine and any medications. My mind is much healthier now, and I put that down to keeping in regular work, exercising regularly and thinking positively. If I ever feel anxiety, I think to myself…. what do I really have to fear? I hope all is well with you. All the best.

  69. fred Says:

    I have been on Seroxat for the past 4 years, this week I runout of my medication. It has been 5 days now. I will not get my new supply till next week. It had been the worst week of my life, I have few pills of Prozac and thinking of substitute for the next week with prozac 20gm. not sure of the result but i am sure it will be much better that not having any. Had any one experience such situation pleaae advise. my experience yhis week makes me think twice when dectiding on getting off Seroxat, not sure is it is all worth it. after all it’s only one little bill. wish i never got started but it is too late now. my reason for starting it the first place was panic attacks during pulic presentation. should I susttute temporarly with prozac 20 mg.

    • reham Says:

      dear fred,
      taking Seroxat for 4 years is such along time, this drug makes you addictive to it and it be very hard to stop taking it, I took it for about 5 months and when my doctor prescribed another medicine to substitute it, I was in such awful condition, so I truly understand and feel what you are going through, so what I did is that I told my doctor of that horrible symptoms and Admine a member of this site, advised me that there is no quick fix and The safest way to stop Seroxat is SLOWLY, and I have to Wait until I feel the time is right and then reduce in 10% steps – and that I will need liquid Seroxat for this.
      and that ‘s what I did, my doctor stared to give me Seroxat again but with a reduced dozes along with Prozac 20mg to make a balance in my body so I do not suffer from taking off Seroxat symptoms, and this worked for me.
      you must call your doctor right away telling him what you ‘re going through it would be better if your doctor tell you what drug is to substitute Seroxat.
      Fred you can manage this, once I thought I could not but thanks for Admine he was very supportive and told me that I can, he could, we all did .
      You are not alone in this, I will pray for you .
      P.s : this is my e-mail in case if you need any assistance or support

  70. anya Says:

    i find this site rather convincing. ive just been prescribed with seroxat and only taken it once. after reading the entries here, ive decided to stop taking it. im afraid of my anxiety getting worse. instead i rather get back to xanax, taken only when necessary, and maybe deanxit coz i took it for few years already and i think its quite safe compared to seroxat. ive been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic. what do you all think? help from admin?

    • admin Says:

      Hi Anya

      I can’t really comment – you should talk to your Doctor about your concerns regarding Seroxat and see what else he/she can come up with… I have to say though, I’m always surprised to find Doctors who still prescribe Seroxat – for anything.

  71. reham Says:

    hey Admin
    you do not know how much you really helped me, from about a year ago I send my Seroxat taking off problem at this site, and you replied at once and if it was not for your reply and help I know that things would ‘ve gone far much worse for me,
    I do not know you as a person, I never met you, but honestly I appreciate what you did for me, and I thank Allah for you being in my life even if for a little while but you made a life change for me
    thank you Admine I ‘ll always pray to Allah to keep safe and happy

    • admin Says:

      Hi Reham

      Thanks for the kind words – I hope this means you’ve successfully managed to stop taking Seroxat…?

      I saw your reply to Fred, it’s great that you can help someone else – keep looking in at Seroxat Secrets.

      Good luck for the future.

      • reham Says:

        thanks admin
        and yes I gladly managed to stop taking Seroxat thanks to you, and one thing admin keep up the good work and if you need any assistance I ‘ll be happy to help.

  72. Andy's wife Says:

    I admire all of you who have tried and successfully withdrawn from this drug. When my husband was prescribed seroxat 4 years ago for anxiety (he had suffered his 4th breakdown following his 4th epidsode in 10 years of crippling anxiety due I thought to work pressures). It was a miracle cure at the time, much like the wonder drug given to those patients in the Robin Williams’ film “Wakenings”, it brought him out of a state in which he was struck dumb, staring at the ceiling, unable to interact with me or the children without a stammer that replaced the ease he normally had in verbal communication. Our children were at the age where they were aware that something was seriously wrong, but like me, uncertain how to help. Once he began to feel better and returned to work, my husband began to feel invincible and was the life and soul of the party well at least outside of the home…everyone’s friend, and my beloved husband and fun father who had been child-focussed throughout the years. Well 4 years on….I write as nearly his ex-wife, our children have left home because like our best friends they cannot bear to see the dramatic change in his personality…a much more ruthless, darker persona has replaced the loving, jovial friend I had lived with for 28 years. For instance, xmas 2009 was ruined by the revelation that he was meeting women around the country for illicit sex, and in August, went to Rio with a woman he also met on the Internet. Right now, he is away in Cornwall with a woman from Rio, who probably doesn’t know how vulnerable he had been,or was she like the many other women on Facebook or other porn sites he is addicted to now unconcerned about it anyway. Apparently he’s been telling people he wanted a divorce 3 years ago and that I wouldn’t give it too him, nor sell the family home….problem was that he told everyone else he wanted those things, but me and the kids. It is difficult to know whether the personality change is down to the influences of the drug, or whether he had been harbouring these intentions without previously having the courage to act upon them until now. Whatever the case, I noticed that his 30mgm prescription is never far away, and he has seroxat hidden over the house….unable to risk coming off of the drug for fear possibly (as in the film), that the uphoria and excitment associated with these new relationships around the country may end once the drug leaves his system.

  73. Jonny Says:

    Andy’s wife

    I’m so sorry to hear about your ordeal. It sounds pretty horrific and destructive. I was on 60mg for 1 year, then averaged 30-40mg for another 5 years. Prior to taking seroxat I was an active alcoholic and acting out in other ways addictively similar to how you describe with your husband.

    However, I am now just over one year clean and sober from alcohol – at which time I stopped my addictive ways relating to sex as well. It was very difficult, but I had the support and friends from alcoholics anonymous and the programme. In April last year, I stopped taking seroxat as well – after just over 6 years of taking the demon drug. It was under the guidance and supervision of a therapist, but in my case the weaning was very short – it was one day seroxat, next day prozac for 3 weeks, then a week of prozac every other day, then stop. As I said this was UNDER GUIDANCE AND MEDICAL SUPERVISION – I am not giving advice here, just my experience.

    Last year was quite a rollercoaster and led me to really start to feel my feelings. I had no drink, drugs, sex, seroxat etc etc to cover up my feelings. But I had support and a loving fellowship to carry my and guide me through.

    Around october, I started to feel better – after a lot of work in esteeming myself internally and trying to do good things.
    The withdrawal from seroxat was perhaps somewhat masked with the withdrawal from other addictions in my case – I was very much a mess for a while, but I GOT THROUGH IT.

    I am not endorsing or suggesting anything for you or your husband or anyone else. But my experience has shown me that I am an addict through and through. I can become addicted to anything and I love the idea of something stopping me from feeling my feelings – good or bad.

    Going to AA has enabled me to really start to see myself for who I am and what I am. I am a good person – I never knew that. I deserve happiness – I never ever thought I did.

    One day at a time, I can get by and try to find some peace and serenity, without trying to control others around me for that serenity to occur.

    There are other fellowships like AA, for other addictions, which I know are very similar. There are also ones for people who are not addicts, but are affected by addiction because of a loved one – again, I have heard very good things about them, they are all based on AA.

    Was I always an addict and alcoholic? Was seroxat a big problem? Did I find it difficult to come off seroxat? Did seroxat make things worse? Would things have gotten worse if I’d carried on? Was it the alcohol that made me hit rock-bottom?

    The answer to those and many other questions like them I could pose are probabliy yes. But now, my take is “I don’t care”. I don’t care what the answer is, because the fact is, I am where I am. Who cares about the reason? Now I want to leave. A year ago I wanted to die. That’s good enough reason for me.

    Apologies for the long post, but I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to try and share some hope.


  74. Jonny Says:

    oops a few typos in there

    “fellowship to carry ME”
    “now I want to LIVE”

    ok, so I still have a little perfectionism going on!…..this is a work in progress…… :o)

  75. Don MacFarlane Says:

    I have started up a website which will be for the education of GPs who prescribe antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs for adolescents with mental health problems, as well as an information resource for those who have been recently commenced on medication.

    I have taken the liberty of pasting a short post from one of your teenage visitors to the site – I found it to be very poignant. I hope you can allow me to keep it on the Front Page of my site and I have placed a link to your site as well.

    I would very much value ongoing critical feedback from your site to keep me on the right track (speaking as a consultant psychiatrist who tries to keep in touch with what patients and carers need to know from my profession!).

    The site is not yet accessible from Google (scheduled for the next few weeks) and for now the URL is http://amberlist.wordpress.com

  76. Hello « Prescribing for Young People Says:

    […] Courtesy of Seroxat Secrets […]

  77. Don MacFarlane Says:

    One other thing.

    The latest bad news about paroxetine, as you probably know, is that it causes relapse of breast cancer in patients who happen to have both conditions (depression and breast cancer) who are on tamoxifen and paroxetine.

    For more, check out http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/02/100209182454.htm

  78. liezet Says:

    i’m from the Netherlands and i’m jusing Seroxat now for 14 almost 15 jr. And yes i also have all these symth.
    But i’m so mad so angry that no one told me how dangerous these tablets are. I have two girls 16 and 14yr and i reased them by myself.My husband left me for a younger wife. But they only now me as a sick mum who couldn’t work ,who was irritated and not happyetc.etc.
    Now they getting boyfriends and about a few years they fly out. They didn’t now me at all. Before the tablets i was different.
    I forgot a lot about there childhood and may be sometimes i was hard and mean,they had no father he left when the youngest was 1yr.These tablets made me not the lovely mum i had wanted to be.Later they will remember me as a sick and unhappy person. I’m so angry that now one ever warned me.

  79. minnie Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site I could cry!! I’ve been on liquid seroxat for 5 and a half yrs now. I take 10ml (20mg) a day, I think that’s right? I have tried taking it every other day as per my doctors orders to cut down but then I get very low again and have to up it.

    I am on this full time at the moment but have found that I’m still having ‘stupid thoughts’. I was perscribed it for OCD originally. Basically I over analyze everything from how we talk, form words, make sentences etc and my brain goes into overdrive big time. If I’m getting my thoughts whilst I’m on it what am I going to be like when I come off!

    I also get the zaps / diziness etc when I miss dosages.

    Many thanks for reading this. And what a fab website!

    • admin Says:

      Hi Minnie and welcome to the party!!

      One day on and one day off is NOT THE WAY TO WITHDRAW from Seroxat.

      What I did was to reduce whatever dose I was by 10%, take my time to stabilise at this new level (might have been three weeks might have six weeks – it varied).

      Once I felt comfortable at my new dose I then made another 10% reduction and so on and so on.

      I just took it as slow as I needed to.

      Don’t put any pressure on yourself with deadlines, just go with the flow and you might find you’re better than you thought once you’re off the Seroxat… just be sure to tell your Doctor what you’re doing at all times.

      Good luck

  80. Bri Says:

    Thanks for all useful information. I was prescribed Seroxat for panic attacks , 10mg a day. I took only 4 doses. I am going to stop taking Seroxat immediately owing to this site and horrible experiences of sufferers.

  81. Elizabeth M. Schuit Says:

    7th July 2010 informed I had CPTSD and I had to come off Aropax (that’s one of the names in Aust.) with no instructions as to do it. Saw my GP the following Monday and was told to cut back for 2 wks. followed by a further cut back for next 2 then I could go onto a new SSRI. It’s now 24th Oct. 2010 and I HAVE suffered. Gross motor function probs., fainting, vision probs, vomiting, intestinal strictures, night sweats, sleep urination, anger, aggression, verbal abuse, inability to leave the house, sleep bowel evacuations, zapping, tremors, crying, suicidal intentions and the list goes on. To date I’m still alive, but mainly due to the fact I have 2 personal protection dogs who I love more than life itself and without me they would not be alive. They have literally saved my life, or perhaps it’s the love of them, that’s saved me. My GP is completely unwilling to accept that I’ve had problems, even though he’s seen me at my VERY worst. There is no problem with the drug, it’s me. It’s now been recommended I go on yet another SSRI in addition to an SNRI, but there’s also been MAOI and a Tricyclic that’s been proffered. I have refused to take anything, as I’m now extremely frightened of these types of meds. The cost of Therapy, which from all the reading I’ve done about CPTSD is the way to go, is not only hugely expensive but finding a Therapist who is forensically trained is almost impossible to find. I’m now left with the devastation of an existence I’m finding difficult to deal with. My Husband died 20 months ago, I’ve never collected people, so now find myself alone with 2 beautiful, trustworthy, loyal companions, one of whom sat on me for a period of 2 and a half hours when I had pills out ready to take. They’re both Mastiffs, so there is no argument, when they sit on you. She actually pushed me away from the pills and into my studio, whereupon she took up residence upon my body. I have seen a second GP to see if there was any understanding for my situation only to be greeted with complete intolerance when I told her I had refused to take the prescribed meds. They just don’t understand, but worse than that, they don’t want to even attempt to comprehend. As I’ve said I’m terrified to take anything else, yet I realise I need help. In my humble opinion, the Medical Fraternity, world-wide and the Companies producing these drugs have a great deal to answer for. The pain and suffering is immense but there seems to be no validation for we the suffers. I feel I’ve been mislead and misinformed, actually not informed at all, as I was told the medication was safe. In Australia there is NO covering information sheet that comes with the medication. The amount of clinical reading I’ve done in the past 3 months is immense and the information of the associated hazards is there for the reading. In good faith and in all innocence I took the drug, thinking it would help, now to find it and rest of it’s family are all toxic and carry huge risks. All to late, but if this site, saves just 1 person from blindly taking a drug they’ve not researched THOROUGHLY it’s one individual’s life all of us have helped save. Good luck to all of you and please cross your fingers for my continuing survival, if not for me, then for the 2 companions who share my life. Peace to all of you, Elizabeth

  82. Lola Says:

    I was on Seroxat for three years (20mg per day) and the drug worked very well for me by stabilizing my mood and permitting me to focus on important activities in my life. When I quit, I had tremors and dizziness for about 10 days; then the physical withdrawal symptoms ceased and I felt fine. What I’d like to add to everybody’s postings is that I believe that there are chemical changes induced by the drug, of course, but also some induced by our thoughts. For example, at the time I was was prescribed Seroxat, I met some very nice and comforting people that worked at the center for depression where I had been admitted. One in particular was a nurse who had obviously seen many cases of depression also in young people like me. He told me that once cured, depression never comes back. Whether that statement was/is true or not, I held on to it and wanted to believe it with my entire self. That’s how I started my three-years, with great hopes that one day I would be fine again. At the end of my treatment, I had fallen madly in love with a man and was pursuing my master’s degree. I remember studying in the library some days and having some feelings of paranoia, fear of ageing, anxiety about finishing my degree. But the feeling of being in love and the strong desire to accomplish what I had started helped me through whatever I now understand might have been additional effects from withdrawal. Perhaps I was lucky. The moral of my story is that one should use whatever break they get from depression to create favorable conditions that will help overcome this desease by producing positive, happy feelings in one’s mind.

  83. Brendan Mulchrone Says:

    Hi Bob
    I know of your terrific work and have visited your site several times. FYI I’ve been taking the antipsych message to a UK political newspaper blog/ (UKColumn.org) and the subject of ‘Seroxat’ has cropped up in the health section under the long running heading ‘Widespread Psychiatric Drugging of Children/ Infants in the U.S. I can generally answer it OK but if you want to have a more experienced say on this particular drug (I would recommend brevity, use of a proxy server and pseudonym) that would be great. OR if you can give me some key pointers, concerning issues that may currently be most relevant in connection Seroxat, I will do the work myself.

  84. gerom Says:

    all you blaim seroxat folks,you’re used to put it on others,on stuff.well go visit this site,seroxatcure,and see how many was got their life back!
    to me depression is a form of negative energy,you either embrace or avoid.to avoid just take seroxat,to embrace go and live with the poor,sick,sufferers…with people living in hardship were death is their daily menace,you’ll feel better,appreciate yourself more. it’s like fighting fire with fire.
    hope you all get better,cause life is part of yourself that seeks death unvoluntary!

  85. cath hadley Says:

    was given seroxat 2 day …..shit !!!

  86. marco Says:

    Hi all
    Im using seroxat for about 3 years and im absolutely sure thats the biggest mistake i have ever done…tried to quit two times and each time i felt so weird and sick i had to return to full dose…even now i dont feel well…anyway this site is really great- helped me alot to know that there are many of us dealing with this S***. Btw im only 18 and i would really like to continue my life…

  87. Skye Says:

    Hey there,

    I have been having a hard time coming off Seroxat too (I’ve been on the maximum dose, 60mg, for the last five years due to depression and OCD caused by childhood abuse) and am in my final year of university but currently really struggling to keep everything together due to my withdrawal symptoms, at a time that is absolutely crucial for my degree.

    Anyway, I am seeing my doctor about it on Monday and just wanted to say thank you for all the invaluable information on your site. It is truly shocking to read how dangerous this drug can be as well as how much GSK have been hiding regarding its withdrawal effects. The resources I have come across on here about how to discontinue with as little disruption to life as possible have been really helpful and I shall be discussing some of the options with my doctor on Monday, so thank you for everything. Your blog is great. -x-

    • admin Says:

      If it’s your final year, maybe you should go back up to a dose where you feel OK and stay there until your degree is over… then start reducing using the 10% method?

      if you really want to get off Seroxat, then a few months won’t make much difference in the end.

      Important point – your doc doesn’t have to agree with me – just point him (or her) at David Healy or Peter Breggin. Both Doctors.

      Good luck Skye

  88. realascensionite Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you for taking the time to create such an important and useful resource. I’ve just started taking Paxil (10 days). I will not be continuing. I will tell my doctor that I do not wish to continue. Has anyone an idea if I will experience withdrawal symptoms after such a short time on Paxil. I would love to hear from anyone who’s just started taking Paxil to share experiences. My blog is: http://www.realascensionite.com. I’ve been using this site to keep a journal of my symptoms.

    I choose life.

  89. Annelies Says:

    After 10 years Paxil, I decided, based on articles from a pharmasist and my own research, to withdrew and finaly stop taking this drug. I’m Paxil-free for nearly 7 months now. I’m sick, but I’m human again. I can feel real emotions again and I can not explane how much I’ve missed feeling myself. I was a zombie !! The past year was absolute hell. The constant thougths of suicide for nearly 4 months was hell !!

    I’m getting better now but I’m so angry. Angry because my MD deny’s that these symptom’s have anything to do with my withdrawl from Paxil.

    I’ve done a lot of researsch and thanks to my own research I’m still alive.

    Chemical unbalance in the brain is and can not be proven !!
    I’m still searching for a little bit of prove of chemical unbalance, but I still have’nt found it after a year of research. This is a psychiatric lie. See on YT: Psychaiatry: Industry of Death

    I don’t have suicide-thought anymore, but I’m still very sick.

  90. ANTHONY Says:

    I want to thank everybody for the individual contributions on Seroxat. I want to share my own experience,maybe it will help someone.
    I have been on it for a year and 10 months now. I started with 20mg but now on 2.5mg and will soon totally drop. Was diagnosed of depression and anxiety.
    When I reduced from 20mg to 10mg after 6 months, it was horrible. I had to quickly go back to 20mg. I stayed on 20mg for another 6 wks before dropping to 15mg with the help of a razor blade (20 divided by 4 = 5mg). so it was now 10mg plus 5mg = 15mg. and my body didn’t white notice the reduction. and so has it been since.
    from 20mg to 15mg to 10mg THEN to 7.5mg to 5mg, AND NOW on 2.5mg. Very soon I will reduce to anything the razor blade can make out of 2.5mg and then stop completely by the grace of God.
    1. Seroxat is not addictive, just that withdrawal is procedural.
    2. Never reduce by half. Use razor or anything that will work for you and reduce by 3/4 of any stage for best result.
    3. It requires patience
    4. Regularly check for Malaria (for those living where it is epidermic) and take proper medication b4 reducing because it actually induces withdrawal crisis.
    5. Totally avoid any stimulant, energy drink, kola, alcohol,coconut, coffee and Bitter-kola throughout the therapy.
    6. Always find a comfortable place to have a sound sleep in the night atleast. Avoid waking up by alarm devices.
    7. Eat lesser refined sugar, instead go for plant suggar. even sugar cane is better.
    8. Be really busy and even if you have to force it. Engage yourself with something that will not even give you time to listen to your body at any of the withdrawal stage. This is very important.
    9. Avoid unhappy moments and thoughts any time you can.
    10. Exercise regularly
    11. PRAY.

    • "someone" Says:

      thnks for giving such this advices. Because im taking 20 mg and i reduced to half but i hve a headch anw its good to post how to come off and gives hope to others thnks anthony ….evryone who will read my post i just want to say that by ur power and pray u can achieve ur real treatement and didn’t want to post but theres no hope in many posts im believe that i will quit seroxat and i will live like any one …never give up and yes you can !!and u will be back ! And admin its intreseting thins blog but i feel when u help ur always litlle negative ? ur experience is the best one of succes so u hve to encourange them more thnks anw with out ur blog i didnt know theres a million of suffers …i dnt hve any trouble but wieght sorry for my sucks english but im frensh efucated:P…..hope and life are reasons to live

  91. Boo Says:

    I have agoraphobia and have done on and off since I was 16,I’m 32 this year.I was on seroxat in my teens and I had very bad mood swings.the dr changed my tablets.I’ve tried a few over the years and none were any good.I’ve also been on diazepam for many years but I just take them when I need them.my new dr put me on peroxatine I didn’t know they were seroxat until my prescription had been done at another chemist and it had seroxat written on the box.I started feeling more panicky so I told my dr and he suggested upping them to 30 I’ve tried this and I feel awful.my mind isn’t with it,I forget things feel miserable sometimes.feel like slapping someone,weird dreams that feel real,lack of sleep.feels like I’m in a dream world.I told my dr this and he’s prescribed me Prozac……AGAIN.I haven’t touched them or the seroxat for 3 days.I’ve decided i don’t want any tablets anymore.yep it’s gonna be hard to get off them but I have my diazepam to help me over the worst.I wouldn’t attempt suicide because I don’t have the guts to do anything like that.as I write this my head feels fuzzy I’m tired,got a head ache and feel sick.I will see this through I do not want another anti depressant ever again.I have a son,I don’t want to be popping pills everyday.I don’t drink either so I have no escape or replacement for the antidepressants.looks like I’ll have to put up with the withdrawal symptoms.been on them a few months now.one thong I found that helped me is a drink called PMS escape.it replaces serotonin when women are due their monthlys,it’s not got any drugs in it and i used to drink them even when it wasn’t the time of the month.you have to pay for it though.funny enough dr’s do not prescribe it.try the drink even if your a male it works within 20 minutes.costs 14 quid.buy it online.no more drugs for me.while I’m here yes we know it’s all in the mind but it’s easy for doctors to sit and say that when infact they have no idea what we are going through.wonder if their families get the best expensive tablets that they don’t prescribe to anyone else.the only thing I found true was from my mum “the only person who can help you is yourself”.we all need a don’t give a toss attitude and not let these tablets beat us.imagine what they’re doing to our stomachs and god knows what else.no more for me xx

    • solo49 Says:

      I’ve known two acute cases of people who suffered from claustraphobia and/or agoraphobia. They had both been taking diazepam (a benzodiapine), a neuroleptic drug and possibly an anticholingeric (I can’t remember the precise details). These evidently drug induced phobias evaporated after each had tapered off and quit. I’m not suggesting that only people who take neuroleptics and diazepam can become so acutely phobic because I don’t know all there is to know. I have also spoken to people who became addicted to diazepam, the effects being that they would become dizzy, sweating and/or ‘screamingly anxious’ whenever they were behind on their pills and had none available.

  92. rana Says:

    my husband has been taking seroxat for two and a half yrs now… after so many struggles i convinced him to stop using my own way, i had to lie for him and say that i saw something on T.V about it and it is really dangerous and harmfull to his body, he gained 30 kg’s since using seroxat .
    for the past 5 months we have been reducing the dosage by 10 mlg. every few weeks now we are on 20 mlg a week which i think is a huge progerss, but i have to tell u that we had the worst days ever, so bad fights over nothing, he was angry over every t i read the leaflet several tihing, and feeling daisy if he missed his dose.
    i read the leaflet several times and they only told us the quarter of the truth, he is sweeting so much suffering from insomnia and daisiness and electrical shocks as he calls them in his brain but he is moving on.
    so what ever u r feeling u have to continue what u r doing it.
    all i’m wondering about that my ob-gyn doctor told me that using such drugs is affecting his prolactin hormone level and this is causing infirtility is this right?? and will he loss the weight he gained?? my husband has not been him self but he is better now so don’t give up just keep going on.

    • SaudiGirl Says:

      Hi there Rana,

      Hope you’re doing well.

      I’m very sad to see all what happened with your husband. I hope he is better today.

      The reason I’m leaving a comment to yours is because I want to tell you I had the same exact problems (symptoms) that your husband had:

      -I gained 30 Kilos in a time of 2 years (Since the day I started taking Seroxat)
      -My personality changed a lot to the worse as I started to believe I’m no longer a good person
      -My friend and I argue sometimes because of my verbal aggressive behavior
      -I sometimes accept the idea of the intention to commit suicide even though I’m a Muslim and Islam forbids suicide and considers it a major sin
      – I started sensing “electrical” senses every time I lie down on my stomach or back
      – I feel ear pressure in both ears when I lie down and get the electrical senses
      … and the list goes on.

      Note I’m currently 21 years old and I started taking Seroxat during my first year in University after being officially diagnosed with panic disorder. It seems college was a major transition for me and what makes me really sad about myself and this medicine is gaining the 30 KILOS that changed MY ENTIRE LIFE!! My self-esteem completely decreased as I sometimes feel worthless.

      Now that I realized this medicine is no longer doing any good to me, I spoke to my psychiatrist and told her I want to change from Seroxat to any other medicine.

      She immediately prescribed Prozac for me and wrote down a specific remedy that I show follow. It involved taking Seroxat and Prozac at the same time with specific doses and days gradually.

      I did not change yet because I’m scared of the withdrawal symptoms of Seroxat but today I realized I must get over my fear and start switching to Prozac as soon as possible. Please pray for me Prozac works and saves me from the mess Seroxat made!

      I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and everyone and hope the best for all.

      All Best

  93. Muldanian Says:

    I took seroxat ten years ago. I had been crying a lot, and felt really anxious all of the time. The feelings of depression were ver strong. After a week of taking seroxat, I began to feel better. After a couple of weeks, I was a new person and felt like I could cope with the world. I also began sleeping a lot more. After six months I began to reduce the dose, by a quarter of a tablet, every couple of weeks, until I was taking a quarter a day. I then reduced it to a quarter every other day, then every third day, untl I was no longer taking it, I experienced no withdrawal symptoms, and my improved mood continued for some time. I guess everyone is different. This site focuses on the bad experiences, so attracts people who have had such experiences. There are also successful stories too.

  94. Janey Says:

    After seeing my Dr and explaining the terrible peaks and throughs of my mood swings and total hopelessness that I felt, he perscribed me with Seroxat and asked me to come back to see him in a months time. I put off taking them until weekend as I was unsure how they would effect me at work.

    I took Seroxat for the first time on Saturday night 14th May 2011. I took a 20mg white tablet after food and went to bed. I woke 3 hours later and knew straight away that something was very wrong. I was shaking all over, juddering and had an over whelming urge to go to the bathroom and emptied all that was inside me and spent the next hour there with pure liquid coming from me. My body was racing, I could hear my heartbeat and the pulse in my head which was drumming. I lay back in bed and tried to calm down but realised I had to keep moving. But the more I moved the more my muscles started to hurt. I began to spasms in my thigh and upper arm muscles. My joints began to become painful when ever I moved even in my fingers. My arms and legs then began to feel overwhelmingly heavy and I found it difficult to sit or stand up. When I spoke my words were slurred and I began to panic. Was this supposed to be happening? Is this what antidepressants do? I spent all Sunday off my head unable to stay still, feeling extremely sick and unable to cope with the panic and anxiety I was experiencing. I was in a lot of pain and the stomach cramps and muscle spasms got worse. When I spoke the words came out mixed up and I was unable to speak any logic. My husband thought I was happy as I kept smiling, but this was involuntary and was very embarrassed that I was acting in a way that was completely out of my control. I was awake all Sunday night with my mind speeding away with my teeth clenched and my innner cheeks raw from biting on them. by 5.00am my symptoms had started to reduce and I began to be able to think a little bit clearer and the pains began to subside. At 8.00 am I called the Dr and was unable to get the Dr who prescribed the pills and got a different one for 11.30am that morning. When I saw him he was shocked that I had been given Seroxat and then went on to say that he had not used this drug for 10 years due to finding out about their adverse reactions they had on some patients. He listened to my heart which had slowed down and said it would take 4-5 days for me to get it out of my system. Today is Tuesday and my body is aching all over and I am finding it difficult to remember things, especially words or names. Last night I slept but it was with very vivid strange dreams. I ate for the first time since Saturday and now have stomach cramps. Symptoms are slowly reducing but I am so suprised that one pill can have such a huge effect on me. It also worries me that I even contemplated taking another on Sunday as I was supposed to (do as the Dr told me), I did not know whether these symptoms were supposed to happen and then fade away as you took your daily dose. What would have happened then?

    I took my pack of Seroxat to the chemist in Hayfield and I spoke to pharmacist and explained the side effects it had on me. What scared me is that she certainly was not bothered and did not bother taking any of my information or writing it down and just took the pills for disposal.

    I will be seeing the Dr who prescribed Seroxat to me later this week. I am unsure about what I am going to say to him but I will be asking him why he is still prescribing this drug to very vulnerable people at their weakest points in their lives, especially when there is so much bad press on this drug.

    Thank you for your blog, it is extremely revealing and informative. I cannot believe I didn’t do my research homework before I took that Seroxat pill.

  95. truthman30 Says:

    Muldanian Says:
    May 17, 2011 at 8:40 am
    I took seroxat ten years ago. I had been crying a lot, and felt really anxious all of the time. The feelings of depression were ver strong. After a week of taking seroxat, I began to feel better. After a couple of weeks, I was a new person and felt like I could cope with the world. I also began sleeping a lot more. After six months I began to reduce the dose, by a quarter of a tablet, every couple of weeks, until I was taking a quarter a day. I then reduced it to a quarter every other day, then every third day, untl I was no longer taking it, I experienced no withdrawal symptoms, and my improved mood continued for some time. I guess everyone is different. This site focuses on the bad experiences, so attracts people who have had such experiences. There are also successful stories too.

    The point of blogs such as this is much more than just putting a focus on negative Seroxat experiences..

    Everybody desereves informed consent about the possible effects of the drugs they are prescribed..
    People were deliberately not warned of the side effects..
    And many have died or been severely damaged as a result (particularly long term users)..
    You were one of the lucky ones…

  96. admin Says:

    It should be working now… I hadn’t used it for a long time

  97. Ana Says:

    Hi I’v been taking Seroxat for the past 11 yrs. I take 10 mg. a day and I’m perfect. I’v gained weight but I exercise everyday. I have to sleep at least 9 hours a day to feel good. I have never had any bad side effects taking it. I always thought of stopping but I’m scared because before Seroxat, I could not live a normal life. Now I’m doing fine.

  98. Loy Daniels Says:

    I’ve been on Seroxat for a little over 2 years now. I started about four years ago with anti-depressants taking initially Effexor. I struggled with depression for many many years and finally decided I needed something more than just counseling especially since I was studying for a Master’s degree at the time and going through a rough time with my mom getting more and more sick (she died two years ago). At first Effexor seemed to help. But after my mom’s death I started getting these… how should I put it… brain tremors… sort of dizziness (mind you I’ve had them before starting on anti-depressants). I had some med tests done and the blood analysis showed high levels of liver enzymes. I switched doctor to one suggested by my psychologist and he immediately put me on seroxat (20mg). Instant relief. Liver enzymes went down even though they are still a little over the normal level. I did notice that if I forget to take the pill, by late afternoon I get these brain tremors back. I’ve been fearing withdrawal symptoms but I can’t say I regret taking Seroxat. My mood’s greatly improved even though it has a lot to do with the support from my psychologist and her plan of action, but I’m sure the meds helped me in finally deciding to take action and to increasing my social activities. Oh, and I’m not affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies. Anyways, I think it’s time to slowly come off the meds. I think I have enough support in my life even though I get a bit down every now and then but I believe my psychologist can help me through the rest.

  99. karl Says:

    seroxat is a bad drug no doctor will ever say so,ive been on seroxat for 13 years,when im on the drug i am great one day off i could kill someone and not evan care about it,the thought of missing my tablets scares the life out of my misses,i have spoke to doctors about it and they just dont care and seem to think im lying.or just dont want to admit wot they have done to me.

  100. scott leech Says:

    I’ve been on Seroxat for approximately 5 years now. Five months ago my doctor increased my does to 60mg per day.

    I share many of the issues mentioned by previous posters; utter disinterest in sex; chronic insomnia, etc, etc.

    I stopped taking them 6 days ago. The ‘zaps’ can be crippling, and I’m prone to being tearful, but I ain’t giving up.

    • admin Says:

      Good luck Scott – have you told your Doctor what you’ve done?
      60mg is a VERY high dose (I’m guessing it wasn’t prescribed for depression?) and to go cold turkey may be dangerous for you.
      Take it easy.

  101. Sheila Herd Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve only just found this blog! I’ve been blogging about my problems with SSRI withdrawal http://prozacwithdrawal.blogspot.com/
    I keep finding every site I find concentrates mostly on Seroxat but I’ve had as much problem with Lustral, and now Prozac, I am now sucessfully tapering off liquid prozac, but it’s going to take me 4/5 years all in. Now off to explore this site!

    • admin Says:

      Sorry about concentrating on Seroxat – it’s just what I know about…unfortunately…

      I agree that too many us have problems with SSRIs as a class of drugs – one can be as bad as another all too often.

  102. Catherine Says:

    I came across this blog a few days ago as I have been on Seroxat for about 15 years. Two years ago I attempted to come off it over a period of 2 weeks as advised by my doctor. The side effects were crippling and I thought I was going to go insane, I immediately saw another doctor who was horrified that his colleague had advised two weeks to wean myself off and he had to up my dose again and advise coming off over 1-2 years as I’d been on the drug for so long. I’m now (2 years later) down to 2.5 mg and have tried skipping days but the side effects are horrendous and I now realise why ppl need liquid Seroxat for that final step! I would just like to say to all those folk out there who blog about the positive sides to Seroxat not to bother posting on this site because that really isn’t helpful or contributes in any way whatsoever to the point and intention of this site and that is to warn ppl of the dangers of Seroxat and to help ppl overcome the problems off cominng off. If you are happy with Seroxat go and bleat about it elsewhere!

  103. Scott Says:

    I have started taking Seroxat today. My doctor says, this is THE ONLY drug (i.e. Seroxat) in world to treat premature ejaculation, which is also approved by FDA. I have no alternative. I am trying to cure for last 5 years, but failure … I have no alternative. I must have to try it. Any advise, or comments I can tell to my doctor would be highly appreciated?

  104. charlie Says:

    I have spent 13 years with a partner on seroxat, i wish i could say i have been 100% supportive all the time but it is hard to be on the outside. The doctors know zero about the side effects and blame the head shocks and other sensations, that are only happening to those taking seroxat, on the depression that came before the meds. We could be out having a nice time and bang, a head shock and my partner is gone, i can see the change. He weaned himself over 6 years down to a very low dose but a bout of the worse depression and he went back to the full dose.I am angry that after all the hard work over 6 years trying to get off the evil chemical and its back to the full dose.

    I had very bad depression this year but a doctor is the last person i would see after what i have seen this drug do to my best friend, but i dont want to live with Seroxat hanging over our heads and already i can see a change in his personality, very quick to get upset and instead of talking an argument out he just gets angry, its hard to know how much of a person is himself or seroxat.

    This site is needed for those on seroxat, why is it no doctor will question the head shocks or head flutters that people get on this drug because it concerns me, its not normal.

  105. solo49 Says:

    Doctors/psychiatrists seem apt to either directly or indirectly point to what is (adversely) known about the patient when the unexplained occurs and mind altering ‘medications’ are involved. Whereas I understand the mind and CNS partly works on chemical transfers/electrical impulses, does anyone here know what metals or other harmful chermical compounds Seroxat might contain? I have cause to believe that psych drugs can and do change people. To the suffering partner of a Seroxat user, I guess it can be difficult to relate to apparent changes/ instances above referred to in connection with what can seem to amount a change of personality occurring in one’s partner before ones very eyes and when the psych victim can neither relate to or sufficiently explain the actual cause(s) of the hideous effects he/she is experiencing. I speak ass someone who came off psych drugs
    cold turkey after taking them for around 4 years and paid a heavy price for so doing and I hope that you and your
    partner can work things out.

  106. Catherine Neville Says:

    I have come off Seroxat after 15 years, it took me 2 years to wean myself off and am now entering DAY 5 Seroxat free. The side effects have been truly horrendous and the stuff off nightmares but I see now that my last bout of depression I thought I was experiencing during the last few weeks were the side effects of this drug as it tried to retain a grip on me……I also had bouts of anxiety, palpitations, frightening thoughts, head shocks and buzzing etc and nightmares coupled with night fears and sleeping problems. I also felt over the last few weeks I was carrying a terrible rage, I didn’t know where this was coming from as it’s not part of my personality but I felt as though I was angry and irritable constantly which in itself is debilitating and left me constantly restless and agitated. It’s only in the last few days I have felt lighter in spirit and a new sensation…REAL happiness. So for anyone coming off this evil scum drug, take medical advice in coming off but be aware that the anxiety/depression you might start experiencing again could very well be the symtoms associated with coming off the drug itself and in working through and remaining strong there is light at the end of the Seroxar tunnel.

  107. how to treat depression Says:

    Please let me know if you’re looking for a article writer for your weblog. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d absolutely love to write some content for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please blast me an e-mail if interested. Kudos!

  108. Jacob Says:

    WOW I can totally relate to your experience, i started taking prozac in 2002 after a year i switched to seroxat then i doubled my doze to 40m per day and I am on it till date.
    Yesterday I decided to stop as i am taking a year vacation from working. I am 36 years old male/single. today i am feeling dizziness and electric shocks to my head and body… the feeling is so weird. even now when i am typing i can feel it kicking.
    The reason i am contacting you is that:
    – Can you please explain more in details what i am going to face in the near future and for how long?
    – have anyone ever thought of filing a case against seroxat?
    Kind regards.

  109. Big Luder Says:

    I was attending a Doctor in Limerick who Diagnosed I had penile Cancer after doing a biopsy.At the same time I was also attending Dr Ramsay for a skin rash I have had for 10/15 years.He took a photo of the rash and looked up a book and then told me I had Urticaria.
    I mentioned to him that I had been diagnosed by another Doctor as having penile Cancer to which he replied. I have never heard of that Doctor and that is my field. He then said he would do another Biopsy which he did on my next visit to him.
    Several weeks later i attended his clinic for the results and he told me I did not have Cancer and that it was some sort of fungus and to go back to the other Doctor to sort it out. He also told me that I had Folliculitis originally he said I had Urticaria .
    In the meantime my original Doctor who Diagnosed Penile Cancer passed away suddenly and I was left in limbo not knowing what I had.12 to 18 months later my Cancer or whatever was getting worse and I asked my GP to send me to a specialist in Galway . I met with the specialist from Galway and he did a biopsy and the results were Positive, he informed me it was gone too far to try Chemotherapy etc and that he would have to take away approx half the penis. I had this operation in Dec 2010.
    In my opinion if Dr Ramsay had not done his biopsy I would not have had to have surgery.
    With regard to my diagnosed Folliculitis by Dr Ramsey he prescribed for me a tablet called SEROXAT which I took to my local Chemist. The chemist who has known me for 40 years questioned what it was prescribed for and I told her it was for my rash to which she said this tablet had very dangerous side affects and I never heard of it to be used for skin rashes. She asked me if she should ring Dr Ramsay to find out details and I said ok if she wished. She rang his secretary and was told by his secretary ( If he does not wish to take the tablets thats his decision) Well I never did take those tablets.I rang GlaxoSmithKline in Dublin who manufacture this drug and spoke to a doctor in the laboratory and his answer to me was Seroxat has never been known to be used for any kind of rash.
    I also checked the Internet for information on Seroxat and the amount of complaints about this drug is staggering.

  110. hayley Says:

    Ive been on them 15 years. And cant get off them. Cant remember a lot of things. And get electric. Shock sensations in my head.

  111. Kile S Says:

    I was prescribed seroxat by my doctor and within a few months I found that my whole personality had changed. I became jealous and possessive and paranoid about my partner eventually I was violent with her and this ended our beautiful relationship. My thinking was altered within a very short time and seroxat cost me the best relationship that I had ever been in. Why are doctors still prescribing this mind altering drug and ruining peoples lives? It altered my thoughts. If I could turn back the clock I and know what I know now I would have thrown these tablets away immediately.


  112. sven kalmar Says:

    ive been on seroxat for some years now..the last couple of years ive only taken 20mg 2-3 times a week. a few weeks ago i decided to quit. i went to 10 every third day and now its 5 days since i took 10mg.
    well its not that awful yet. I get those swooshes and a little nausea. im not depressed..it definately happens something in my brain, but in a sense it feels good too…
    i suppose having used the in small amounts for a long time has helped tremendously…
    so it absolutely HOPE…

  113. David Hinks Says:

    hi, it breaks my heart to read all the stories and posts on here. how can someone put their faith in doctors or drugs to make them better when the side effects are mush worse than the original symptoms.
    I write this today, not as a user of the drug paroxetine, but as a husband watching his wife and partner of 10 years being transformed by this supposed cure.
    my wife works for tesco and last summer got a promotion, all was well in the world and in my little bubble all these things happened to other people, her new job almost straight away made her suffer anxiety attacks and it got so bad that she was crying before and after work. she went to the doctor who wasted no time at all prescribing her 20mg a day of paroxetine. I noticed subtle changes in her but not to bad to start with.
    she continued taking the drugs while off work and eventually got a transfer back to her original job. She continued to take the pills but never cut down or cut back on alcohol intake. this made her really drunk, really quick and started to become hostile towards me and arguments then ensued. not having any knowledge of the drug or its side effects i was oblivious to why all of a sudden we were always fighting. it wasn’t until i started looking at various blogs and websites i realised what I was up against. she tried to go cold turkey on the drug but had serious headaches and brain flashes, at which point i begged her to take them again. she is now on 1 every 3 days but the arguments continue and have now got to the point where divorce and selling the house is in hand. she will not go with me to the doctors or any other sort of help, and i am just at the point where i am broken and giving up. all the love and affection has been drained away from her, I’m not talking about a sex life, I’m saying simple things like a smile, hug, cuddle, sleeping in the same bed, it’s now an empty marriage. To my knowledge last summer we were a happy couple with out any major worries. yes we argued like couples do sometimes but never to this extent or frequency. The only thing to change in our lives was this damned drug.
    Don’t know if there are support groups around but i am willing to listen to anyone’s advice or take any help i can get at this moment in time.


    • admin Says:

      What can I say? – I’m so sorry David.

      Really taking one tablet every three days is madness – the half life of Seroxat is short, so the trick is to take a steady dose and reduce that very, very slowly by no more than 10% in any one go.

      Say one month at 20mgs, then one month at 18mgs, then one month at 16.2mgs etc etc. SLOW is the way to reduce and always talk to your doctor about what you’re doing. Use liquid Seroxat to fine tune the dose/reductions.

      Does your wife read this blog? Does she understand what’s happening to her?

      For support try Paxil Progress in the USA – a forum where people will listen to you.

      Good luck. Stay in touch.

    • nick Says:

      Hi David, I just found your post as the bubble has burst in what i thought was the best relationship of my life & marriage & kids to come for sure, My gf drinks every night, starts arguments with me. She told me she is on Seroxat but sees no link/negatives. I am stunned. I don’t to walk away but now I am questioning how much real love was/is there, how much fake. Lost. I hope you are ok.

      • david hinks Says:

        sorry to hear about your troubles nick, after many months of trying to sort things out i gave up. it was only the shock of divorce papers that seemed to snap my wife out of the haze she had been living in. she has since kicked the drug and is now more or less back to normal. She has told me of being totally confused for the whole period of time with little or no recollection of the arguments. She has also said of the alcohol addiction and how she had taken to hiding it around the house as she knew i was throwing it all away.
        I strongly believe that this drug and variations of it change people and the cure is far more serious than the symptoms. This is only my opinion and in my set of circumstances it definitely did not help my wife.
        The best thing i can advise is get friends and family involved and see if they notice a change in your wifes behaviour. In my case this helped out a great deal as it meant it didn’t just seem like me having a go at her all the time. I hope you can get through to your wife and sort it out.

  114. paudie Says:

    Hi, I have been on 80mg seroxat (after 3 bad bouts of depression over 2 years) for over 15 years, also dalmane, xanax,lithium and neotryptline daily. I had enquired from consultant about high medication. He assured me there was no promlem. I changed doctors recentely and new doctor (a personal friend) said he was not happy with so much medication – i have had very little depression for many years. He is starting by reducing seroxat by 10mg per day. He said that this would take some time and might not be so easy. It was only when reading the stories on this site that has really made me worry…………..any comments or advice,,,,,,,,some hope as well please

  115. Iyabo Says:

    I just started a month ago. Although i feel ok but reading ur experience am scared 2 continue

    • admin Says:

      Don’t worry – whatever you do, don’t suddenly stop taking it. Talk to your doc and work out a plan to maybe swop to another SSRI? I’d be interested to know why your doc thought Seroxat would be better than any other drug he could have given you.

    • Jacob Says:

      At first thank you admin for this blog.
      Hi lyabo,
      Seroxat is a 2 way kind of drug, it could improve ur life if u need it or ruin it if you have no need for it. Mu suggestion is to take more than1 opinion of 1 doctor before u get addictied to it. I’d say 4 doctors at Average. Gl with ur life chaging decision.
      A 12 years seroxat addict

  116. flow Says:

    I also take seroxat. Erlier I took other AD drugs. How do you know that You feel worse because of withrowl syndroms? Meybe it is depression syndroms that come back after we stop taking AD?

  117. sabi Says:

    i stoped seroxat since abt 7 days bt i feel my brain is buzzing and dnt understand wat shall i do ..how it can go plz reply me

  118. balling Says:

    Hi Sabi,

    Can you give reveal more details?
    Like what’s the last dosage you consumed before stopping?

  119. Robyn Says:

    I was on 20 mg of Seroxat for nearly 2 years. I’m being weaned off on 10 mg. It’s only been a couple of weeks but already I feel I am getting anxious and paranoid. I had been feeling great up until I reduced. Now I’m worried that this is what I’ll be like or worse if I come off seroxat completely and that my depression will return. I don’t really want to be on antidepressants for ever because I did feel that they made me feel calm and confident but emotionless and even almost uncaring to a degree. I suppose you can’t have everything but I suppose I don’t know what normal is now. Does anyone identify with this?

    • admin Says:

      I identify with everything you wrote – I think that what you’re feeling is withdrawal from Seroxat rather than your “depression returning”.

      Just make sure you keep your doctor informed about what you’re doing – get the liquid Seroxat and withdraw very, very slowly.

      Good luck.

  120. cindy Says:

    29th april 2012; Hi, every antidepressant has effects when one is weening themselves off them. Not just seroxat. I don’t get what the problem is with seroxat. I read here that it is helping people, isn’t that the whole point? So what is the problem?

  121. Paul M Says:

    Hi all
    Looks like i found this site 5 months to late.
    I was prescribed Seroxat after many years of “mild ” depression . I had a most wonderfull wife, great kids and supporting family all of which had to put up with my occasional mood swings, then came along Seroxat, everything seemed great, felt like i didnt have a care in the world ,literally, nothing really mattered . I reduced taking IT to every couple of days as didnt think i needed it the way i was feeling…only now looking back can i see just how much it changed me as a person ,didnt feel like i had control, doing ridiculous things, losing my temper over silly little things( very laid back normally) could not rationalize situations , having suicidle thoughts and doing things that i would’nt normally do wich led me to trying to take my own life, overdose with Seroxat of all things.
    I am now in the process of getting a divorce and have lost everything…i cant be sure if this drug had anything to do with my current situation, but i know before i started taking it i was a different person, yes i had my moments, but i could live with them, now i have lost the woman i love so dearly and everything that goes with it.
    I have been off Seroxat for 4 months now,some days better than others,and now on Mirtazapine, fingers crossed.
    Hope this helps anyone and thank you for reading, your stories have helped me try to understand just what went wrong.

  122. steve Says:

    i have been Seroxat for 12 years .. at first i had some problems … but can honestly say it saved my life … panic attacks are the worst feeling anybody can have … without seroxat i would not be here … i know its not for every one , but for me it worked … sometimes people who it worked for dont post … so im one of the people that it did .. Hope you all dont hate me … Stevenduff1969@ntlworld.com

  123. tiger22007 Says:

    Last posted 2009 still taking it have tried to stop a few times since failed each time,I don’t know if drug is affecting me more but starting to lose more interest in the things I used to be interested in,when I should be feeling upset and emotional feeling anger instead I just feel sometimes as though I am losing control,agreed this drug may well work for some but the ones it does not work for are going through hell and what is being done about it Andrew Witty said it is a new chapter for the company what about the ones in the UK who are and have been through hell with this drug no mention about us he is completely false and a liar.

  124. mike1965 Says:

    I was on seroxat for 7 months from July 2002 until February 2003. I found the drug exacerbated my symptoms of alleged depression as diagnosed by my gp. Consequently, having woke up one morning with suicidal thoughts, I decided this drug was dangerous and decided to throw the medication straight into the bin. I never once experienced any withdrawal symptoms and believe it was one of the best decisions I made regarding my health. Psychosomaticism is an important factor in my humble opinion. I engaged in a rigorous effort to exercise, albeit difficult at first, to increase serotonin naturally. This encouraged appetite which in turn gave my body vitamins and nutrients and also made me naturally tired rather than drug fatigued. I therefore slept well and awoke refreshed feeling better within myself that I wasn’t reliant on drugs. I was back in work two weeks after throwing seroxat in the bin! I believe these withdrawals symptoms are all inthe mind. Just my humble opinion.

  125. Lucy Ingham Says:

    Definately all in the mind, that is where the brain chemistry is disrupted by the drug. Symptoms upon withdrawal are a biological certainty, not imagined.

  126. Milton Says:


    I have just finished taking Seroxat after 14th months and have got to be honest, my experience hasn’t been that bad at all. I basically just stopped taking them about a week ago. Seroxat improved my life dramatically, massively improving my self confidence and self esteem. I was quite lucky in that I didn’t suffer many symptoms whilst using seroxat apart from weight gain and fatigue.

    Everybody’s different and I am definitely not suggesting that people should suddenly stop taking Seroxat, I’m in no way a doctor or medical professional but one thing I am fascinated with is the power of the human mind and I’m sure that most people reading this would agree with how powerful the mind can be. This is my personal experience and the way in which I dealt with it. I’m not advising this as a solution for all but it definitely worked for me.

    I’ve tried to come off seroxat before but failed, however this time has been relatively easy and the only thing different about this time as opposed to the other failed attempts is a massive change to my own thinking.
    Depression and anxiety are physiological to an extent but mental problems aren’t a disease in my opinion, they are caused by habitual poor thinking habits which have physiological effects. What became clear about previous attempts to come off seroxat was that I purposely made myself feel bad. I used to view Seroxat as a ‘safety net’ and when I tried to come off Seroxat in the past, I was already presupposed to the idea that I was gonna be in for a rough ride, start feeling anxious, depressed etc..However by telling myself this, I made it absolutely impossible to feel good about anything because of what I anticipated, hence reaching back for the Seroxat and resulting in a viscous cycle.

    For me this time, it was about looking at coming off Seroxat in a positive light, I still get the head wobbles etc.. but I choose to look at these as my mind undergoing positive change, what I also realised as absolute fact is that the confidence/self esteem/ happiness I’ve had over the last year is down to me, not seroxat! Seroxat has been fantastic in allowing me to access these states of mind that I’ve had all along. I’ve had days where I’ve felt bad over the last week but clearly told myself that people don’t feel incredibly happy all of the time, we’re emotive beings with a whole spectrum of emotions. Conversely, I’ve had days where I’ve felt brilliant, confident, content and happy as I did a couple of weeks ago whilst on Seroxat.

    What has become absolutely clear to me is that Seroxat has been a placebo for me over the last few months which I know a lot of people will probably disagree with because it tends to devalue the drug and I completely appreciate that the side effects are real and tangible as I’ve had them before, however this time I simply refused to let myself feel bad and I didn’t. Please don’t for one minute think I’m suggesting that it’s easy to just stop taking them or trying devalue anyone’s challenges with seroxat but I don’t think it’s possible to come off seroxat easily if it is viewed as the sole reason for the confidence/ esteem etc (i.e a safety net) rather than something that’s helped to restore the qualities that were always there anyway.

    All the best

  127. Solo49 Says:

    Whereas a fighting spirit and feelings of confidence can help to muster resolve; time, genuine medical help and the willing support of them closest to us are the best aids to drug withdrawal. To the extent that these drugs have more in common with a spiders web than a safety net, it may not be easy to know with any degree of certainty when one is entirely free of the ‘spellbinding’ effects (see Peter Breggin’s blog) of these mind altering and brain/CNS damaging drugs.

  128. Karen Says:

    Hi, I’ve been on seroxat for about 13 years, I have tried to reduce to 10mg as my g.p suggested, but to no avail….. It is so easy for people to say reduce your stress levels, if only it was that easy….. Both of my children have mental health issues. I had a mental breakdown which is why I was put on them


  129. Solo49 Says:

    Hi Karen

    Withdrawing from drugs and looking after children in the circumstances you’ve outlined can’t be easy. But taking exercise, setting aside times for quiet relaxation, periods for real communication with family members and friends about everyday issues and mutual problems as well as spiritual/motivational reading, music, keeping a private journal etc. can be of uplifting and lasting value through helping to overcome misunderstandings and providing ongoing inspiration and relief from some of the strains of drug withdrawal and from the panics, obsessions and felt isolation and all else that can go with it. Life issues and (sic) ‘mental health problems’ can seem a tangled web. Knowing who and when not to trust, learning to be patient; aiming through trial and error to cope with issues and frustrations that bear upon ones separate and sometimes felt peculiar and put upon status as ‘mental health ‘patient’, may also be part and parcel of what we find helpful en route to withdrawal and recovery.

    It’s been mentioned elsewhere on this blog concerning the length of time to provisionally allow for drug withdrawal. That is an important practical consideration. For Seroxat users,and whereas I doubt there is any perfect advice about what should constitute a proper approach to withdrawal, if you haven’t already read it, I can recommend Bob Fiddaman’s book, which tackles relevant issues.

  130. kathleen reid Says:

    i am almost sure this has something to do with my daughters problems she has adhd and learning difficulties i have 3 other daughters and they’re fine i was taking seroxat whilst i was carring my youngest daughter who has the problems, how can i find more information out?

  131. Bonnie Says:

    My experience was with the use of Cipralex, also another SSRI. I was put on the drug for a year and half for depression and anxiety following the break-up of a significant long relationship. In time, I developed bizarre behavioural changes: snapping and being angry for no reason, saying things without thinking it through, and crying at the drop of a hat. I decided it was time to wean off. Although the medical community advises that these drugs should be weaned off, and there is evidence to support this, not every individual is successful with this approach. I weaned down from 20mg to 15mg. That 25% reduction in medication took me on an emotional “s$#t storm.” l sent bizarre text messages, and drove my car into a flower bed. After these odd (and frightening events) I made the decision to stop the medication completely. This was and IS the BEST DECISION I’ve ever made for my mental sanity. Within a week, my emotions came into balance. Yes, I am dealing with the side effects of withdrawal: hot flashes, dizziness, brain zaps (not as bad as I’ve read about), and unusual dreams. But, I feel more myself. I re-read those odd text messages in horror feeling very detached from that person.

    I would fully caution anyone from taking anti-depressants. Counselling and CBT does wonders. To the original posting from years ago, I will also gladly be a thorn in pharmaceutical companies sides and a prick in the medical community pushing pills to mask pain. Not all pain should be masked.

  132. Sopho Says:

    Would you like to participate in a radio talk show against psychiatric medication?

    I’ve been a show host for a while now so has my show, it’s on and off, and in it I try to raise awareness for mental illness, suicide and depression, lower their stigma and promote treatment without anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, psychiatric medication. I’d appreciate it very much if you would like to, the more people speak up the better.

    http://www.spreaker.com/show /the_midnight_talk

  133. Aust Says:

    i’m trying to live without Seroxat, or should i say with less Seroxat, for 13 days.
    those 10 days when i was taking 3/4 of the pill was calm, but when i started to take a half of the pill the nightmare has started:
    *was vomiting 3 times
    *panic attacks
    *crying all night because couldn’t sleep at all
    *all the body is shaking
    *was not eating much, i’m just drinking peach nectar, that’s it.
    i was taking Seroxat for 2,2 yrs and now i cannot feel that it’s still working. it feels like depression came back and i just gained a lot kilos ;/
    wish me luck, guys!
    best wishes!

    • admin Says:

      I think you should try liquid Seroxat and reduce less each step. The liquid lets you measure more accurately.

      You’ve tried to drop 50% in 2 weeks… probably too quick.

      Good luck

  134. Aust Says:

    I’ve done it without consultation with my doctor, because they all just give me more and more drugs and do not let me live without them, I feel always sick just because I’m always on very strong medications… I cannot be myself. Excuse me for mistakes, I cannot concentrate.

    • admin Says:

      I can understand that, but really please take it slow, use the liquid and make any reductions no more than 10% at a time.

      I advise you tell your doctor what you’re doing as well…

      Good luck

  135. Aust Says:

    Please, understand me. I live in Lithuania, our doctors are not interested in alternative depression treatment, they do not know other therapies so they won’t let me stop using Seroxat.
    I’m trying to do it slow but I did not know about the time and amount, I had no idea how to take it off…
    Now I’m better, but aggression is destroying my place…

  136. Jane Says:

    I was on seroxat when I became pregnant with my son. I gradually weaned myself off it during the course of my pregnancy. However, my son who is now 9, has working memory and expressive communication problems. It could be just one of those things, but I wondered if anyone knows/point me in the direction of any website/research that has been carried out into whether there are any long term effects on child development if mother was taking seroxat while pregnant (I’ve found a lot of info about new born withdrawal but can’t find out if any longer term effects).
    Any pointers very much appreciated
    Thank you

  137. nayla Says:

    Hello my name is Nayla,
    it is 3:30 am now and still cant sleep, when my husband is not next to me or sister or someone in the same room, i just cant sleep.i always feel i presence with me, in my room, only at nights,like if i close my eyes, it will appear and i am scared. In fact it all started 4 years back in 2009,i came to UAE to work and it started with sleep paralysis, which i could not explain at the beginning and since that time i cannot sleep alone.i have been put since then on seroxat 20 and like magic it vanished, no more sleep paralysis. however, my fear persisted, i don’t know why i cant control it.i got married in October 2011 and in summer 2012 i decided to reduce my intake of seroxat to 10 without asking my doctor.why?because i am a smoker,and i gained weight which i hate, and i don’t want to be addicted to anything.it worked, i had electric chocs but it worked, now i take only 10 a day.
    my problem is it has been 2 months since i quit smoking, that i only have thoughts about death, growing old alone and die, always scare to loose my beloved husband, always frightened and angry of the idea of death, i just cannot enjoy a single moment without thinking about it, it is ruining my life.
    To be honest to you i was thinking to increase again my intake of seroxat to 20, because i feel i have cravings all the time for sweet foods and carbohydrates, i feel so good after eating an Italian bechamel pasta.But i am scared, and do not know what to do.
    i keep as usual convincing myself that i am fine but maybe weak,i hate weakness, and i am mindful.but not this time, i am not well, i cry because of anything,impatient, scared just scared.

    I do not think it is a coincidence that i found your blog tonight, i am so happy,and would really like to hear opinion and advice but please be objective, and rational please.

    Thank you for all the help you are offering.

  138. jana Says:

    i’ve an eating disorder (Anorexia Nervosa) and he prescribe to me Seroxat starting with 12.5 mg then 25 mg he told me that will not be for along period of time for about 3 to 4 months or something ,but after reading all these posts i got afraid to take the medicine .. advice please to take the drug or not ??

    • admin Says:

      Everyone’s different so you may be OK with Seroxat… but having said that I would ask for another antidepressant (maybe Prozac?). I am surprised that Docs are still prescribing Seroxat after all that we now know about it.
      It’s your call, but there is no reason why you can’t ask your Doctor for something else.
      Good luck.

  139. Tracie mallinson Says:

    I was on seroxat for ten years I tried so many times to come off if bt it was too hard . It was obvious that I had become addicted to it. I was on 40mg per day and went down 5mg per month . It’s been 4 year Bd after. Bad break down ov my marriage I feel as though I need if again. I dnt rly want 2 go back on it but I think I might.

  140. Lesley Says:

    Hi I have been taking citalopram now for 1 month and have had really no effect. I was on 20mgms. My doctor has now uped it to 30mgs. Do u think I should start feeling better soon?

  141. vex Says:

    omg… i accidentally stumbled at whole seroxat case… i am from europe and i never heard there is some issue with it… but now some things makes sense… wow what a shock for me… i was long term user of it.. my dr. gave me because i was feeling kinda sad sometimes. i was on S more than 5 years. 100mg per day…sometimes more. and then i started to have serious anger issues. really uncontrolled episodes of anger and rage. so i just stopped to use it (after i seriously hurt my mother). from 100mg to 0mg… withdrawal was not that bad. only dizziness and headache for couple of days.but what came later was nasty. i was feeling so… dead inside.. i cannot explain that feeling. not a depression, i just was not feeling anything but this huge pain. so… i got hooked at heroin year after… i was on it 2 yrs. im clean 4 yrs. i know that chemical balance of my brain is irretrievably disrupted, its just that i never tough that seroxat perhaps can be the cause of… everything…

  142. Sharon Says:

    I have taken seroxat or some generic form thereof for 23 years. I have had a mixture of doses but find it difficult to function @ under 40mg – I currently take 50mg along with seroquel at a mildly low dose to help with my sleeping. I have to say that having read some posts I am more concerned than ever. I have incredible high & low dips & can become quite awful to be around & sometimes have violent tendencies towards myself & others … I do suffer with anxiety, depression & OCD so I understand the reasons for being on this medication although I am worried about how much my behaviour is due to me or the medication? Also if I even miss one dose it makes me incredibly ill ….

    • solo49 Says:

      I’m not sure about the effects of missing a single dose of Seroxat after having taken it regularly over a long period of time. As far as I understand it, these drugs get a grip after about six weeks or more and after that, effects from missing the occasional single doses shouldn’t make all that much difference. Maybe that’s the OCD (perhaps drug induced as a spin off from anxiety) leading you to react as though missing a single dose could cause some ill effect? Your question concerning how much drug effects can aggravate/compound unsettled feelings is a moot point for some. However, my view is that, they can exacerbate moods/feelings and generate volatile attitudes, confusions and compulsions sometimes coated with enhanced optimism or some underlying dread. It seems you’re asking the right questions and If you can find a listening doctor who is knowledgeable about psych drug effects, it could help to share your worries and concerns about missing single doses and differentiating drug effects from your finer feelings and see what he might recommend? Not forgetting also to trust your instincts and particularly when explaining your concerns in any detail. Making notes/bullet points before you speak to a doctor is a good idea and bearing in mind that a well conducted explanation of your concerns to a doctor can have the effect of releasing him/her from any unwise compulsion to reach too soon for the prescription pad!

  143. vwilson506vickiwilson23 Says:

    HI Sharon My partner is on this medication ans has been on it for a while he has all of this so I know how you feel but its how you deal with it as its a scary thing and my partner is to scared to come off it incase he has one of his rages and really hurts some one 😦

  144. franky Says:

    i had experianced suicidal notions that where very dificult to stop,it got to the point i was standing with a friend at a very busy road crossing waiting for the lights to go red so we could cross, and as the traffic raced past i got an incredable erge to run out to escape my state of mind, totaly out of the blue, and as i tried to control it i was sweating and deep in a panic attack, this is just 1 of many nasty experinces on soroxat

  145. solo49 Says:

    Hi franky

    Strongly felt compulsions/urges towards suicidal ideation/ struggling through feelings of panic to control same, ought definitely to serve as a wake up call concerning psych drug effects. It’s great that you were able to connect such problem as you’ve described with Seroxat intake. I guess that many psych drug recipients will have failed to realise such a connection and will have paid dearly for it through added diagnoses, more drugs, more problems and diminishing awareness of the causes of same etc.,…ad infinitum.

  146. Shamnas Says:

    I m taking Seroxat CR 25 mg since one week. I started off with half tablet for four days and then to a tablet each day. Since the second day my sexual interest was reducing and now I cant have an orgasm at all. I have the desire and cant get into the climax. I used to have high sexual desire and even now. Can any one help me with a solution for this.

  147. shamnas Says:

    I started taking seroxat CR 25 mg since one week. first four days i was taking half tablets and after that one each day. I have very high sexual desire and still have but I cant get into orgasm and cant come to a climax. can some one tell me if this side effect is a temporary phenomenon or what.. Thanks//

  148. Jennifer L. Reimer (@JenniferLReimer) Says:

    Hi there 🙂 Would you be interested in contributing to my website here, Practice of Madness Magazine? I am in the process of curating contributors other than myself. I hope to hear from you at jenlaurenreimer@gmail.com.
    Best Regards,

  149. Linda flood Says:

    I have been on seroxat for the past 16 years. The last 10 I have taken 5mg a day. I do agree they are hard to come off. But they were a life saver. I’m happy to carry on as I’m doing, why fix something when it’s not broke.

  150. Paul Hamilton Says:

    HI I am Paul,

    I take 60 mg of the drug seroxat a day and I have been taking this for nineteen years, that;s right. The thing i have just
    found out about is seratonin syndrome which can kill you. I am reaching a point where I am heading for a complete breakdown, over the years I have had real bad points taking this drug and after any long period i found that i would start to have withdrawal effects from the drug. this first happened about 1997 after my divorce and I was increased from 10 mg to 20 mg a day, the withdrawal was so bad i was thinking of suicide for the first time, it went so far as to putting a rope in my car and sitting near a wood to hang myself, but happily there where children playing near the only big enough tree.
    i went to see someone and talked for along time after a year i was discharged and put up to 30 mg a day to keep my mood stable, I know that all you depresee’s out there know that there is never any discharge for depression as it sneaks back into your life when you are least expecting it.. I have never being truly happy in the last twenty years and when I reached 30 mg per day I thought that this many been the end and I may be able to laugh again as i had forgot what I sounded like.

    I have so many side effects now that I cry at night as sleep never comes and if it does the dreams i have scare the crap out of me. The fatigue, head aches and anxiety are one thing but I can go from zero to rocket attitude at the drop of a hat, The constant sweats and high body temp that comes with anxiety and confusion drive me to distraction. If you think that you can distract yourself and have a good sex life, wish again because as well as having to struggle to pass water you are not going to be passing anything else out of the end any time soon.

    I know for me that I cannot hope to be put right or receive any compensation as Glaxosmithshithead have greased someone down in whitehall or westminster so no court case can be heard and a big brush will sweep it all away and leave all of us without any hope of a cure for the addiction that glaxosmithshithead have caused and the body count that will continue to grow with every perscription wrote for 5 or 10 mg of seroxat. I only hope that one day everyone will be cured or de-addicted but until that day i will continue to shed my tears each night for all you who have to take those white and blue tablets to try and become less depressed with the knowledge of the nightmare you have to swallow with the hope of a happy life. So I wish you all a happy life, because you deserve it.

  151. solo49 Says:

    Hi Paul

    Yes, scumbag politicians, greased dirty palms and systematic rationalisations on the part of highly placed, mealy mouthed gate keepers and their tame apologists are a key part of the problem. I very much hope you will find ways to gain for yourself what you wish for others. You too deserve it!

    • Sarah Says:

      Mirtazapine – a gentle medication apparently has ruined my life.
      Everybody should know the dangers of these drugs before given out like smarties – especially long term use damage. I am brain damaged and grieving for the loss of myself. My kids have lost thier mother and my husband – his wife. Tragic.

  152. cjr1972 Says:

    I’ve been on Paxil/Seroxat for 24 years! I no longer function! I suffer withdrawal symptoms even though I’m on 60mg! Some days I can’t feel my limbs and my speech is slurred! If anyone can offer any advice I’d be very grateful my psych has told me that after 8-10 years usage it destroys your sertonergenic system! I’m literally like a cabbage!!! The psych also told me that it’s easier to come off heroin than Paxil after 10 years! I believe him, I’ve tried everything going! Thanks, Chris

  153. vwilson506vickiwilson23 Says:

    Hi my partner was on Seroxat and had been since 1996. His moods were just awful his changed like turning on and off a light switch. It got to the point he went to the doctors and they refereed him to the mental health team. They saw him a few times and the original doctor increased the seroxat which didn’t seem to help now he is down to just 10mg but has been put on additional meds which seemed to have worked wonders. So he doesn’t sleep that much now he sleeps like a normal person, we don’t seem to get the rages and seems a much better person.

  154. mohammad Says:


    10 months ago 20mg of seroxat…now my doctor said i have to start reducing …im taking 10 mg for 2 weeks and other 2 weeks 3 times a week im experiencing like electrical pulses in my brain very disturbing and scary. Does this feeling go with time ?

  155. rose Says:

    Am trying to get off seroxat CR 25 mg
    but now am taking 30 days feeling sad and headache by the way I have been used it for 3 years but I decided to get off it makes me feel sick.
    the question is for how long I’ll feel this side effects?

    • Jim Says:

      Well I can’t believe how many people are on this horrible drug and just how bad it is. I have been on 20 mg seroxat for nearly 20 years. To be honest I’ve always thought how good it is. I was put on them by my doctor for light anxiety and muscle stress due to work / life. I’ve only recently started having the odd headache some aches and pains etc I thought it was down to age but after a trip to the doctor he has swapped my medication from Seroxat 20mg to Mirtazapine 15mg. His instruction was to miss seroxat for a day or two then start the new meds. I have missed pills in the past and had the head buzz. Tunnel vision. Tender skin. Head aches etc before so decided to go for one day off the seroxat and fire in the Mirtazapine that night. I did this last Friday. Within 15 mins of taking the new pill I felt completely off it and ended up in bed at 7:30pm until 11am the next morning. Saturday I felt quite good then bam Sunday arrived and on came the buzz and other withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone else tried this swap and has it worked. I was ready to go back on the seroxat tomorrow morning but after the things I have been reading I really want to get off them. I just don’t know how long it’s going to take or will I ever feel good again or am I just swapping to a similar drug that will prove as destructive.

      • Mehran Says:

        Olanzapine helps with the withdrawal, dont bother asking for any type of benzodiazepines such as Diazepam, although they will help and despite giving you just a few days supply, the Drs dont understand and will refuse saying they are addictive which is kind of ironic.

        Try a high dose of Ibuprofen, each tablet OTC is 200mg, make it 600mg particularly when the brain zaps are bad. I found this helpful.

  156. Ben Goldacre… Running With The Pharma Hares (Or Whores?) And Hunting With The Hounds.. | GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat) Says:

    […] Seroxat Secrets blog has been drawing attention to Nutt’s bullshit for years. Nutt has done work for nearly every […]

  157. janey Says:

    I’ve tried cutting down I’m on 20mg…even if I miss 1 day the side effects are awful. ..constant jumping about like being in a lift..plus firework type explosions. ..horrible…how do I get off this drug?

  158. leanne Says:

    i was put on seroxat at age 15 for anxiety. it worked amazingly well for 15 years at 20mg. i had a baby at age 30 and i felt i was declining. the pyschiatrist changed my meds to 20mg and then 40mg of fluoxetine (prozac) which did nothing but make me worse. I have now been on venaflaxine for 6 months at 150mg and its created obsessional thoughts and i cannot cope with daily tasks. i shall be returning to seroxat as soon as i can be referred to the psych. it works for some and not for others. it is difficult to withdraw from, but if it works it works.

    • truthman30 Says:

      Leanne, if Seroxat was ‘working’ then why did you come off it after 15 years and go on to Prozac Could it be possible that while you were on Prozac (switching from Seroxat) you’re body was producing withdrawal symptoms? (you said you couldn’t cope with daily tasks etc). You also said that Seroxat was difficult to withdraw from, this is the whole point of this blog, when many of us were prescribed Seroxat (1990’s to 2000’s) GSK didn’t give accurate stats in the PILs about side effects or withdrawals. There was no ‘informed consent’ and that’s why many people were angry, it’s also why many were harmed (some died from Seroxat suicide). In my opinion, saying Seroxat works, is like saying Heroin works, or Crack works. Those drugs also kill some, and others come out of the addiction unscathed. However, with Seroxat, GSK did not (and still do not) inform the public of the dangers…

  159. Jennie Says:

    Hi all, I am the same as Leanne, have been on it for 15yrs due to severe panic attacks/anxiety/agoraphobia which I did my best to try and control for around 25yrs but gave in to my counsellor’s suggestion of trying it due to another spate of anxiety coming back from a bump in the car (not my fault lol). I was hesitant, but felt desperate as I had lived with anxiety symptoms 24hrs a day for over 25yrs; ruined friendships, relationships and jobs. Within a month I actually felt better and normal and the symptoms had been suppressed. For the first time in over 25yrs I was free from anxiety symptoms, which helped me to overcome some of my agoraphobia. Because of minimal symptoms I was able to go back out into society, amongst people, go to car boots, cinemas, shopping, it was wonderful to actually feel normal which was so strange to me and it helped me get my life back to a point.

    My reason for posting is not really to boast about Seroxat but I have noticed they have changed the packaging, which always makes me suspicious. I have an underactive thyroid which has been playing me up lately and also now post menopause. Since just before Christmas I have had the most debilitating anxiety symptoms that I have ever experienced, almost like withdrawal. In the early days of being on Seroxat a pharmacist game me standard paroxetine, basically the cheap generic one and NOT Seroxat which was on the prescription sheet. I thought nothing of it initially and then I noticed I had all my symptoms come back on the generic one, but as soon as I went back on Seroxat I was absolutely fine and that’s how it’s been really for the last few years.

    Going back to the change in packaging, I know how these companies are always cutting costs and I am wondering if they have tweaked them in some way because since starting on the “new” packaged box, I have had the most debilitating symptoms. It may be a long shot and nothing to do with the Seroxat and could be my thyroxine BUT I still have a few Seroxat left from the old packaging which I started to take yesterday and today my anxiety has lifted. Might be a total coincidence but I am gonna give it a couple more days and then try a couple from the new packaging and see if I get my symptoms back.

    In the meantime I have emailed SmithKline to ask them if they have messed about with the ingredients or fillers

  160. Debbie Says:

    Hi I’m on peroxetine 20mg I’ve been on the 20mg for many years but my depression and anxiety is bad again so the doctor put me on 30mg but I’m still no better. Still crying everyday and feel so low plus my anxiety/panics don’t help. I’m just wondering if going up to 40mg will help. Have you any advice as I see you were on this med too. Any advice is welcome thank you x

  161. James Olver Says:

    This evil drug should not be used I was told it was banned in 2003 my doctor took me off them I was on 50 ml aday to nothing 13 years on I still have night tremors amd shakes from it and I was addicted doctors told me it wasnt addictive when they first gave them to me at age 14 I was on tablets and medicine it has ruined my life I still crave it good luck to any one on it or trying to quit if you are looking because your doctor has recomended it dont use it you will be addicted in no time and struggle to come off it I tried to commit suicide started cutting my self and losing the plot all the time I was petrified of myself as I didnt know who I was any more still don’t some times now

  162. Farhan Says:

    My name is Farhan from Pakistan. I have on seroxat cr 12.50mg for 3 months. After 1 month iam feeling better. My problem is panic attack depression pounding heart beat etc. Doctor told me to take this medicine for 6 months or 1 year. I have stomach gestric problems also.I am taking rabeprazole sodium 20mg daily with seroxat cr. In beginning my sleep and hunger raised more than normal but after 1 month it become normal. Any 1 suggestion for me but not negative. Thanks

  163. Super Z Says:

    Thumbs up and hats off for raising awareness :).
    I am going through withdrawal as I write this message actually.
    Heavy head, nausea. This is the 5th time I am going to try to quit Deroxat (over innthe UK it is called Seroxat).
    Anti depressants nearli killed me after the birth of my son, I was put in so many differentd types I had a ‘grand mal’ seizure.
    I’ve been labelled and diagnosed with so many other side illnesses from these terrible drugs.
    I was only 18 when I started taking them … damn the pharmaz

  164. Hazel Crumlish Says:

    I ended up on saroxat after a bout of postnatal depression. The result was not good. I came round one day with my upper torso in the hallway and my lower torso in the lounge. My memory wouldnt work many times i didnt know where i was or how i got there. I had already given up my children as i didnt feel i could look after them. I made several attempts on my own life. But after stopping this nasty nasty drug
    I went to collage got my chilldren back and 15 years on we have a great life. But i still cant rember anything about my childhood or my children under 3.

  165. Patricia Nugent Says:

    Was on this drug for 15 – 20 years. Coming off it was awful. My foot dropped and I was diagnosed with PLS ( now diagnosis is Cervicalyelopathy with Spastic Quadrparesis) . They say it’s due to childhood Cobalt Radium for Neuroblastoma ( they think ) ! The lightning bolts in my limbs coming off Seroxat were unbearable – I can’t see Radium treatment affecting me 60 years later but I’m not a Dr.
    I just know that one Dr said – better anxiety attacks than pills but I have no proof .

  166. Max Says:

    Am glad to find this page I just took my first pill of seroxat n I did use it before like 5 years ago I think It helped but I stopped cold turkey n I remember the feeling the zapps the suicidal thoughts
    My problem now Is not like the 5 years
    Guy I am asking u as someone who have in realistic anxiety n severe panic attacks n depression does seroxat is my thing?
    I just want to stop these panic attacks
    I have crohns n I wish I can take prozac but it will hurt my stomach so my doc gave me seroxat
    Can anyone tells me when I can feel better at least when the anxiety will go away
    I take xanax I can’t go out without it

    I need an answer n prayer cuz am in difficult time of my life n am trying to temporary improve it n be there to myself
    God bless us all

    • Farhan Says:

      I think u should use seroxat or praxyl for 6 month to 1 year that is better for u . otherwise panic attack and depression and anxiety make worse .

  167. Mehran Says:

    Help needed. Ive been on Seroxat since early 2016. Up until recently it was actually Seroxat and now the pharmacy is giving out a generic version. Anyway, Paroxetine was helping when I first took it but over 2017 other people and I began to notice a total personality change and a very bad change. Things I was doing that was totally out of character. These things were:

    Isolating myself away from everyone
    Stealing from my employer
    Treating everyone like sworn enemies
    Acting on suicidal thoughts
    Stockpiling Painkillers to overdose
    Losing my temper with people
    Thoughts of harming others
    Abusing Codeine (No past drug use)
    No care in the world for anything
    Pure hate for everything and everyone

    The side effects that I noticed….

    Severe weight gain
    Increased anxiety
    Muscular/rheumatic pain (Codeine prescribed)
    Psychotic episodes

    I started Paroxetine because I was diagnosed with depression, it worked well for 5 or 6 months and I began halucinating and hearing voices and was then diagnosed with Psychotic depression and prescribed Olanzapine on top of Seroxat. By this time i already gained 3 stone and Olanzapine is well known for weight gain too.

    3 weeks ago I decided enough is enough and the fact that the supplies of Paroxetine were now becomming generic worried me even more as I have noticed the quality and side effects of generics can be even worse. After all I was on Efexor before and generics replaced these and I began having allergic reactions to the colouring in the generic pills and the NHS would not prescribe the prolonged release version.

    Stopping Paroxetine was hell, I decided to do it cold turkey because tapering will only prolong the problem and with a drug like Paroxetine, tapering could mean many more months of being on this drug. The first two weeks was hell , here were the withdrawal symptoms

    Severe migraines
    Electric shock feeling everywhere
    Cold sweats
    Loss of appetite
    Involuntary movements and spasms
    Severe Anxiety

    This this the 3rd week and although most of the withdrawal symptoms have calmed down, I am very concerned about involuntary movements and spasms and I am scared that they will be permanent.

    I have not told the doctors or GP that I have stopped Paroxetine because everytime I complained about the side effects they tell me the dose needs increasing or that it is not possible for Paroxetine to cause this. There is no help and support anywhere and I have since submitted a yellow card report.

    Since withdrawing my personality despite the withdrawal symptoms has returned to what it was 2 years ago just like that. So I strongly believe it is Paroxetine that caused all these issues.

    Withdrawing from Codeine,an opiate was a hell lot easier than dealing with Paroxetine.

    How is it possible that Benzodiazepines have stricter rules than a drug like Paroxetine???

    I am really considering taking some action on this medication and since the supplies are becoming generic, its gonna be a lot harder to hold anyone accountable.

    Perhaps another follow up programme like Panarama would be an idea, not just on Paroxetine but on all psychiatric drugs.

  168. Mehran Says:


    It seems the FDA in the States has approved Paroxetine for hot flashes. However it is marketed by a different pharmaceutical company.

    This isnt the first time an antidepressant has been re-approved for other uses and rebranded. Zyban and Chantix are also SSRI drugs commonly known as Wellbutrin. Strangely, Zyban/Wellbutrin is not licenced for Depression in the UK.

  169. Juliet Says:

    Hi there, I’ve been on seroxatt for 22 years. 8 months ago I survived suicide. A hose pipe in my car, which is phenominal really, I’ve since done a lot of inner spiritual work n now feel better than I ever have in my life. I ha e reduced from 35 ml. Down to 30, iam now reducing down to 20 ml, my doctor has stated I just go straight down to 20, I feel this is to quickly n would like to have a happy Christmas. I’ve decided to take 25 ml on alternative days. Would this be easia for my poor brain….
    Iam also considering taking the marujuana antidote THC as this is proven to help with all st.ptoms of mental n physical illness. I’m hoping my spirituality will hide me through it as it did before. Kindest regards juliet rowe.. xxx

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