DO NOT stop taking Seroxat/Paroxetine/Paxil (or any SSRI) without medical supervision. Withdrawal syptoms can start as soon as you miss a single dose and can go on for many months.

Withdrawal syptoms can include akathesia, agitation, mania, psychosis, self harm, suicidal thoughts and actions, violence, fear of loud noises, electric zaps of the head and body, thoughts of homicide, profuse sweating, disturbing nightmares, lack of empathy toward other people, anger, severe memory loss, nausea.


18 Responses to “Caution”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I stopped taking Celexa cold turkey on my own because the nurse who had given me the free sample (2 mos. worth) wouldn’t listen to me when I said I thought I wanted to go off it because of the side effects. I had a few of the things you list here, including anger explosions, self-harm, and what medical people insist on calling “anxiety disorder”, which I had never had before in my life. I tried to tell psychiatrists, etc. and they said, “It’s out of your system by now.” I still have the anxiety and occasional explosiveness, and I think it seems like people look frightened of me and I can only guess that I come off as more intense than I can perceive. I have felt a reduction in my empathy for other people, and that was what I considered my only truly good quality. I feel like my brain has been ruined. Thank you for this list. It must be making a lot of people feel less alone.

  2. Elaine Vigneault Says:

    FYI – symptoms is spelled incorrectly.

    And – I love your blog! 🙂

  3. Depression Is Not A Chemical Imbalance & Antidepressants Are Not Effective : Elaine Vigneault Says:

    […] Before I go any further, let me remind my readers of a few things. If you are taking antidepressants and want to stop, seriously consider the real implications of such a decision. You may want to follow this advice: […]

    • julie butcher Says:

      I am a miserable human being. After having numerous surgeries, I was put on Zoloft, which I have been on now for the last nine years. I cannot function as other people do, I have no motivation, no drive, no happiness, no normalcy whatsoever.

      I also, after the surgeries, continued using pain medications just to feel somewhat normal. I was sent to a rehab in February for a month. After returning, I am not alright, I do not feel well, I cannot get out of bed, I have gambled so much money away that I am sick to death. I have no control. I eat boxes of chocolate, rather than a piece or two. Everything I do is extreme. I feel as though I am going insane. I can’t even get excited about my only daughter’s upcoming marriage. I NEED HELP!!!!! I don’t know where to go, who to see, or how to begin my journey back to happiness and peace.

      Can someone please respond and give me some hope.


  4. Lynn Says: has advice from a doctor in a book called The Antidepressant Solution.

  5. Mary-Ann Gaitan Says:

    Can anyone tell me any good news! I was on Paxil for many years and quite glad to be rid of the depression I was going through at the time. But enough is enough — I tried to quit cold turky in July, but when my husband died in August I went back on Paxil (1/2 what I had been taking) to help me get over my loss. I’ve weaned off recently and I thought I was doing okay (flu like symptoms, diahhrea, headache, crying) but after reading these blogs I’m worried about how long it will take to feel great again. I need to keep it together for my children. Is there any good news, do some of us recover quicker than others, will I now be able to loose the extra pounds I’ve been carrying since starting Paxil?

  6. Lynn Says:

    I can only suggest that you keep calling doctors and trying to find one who has the guts to hear the truth about Paxil. I think you really should find a doctor and a psychologist to support you right now. I know how annoying and upsetting going from person to person to get someone to listen to and help you is but what you have described and the other things I have read about Paxil make it sound like you definitely should keep trying to find someone who will actually support you and help you. I tried schema therapy for a while and it really helped with anxiety. It takes quite a while and it seems like it’s doing nothing and then one day you come home from something and you realize that your mind feels lighter, less worrying. I would really urge you to try to get a copy of the book The Anti-Depressant Solution. The author has been helping people get off ssri’s for at least several years. Support, support, support. That’s my best advice. Good luck.

  7. Written and video instruction home disposal of prescription drugs « Naturalgal’s Weblog Says:

    […] Remember, never quit psychotropic medication cold turkey. You need a planned withdrawal. Never dispose of you medication until you are clearly weaned off for many months. The medicine is the antidote should you experience painful withdrawals. Learn more at Discover and Recover and at Seroxat Secrets […]

    • abigail murr Says:

      i took paxil for three days and went to the er for my side effects. the doctor insisted i should try another kind of antidepressant. i took myself off of paxil and ignored my doctors requests. i havent had panic attacks but my chest feels tight and im restless, irritable and uncomfortable. i also feel a tingling sensation in my arms and chest. ive been off the paxil for two days now after only taking three doses….could i be experiencing withdrawls after such little time? how long will it take for it to get out of my system? will i ever feel normal again?

  8. duanesherry Says:

    The best book I’ve read on the subject of safe withdrawal from psychiatric medication is ‘Your Drug May Be Your Problem – How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medication’.

    It was written by Peter Breggin, MD – Harvard Medical School graduate in Psychiatry. Dr. Breggin is a strong voice of dissent within the field, and is called ‘the conscience of American psychiatry’ by many of his colleagues.

    Considering the fact that the SSRIs are clinically no better than placebo, and can cause horrific problems – from addiction to injury in both the brain and body, I would encouarge anyone to read it when making the decision to get off these drugs (I prefer to call them drugs).

    He outlines a safe protocol in the book – 10 percent withdrawal at a time, with plenty of support by a good doctor. It can be very dangerous if done any other way.

    There are so many alternative methods to treat depression – for instance, Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), acupuncture, good therapy, nutrition…..too many to mention in one email.

    Thank you for this post.

    Duane Sherry, M.S., CRC

  9. duanesherry Says:

    I mentioned “ten percent at a time”….actually, this would be about the fastest one could go….Dr. Breggin insists it’s better to err on the side of caution…..There is no such thing as “too slow”….there is “too fast”….and going too fast can cause further injury…..

    Also, I would like to note, I am not a doctor….The book was written by a doctor and outlines the protocol, and strongly recommends working with a doctor…It’s worth buying if you are considering withdrawal.

    Duane Sherry


  10. Ellen Says:

    I have founf it very interesting to read up on this drug called Paxil. While I have never taken it myself I do believe that it has ruined my life also. My partner took it for many years and still does and is totally addicted. His thoughts are irrational and his behaviour is something I fail to understand. He too has become a “Gin” baby and drinks the stuff all the time. He is dizzy forgetful and if he forgets the pill he is a basket case. It is so sad to see someones thoughts turn to mush because of a drug that was originally prescribed for SAD. He is now I am sure Bi Polar and makes such awful decisions he goes of on a tangent so often and cannot concentrate and cannot even remember what he was talking about 5 mins ago. I cannot help him anymore as he wont let me. As much as I love him and want to care for him he is making me ill as he has turned into a liar a cheat and a mean nasty person. I totally blame the drug as he was never like this.

    • admin Says:

      Hi Ellen – sorry to hear this – has your partner read Seroxat Secrets? In some people Seroxat can make exactly the changes you write about… try and remember that it’s not him – the drug really has altered his mind, changed his personality… if you need support I’d suggest the forums at Paxil Progress or Seroxat Mad – the links are in my blogroll.

      Good luck.

  11. babilisa Says:

    hello paxil chez vous
    déroxat chez nous
    13ans que je prends cette merde
    je suis en colère après le système médical qui tue l’ame au lieu de la soigner je découvre avec effroi que je suis victime ,comme vous de ma fragilité psychique devenue comme morte mon combat aujourd”hui est de le stopper avec une grande prudence mais obstination
    ils n’ont pas tué encore la fmme forte que je resterai tant que je vivrai
    bon courage à nous ,à moi

  12. Lynn Says:

    Bon courage! Vous aller gagner cetter bataille.

  13. jaz Says:

    Hello. Has anyone from Australia had any success in suing the drug company for severe withdrawal symptoms?

  14. Zara Says:

    It is so hard to keep going every day with all the horrific side effects of Seroxat. I feel like GSK have stolen my life. When is anyone going to stop this evil company damaging so many people. GSK people are fragile and people matter – WAKE UP. I have so much anger towards the drugs company-it seems to be taking over my every thought. Everytime I google a bit more…I find myself shocked over and over again, how many tragic cases does there have to be before someone will help us – listen to us. MONEY COMES FIRST FOR GSK. WEALTH BEFORE HEALTH – The company moto – I’m sure.

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