Feeling very humble this morning

Last night I was out on the town – well not really, more like out at Waterston’s in High Street Kensington for the official launch of – The Pill That Steals Lives – a new book by Katinka Blackford Newman.

Of course the book is one thing (and I think you should go and buy a copy) but for me the highlight of the evening was meeting so many people who are campaigning to raise awareness of the problems that anti depressants can cause.

I say problems, but in reality the stories I heard were beyond belief and so very harrowing that I all I could do was to sit there quietly in tears… I urge you to read David Carmichael‘s story. It seems I got away with it. What I went through was nothing compared to what happened to some.

The pain and suffering in the room last night was matched only a sense of quiet anger and frustration. Anger at the drug companies for not stepping up and admitting what’s wrong with their ‘product’ and doing something about it, and frustration that we still don’t have our voices heard above the noise that is generated by the establishment. I was humbled by the great work others have done and continue to do.

And speaking of getting our voices heard – please have a look at AntiDepAware – it’s a great resource that we should all be supporting.

In the UK, the good news is that it looks like GSK want to go court. I for one think this would be a fantastic thing – the chance to bring everything out in the open and re-ignite the whole SSRI debate and put a spotlight on the arguments about what’s wrong with their entire business model – from the way they fix drug trials – to the way they market their drugs – to the suffering they have caused. A trial in the High Court in London will ensure our voices are heard.

I’m ready – bring it on.




6 Responses to “Feeling very humble this morning”

  1. truthman30 Says:

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    New Post from Seroxat Secrets…

  2. john Says:

    Until the power over others to drug them forcefully is time limited- in order for people to have an opportunity to come away from the very reason they turned up at a facility for- drugs and their effects- and the appropriate changes are made in the non-administration of psychotropics in drug induced psychosis reaction patients- then its just bullies treating troubled people abusively- that they will deny- and will just keep getting away with- because its the “governments of this world” that allow them to- and theirs a lot of people who use the system for real need- some imagined- some real- and for attention and never having to work- and they’re all going to prop themselves and their beliefs or lies- up- naturally- so just realise- you’ve got the real- and the bunnies- and the bunnied- and the tricksters pretending- the psychiatrists- all the turnkeys working within the system- the nursing staff- all the government employees under the title of the “mental health” banner- chemists and their families- doctors and their families- drug company employees and their families- all those playing the game with them- all the standard plastic people name callers- who buy calling people sick names– and poisoning them- so yeh you’ve got all those against the people they all don’t want to feel bad about not caring about– and so don’t- its easier for them to pretend- than it is to feel the guilt- and act from that guilt- that they all must have- however deep down it is.

  3. joan treadwell Says:

    I very interested to read some of the storys of the dreaded drug seroxat ive been on this now for 42 years after a tragic loss of my son . im now 74 years of age I have resigned myself to the fact I will be on these for the rest of my life ,.its ruined my life although I live its an exsistent as these drugs are killers I was only told last week id never come off them due to the length of time ive been on them apparently these r a short term drug . yet they still hand them out . please will people keep in touch as I feel so alone in this . and just wished I could be drug free .as im sure these are responsible for the many problems I have with my health ..joan

    • Lynn Says:

      Hello Joan,
      I am so sorry for what Seroxat has done to you. Have you read anything by Joseph Glenmullen? He teaches at Harvard and he has written two books about withdrawing from anti-depressants. Maybe your doctor does not have the best information on withdrawal. Good luck.

  4. Catherine Sanson-Hull Says:

    Hi all
    I was prescribed These wretched, vile, evil drugs ever since my Dad died suddenly 25 years ago! I am now 50 years of age & after losing half my life to them I insisted upon a medication review with a psychiatrist – thanks to this website! I am now in the process of ‘coming off’ them… I honestly thought ‘it’s just me!’ & had resigned myself to the fact that I would always be on them.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
    Joan, you are not alone xxx

  5. Lynn Says:

    Good for you, Catherine! I hope you can stick with it.

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