GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman – see the video they wanted banned!

Well, then… isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.

The video that Glaxo thought they’d had taken down can still be seen thanks to the magic of the internet!

You can read a full description of the contents of the video here

… but perhaps you just want to go and watch it at Furious Seasons: Glaxo Goes After British Blogger’s Video.

Or maybe you prefer to watch it on YouTube

Here’s what Phil Dawdy at Furious Seasons has to say on the matter:

I learned yesterday that attorneys representing GlaxoSmithKline in the UK had sent a letter to Bob Fiddaman, who writes the Seroxat Sufferers blog. Seroxat is Paxil’s brand name in the UK. As a result of the letter, Fiddy felt compelled to remove a video he created and posted to his website in February. It’s not clear to me what specific legal action the lawyers threatened.

I linked to the video when it was originally posted in February since I felt it got at some of the issues that had just been aired in the British and American press concerning accusations that GSK had hidden suicidality data connected with the use of Paxil. The person making that accusation was none other than Harvard clinical psychiatry professor Joseph Glenmullen who had reviewed clinical trials data in connection with a California lawsuit. Fiddy’s video presented statements made by Alistair Benbow, a GSK UK official and medical doctor, concerning the drug’s suicidality profile and contrasted them with statements in the British press about Seroxat’s suicidality profile as well as interspersing all of that with information about select patients who had experienced some of the drug’s rotten side effects. There was even background music.

Fiddy, in essence, posed the question of whether Benbow was a liar.

The whole thing seemed innocent enough since Fiddy was working with known facts and seemed to be presenting them in a reasonable fashion. But GSK’s attorneys, apparently writing to Fiddy on behalf of Benbow, objected to the fact that Fiddy had employed GSK’s logo in his video. What’s more, the video was posted to YouTube and in the comments section someone asked Fiddy a question and Fiddy compared Benbow with Hitler, as I understand it. The attorneys apparently complained to Fiddy that Benbow was feeling harassed as a result of the video. And they also took umbrage that Fiddy has implied that Benbow was a liar.

Fiddy explains his view of the situation here. He took the video off of YouTube recently and issued an apology to Benbow. Fiddy, most of you know, had some rotten experiences on Seroxat (Paxil).

Going after Fiddy for comparing Benbow to Hitler shows an incredibly thin skin on Benbow’s behalf and how silly British press laws are (the subject for another day perhaps). It’s also a move that Fiddy should regard as a backhanded compliment and a badge of honor. He’s being targeted because he is one of the loudest voices on the Internet denouncing GSK and how it’s handled Paxil/Seroxat and he’s clearly gotten under Benbow’s skin. Basically, GSK used lawyers to intimidate an activist into shutting up, especially in light of the fact that there are many, many others on the Internet who have talked serious trash about Benbow. Unless GSK plans to go after everyone who’s said anything sharp about Benbow, then they have singled out Fiddy.

Beyond that, this kind of behavior on GSK’s part chaps my hide, as the saying goes, because GSK has had run ins with academics before and attempted to stifle their views. I simply won’t tolerate this sort of nonsense and since I have obtained a copy of the video thanks to the magic of the Internet, I am posting it here, unedited.

The video is also on YouTube here. You can comment on it here or on YouTube. I know that Paxil/Seroxat stirs passions like few other psych meds, so I’d simply ask that people who feel compelled to comment on this matter in any fashion keep their rhetoric reasonably decent.

Learn more about Benbow here:

Seroxat increases suicidal thinking – it’s official – 2: Alastair Benbow weighs in

Panorama interactive forums

Benbow – “Science, not hype, will be the king here…

Alastair Benbow and the General Medical Council – are the GMC protecting Benbow?


13 Responses to “GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman – see the video they wanted banned!”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    “The information in the patient leaflet and in the information we supply to doctors, is based on fact.” Ali B

    I love it: my favourite quote by the Master, himself. Not actually fact, then? That reminds me of MacDonalds’ claim that a Big Mac could be eaten as part of a balanced diet, which was rebutted by some nutritionist, or other, who said something along the lines of “a roll of selotape could be eaten as part of a balanced diet!”. “Based on fact”: for the love of God!


  2. Aubrey Blumsohn Says:

    This is a disgrace.

    After their abuse of science GSK moved to the abuse of individual scientists. Now, GSK apparently feels it can abuse and threaten individual patients instead of answering scientific and procedural questions.

    Putting feathers on this particular pig via legal threats – is not going to make it a chicken.


  3. truthman30 Says:

    Based on whose facts?..
    Can we honestly trust anything GSK claims to be fact?..
    They were caught out and charged in NZ for lying about the vitmain content of Ribena…
    They have consistently misled regulators, GP’s, psychiatrists and the pubic about the efficacy and safety of other products they make, such as Avandia, Myodil etc…
    Personally, i think that Mr Benbow could have been misled or misinformed himself, but of course this is just specualtion but based on what i know about the Seroxat Scandal (which is a lot) , this could well be the case… ( or not? who knows? )

    If GSK spokespeople were misled by the company and were sent to defend a drug based on misinformation by GSK, then if i was them I would be more angry at my employers (GSK) for putting me in that position than a member of the public who reacted to it…

    Oh .. and considering the current climate of intimidation and threats in regards to opinions expressed about certain things…
    I would like to refer people to Article 10 of the European Convention On Human Rights… (not that GSK usually consider human rights but anyway…)

    Article 10, European Convention on Human Rights

    Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects the right to freedom of expression.

    With the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into English and Welsh domestic law, the right to freedom of expression is now expressly guaranteed.

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Oh and one last thing on the “Benbow” subject…
    I have spoken to, met and been in contact with many people who were prescribed Seroxat and suffered terribly because of it.. Each and every one of them ( hundreds) are aware of Mr Benbow and his Seroxat defence on TV( both in the UK and the US) …
    To say that the image of Mr Benbow defending a drug which destroyed these peoples lives caused them “great distress” would be a massive understatement..
    Side effects from watching Mr Benbow defending Seroxat on national TV have included…
    “Blood Boiling” (clammy fists, tension in neck and rapid heart beat)
    “Increased agitation” (intense disbelief at what ones eyes and ears are experiencing)
    “Jaw dropping” (shock)
    “Fist clenching” (possible anger symptom)

    And of course..
    “an uncontrolable urge to throw the remote at the TV screen” (possibly induced from over exposure)

    Thankfully, all seroxat survivors I spoke to resisted these urges..(Just goes to show how strong Seroxat survivors had to be to survive seroxat withdrawal annihilation in the first place)

    Also symptoms seemed to fade when said image was turned off.. (but there is evidence that symtoms can persist when subject is just being discussed) ..

    So there ya go..
    Not exactly a “scientific study” but hey… Since when did they prove anything?…

  5. squirrel Says:

    If Alistair Benbow had first hand experience of Seroxat withdrawl then he would know what ” Serious distress” really was !
    Bob Fiddaman has my utmost respect for speaking up for all of us who have suffered from taking this drug, Gsk need to apologise to us!

  6. redhawk 1 Says:

    So if GSK are making people withdraw the use of their logo.. does that mean that Alastair Bentbow is accepting personal responsibility independently from gsk for his misleading comments concerning Seroxat. Which clearly shows from overwhelming evidence that thousands of lives’ have been ruined unrivaled suffering caused .. and the unnecessary deaths of innocent children and adults alike..

    Maybe these people should be threatened with legal action also for speaking out..

  7. GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman - what next? « seroxat secrets… Says:

    […] GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman – see the video they wanted banned! […]

  8. anon Says:

    Good thing no one thought to google bomb a site holding the video. Oh….er….

  9. another video commentary on bob fiddaman and GlaxoSmithKline « Missisyphus’s Weblog Says:

    […] GSK Lawyers target Seroxat campaigner Bob Fiddaman (Seroxat Secrets) […]

  10. Annette Says:

    Hi could you tell me why the solicitors who said we all had a very good case now send letter saying SORRY ???
    why all of a sudden have we lost this case , i realy think we must al get together and take this further .


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